The crisis of 2012 – a ploy by foreign financial and political interests, supported by the human predators of the Greek Establishment. (Epilogue b3)

(I want to dedicate these series of texts to those of my former Greek students, male and female, who in the end, chose “mediocrity” and “virtual reality” for the sake of their own society, their own families and their own “survival”)


Let us go back historically for one more time to the strategy of appropriation of culture from communities, societies and nations which was implemented by the “roaming” Jews in many parts of this earth during the last 2.500 years, usurping all of their “historical aptitudes” and their “racial talents”  (DNA), not only in order to survive but to also “dominate” the geopolitical territories where they resided!!!

We shall start with the Kingdom of the Khazars (650-1048), which we have examined analytically in the previous part of our narrative (Epilogue b2) because it was the “ideal historical example” of Appropriation by Jewish Immigrants of a Powerful Kingdom in the Caucasus which did not represent any common characteristic with them, socially, politically, culturally or racially!!! Nevertheless, from the 8th century A.D., when these Jewish Migrants established themselves in the Kingdom of the Khazars, expelled by the state authorities of the Byzantine Empire and the Arab Kingdoms due to religious conflicts, they were able in a very short time to proselytize the royal Family of the Khazars and the Ruling Class of the country, who very soon imposed on their subjects to accept the Jewish Religion, refuting their traditional religion of thousands of years which was part of Ancient Asian Paganism!!! The indigenous Khazars were forced not only to accept the Jewish Religion as their form of Worship, but also to adopt the cultural values of the Jewish Historical Tradition, as well as using the Jewish Language in commercial transactions as well within the civil services!!!

In the 13th century A.D., the Mongol Hordes arriving from Central Asia, conquered the Kingdom of the Khazars as well as many other regions of the Caucasus and the Black Sea, forcing many Khazar citizens to immigrate to the Ukraine and Russia (p. II, The great majority of the Khazars who escaped to the Slavic Regions of the European Continent were indigenous who had been “proselytized” into becoming Jewish, while there were very few “authentic” Jewish Khazars who were of a Semitic Racial Background!!! The Jewish Khazars who migrated to Eastern Europe, represented the “real core” of the Jewish Race of the Ashkenazi, who as we have clarified in the previous section of our narrative (Epilogue b2), do not represent “to a large degree” a Semitic Genealogical Background, but they are rather a “racial mix” (DNA) of Caucasians and Slavs!!! (p. 6-7,

During the Middle Ages, the large majority of Jews worldwide belonged to the Sephardic Jewish Tribe, Jews of Semitic racial Background, while the Ashkenazi Jewish Tribe, non-Semitic racially represented a “very small minority” of the Jews as a whole!!! Today, the Ashkenazi Jews around the world make up 80% of the Jewish Population, while only 20% are Sephardic Jews!!! (p.7-8, Historically and objectively, most of the Jews today are not of a Semitic Racial Background, but of a racial mix of Central Europeans and Caucasians!!! Therefore, when during the last 100 years, the International Jewish Establishment has succeeded through their own well controlled state politicians, their own well controlled international mass media, their own well controlled national academics and through their own pressure in the policies of non-Jewish Church Institutions, to convey to the wider public another Jewish Historical Myth!!! This Jewish Historical Forgery identifies “genealogically” and “racially” Semitism exclusively with Jews through the “racist” socio-political term of anti-Semitism, meaning showing personal “aversion” and “enmity” against all Jews worldwide. We shall question this historical position “fully” and “dialectically”, by referring to two simple “demographic sets of data”!!!

The first “demographic fact” is that it has been estimated that there are approximately 14 million Jews in the world today. In Israel live about 6 million Jews, in the United States there are around 5,5 million, in Europe live 1,5 million Jews, in Latin America reside over 400,000 Jews and in Canada there are approximately 400,00 Jews. (p. 1, From this total of 14 million Jews in the world, 80% are Jews who belong to the Jewish Race of the Ashkenazi who are not racially Semitic but Indo-European, and who represent “the great majority” of the Jewish Population of Israel!!! The Sephardic Jews, of Semitic Racial Lineage, compose only a “small minority” within the state of Israel as well as abroad (p. 7-8, This therefore means that there are approximately 11 million Jews worldwide who are not racially Semitic and around 3 million Jews who are Semitic!!!

Let us now address ourselves to the Arabs as a Peoples and as a Nation, who are related on the basis of their Semitic Racial Origins, their Arabic National Language, their Arabo-Islamic culture and their Arabo-Islamic history!!! Almost all Arabs are of a Semitic Genealogical Background, who today number 450 million individuals, spread in all parts of the world, while the large majority live in the Middle East, in the Arabian Peninsula and in North Africa, with important population enclaves in South America, in the United States and in Europe!!! (

Therefore, “historically”, “demographically” and “empirically”, at present there are 3 million Jews of Semitic Genealogical Background and more than 450 million Arabs who are also of a Semitic Genealogical Background. Concluding, we have to pose the question if Antisemitism as a Modern Racist Ideology should refer “exclusively” to the 3 million Jews which are Semitic or the 450 million Arabs who are located at “the four corners of the earth”??? With the present “demographic data”, we can truly confirm to what “extreme levels” the Fabrication and the distortion of the cultural Identity of the Jewish Peoples has been disseminated around the world by the International Jewish Establishment!!!

Now, we will reveal for the last time the “strategy of appropriation” of cultures, communities and societies by the International Jewish Establishment, by examining two “historical paradigms” which have a time gap of 2,000 years, putting great emphasis on the Duration, the Permanence and the Dynamism of this well calculated, methodical and subversive Jewish Policy through time and space!!!

The first “historical paradigm” concerns Philo the Jew (20 B.C. – 45 A.D.) or as they called him during his epoch, Philo the Alexandrian. The second “historical paradigm” relates to the “historical circumstances” which led to the creation of the State of Israel in 1948, by European Jews, meaning Ashkenazi non-Semitic Jews, usurping through  “military force”, “political fraud” and “international political conspiracies”, the homeland of Arab Palestinians for thousands of years, who by the way are of a Semitic Racial Origin!!!

Let us begin with the very important historical figure of Philo the Jew or Philo Judaeus, who lived during the same historical period as Jesus Christ, a very “critical historical circumstance” for the dissemination of the Christian religion soon after!!!

Philo was born in Alexandria of Egypt, in 20 B.C., an essentially Hellenistic Alexandria which represented not only the “commercial” and the “cultural” centre of the Roman Empire then, but was also the Empire’s main urban centre of the Jewish Diaspora, with hundreds of thousands of Jewish Inhabitants but also thousands of Jewish Roman citizens!!! (p. 3,

Philo came from a very Wealthy and Aristocratic Jewish Family of Alexandria, while he and all of the members of his family and his clan were Roman Citizens!!! His older brother, Alexander, held a high state office in the civil services of the Roman Empire as General Customs Officer responsible for the customs of Alexandria, while he was considered at that time, the Richest Roman Citizen in Alexandria and one of the Richest Roman Citizens within the Hellenistic World!!! Alexander, the older brother of Philo, exercised great personal influence within the Roman State due to his “economic” and “social” affiliations with Rome’s Power Centres, and he was also a very close firend of Roman emperor Claudius (41 A.D. – 54 A.D.) as he took upon himself the role of “protector” of the Emperor’s mother!!! (p.1,

            Philo studied in Greek schools (gymnasiums) and in Greek educational institutions oriented towards the arts, the sciences and athletism. In those educational centres, he was taught history, mathematics, grammar and literature. Most of the Jews residing in Hellenistic Alexandria acquired Greek Education and spoke Greek not Hebrew!!! Philo did not receive a Religious Jewish Education, even though in his teachings he emphasized the observance of the Jewish Religious traditions which he considered them as “divine revelations”!!! Likewise, during the Sabbath (Saturday), a “holy day” for the Jews, he attended lectures on Jewish Ethics in Jewish Schools!!! (p.1,

The family of Philo as well as his ancestors, had very close ties and connections with the High Clergy of Judea, a critical historical fact related to his religious, philosophical and cultural views which defended the “absolute philosophical perfection” of the Divinely revealed Truth within the Old Testament and the “imperfect intellectual concepts” provided by the Greek Philosophers!!! (p.2, We could therefore assume, that the High Clergy of Judea functioned as an integral part of the International Jewish Establishment during that epoch as well as earlier in time!!!

Philo from his Greek Education knew in detail and in depth all of the dimensions and the ingredients of Ancient Greek Civilization, especially the Greek Philosophers as well as the Epic and Dramatic Greek Poets. From the Ancient Greek Thinkers who influenced the most Philo’s philosophy were Plato, Aristotle, the Neo-Pythagorians, the Cynics and the Stoics. The main philosophical analyses by Philo are based on the Platonic Philosophical Principles, while in his “teachings” he assigns great importance to the Cosmology and the Ethics of Aristotle, as well as the “mystical interpretations” of the Universe and of Mankind, especially from the Neo-Pythagorians (p.2,

I would like here to take a pause and mention another “objective historical fact” related to the “strategy” and “methodology” of Appropriation by the Jews of the everyday cultural references and criteria of the communities and societies where they resided. The name Philo is Greek in linguistic origin as well as the names of his two brothers, Alexander and Lyscimachos, while Philo’s two nephews, the children of Alexander were called Tiberius Julius Alexander and Marcus Julius Alexander, Greco-Roman names so that they could “blend in” linguistically with the Roman and theGreek Social Establishments of Alexandria!!! (p.2, These Powerful Jewish Citizens of Alexandria chose not to carry Jewish Names, because this would have made it difficult “to be identified with” and consequently “appropriate” the society where they resided, whether this society was dominated by Greek, Hellenistic, Greco-Roman or Roman Civilization!!!

Jews throughout their long history have always acted in a Practical, Pragmatic, Opportunistic and Methodical way, many times at theexpense of non-Jewish residents in their own communities and societies, and for their own benefit as a Peoples and as a Race!!! Due to this “cultural” syndrome, the Jews themselves as a Nation have paid “a very high existential price” during the last 2,500 years, even though they don’t want to come to terms with it for strategic historical reasons!!!

Philo, Greek speaking, educated in Greek Educational Institutions, perfectly knowledgeable of Ancient Greek Literature and Greek Philosophy, a historian, a philosopher and a theologian, cooperated with the Jewish Religious Elites of Judea, the most powerful International Jewish Establishment at that time!!!He was one of the most powereful and influential personalities of the Jewish Community in Egypt and as a consequence he was chosen by them to lead and preside over their own delegation which was going to discuss with the Authorities in Rome their own Societal grievances!!! The ill-treatment of Jews in Alexandria by Roman government officials there, the official government support of Greek interests in the city to the detriment of the everyday welfare of its Jewish Citizens, their opposition to the construction of Roman Religious Temples, especially close to Jewish Synagogues, as well as the erection of statues of the then Roman Emperor Caligula (34 A.D. – 41 A.D.), which represented him as a God!!!

Roman emperor Caligula was a philhellene, meaning practically a supporter of the Greek Peoples and the Greek Nation, as well as of Ancient Greek Culture, while on the other hand, he acted severely and brutally towards the Jews in response to their political manifestations and uprisings in Egypt against the autocratic political policies of the Roman Military Establishment and Rome’s Universal Culture!!!

Roman Emperor Caligula considered Jewish Religious Proselytism, which was at that time very prevalent and dynamic all over the Roman Empire, as an “attempted political coup” against all Roman Institutions and Roman State Order!!! This committee of Jewish Notables from Alexandria, headed by Philo because he was seen as a very educated and powerful orator, arrived in Rome in 40 A.D., presenting to emperor Caligula their positions and their oppositions concerning the Emperor’s political policies in Alexandria!!! The Jewish committee emphasized the Emperor’s autocratic policies in Alexandria, “undermining” their own personal religious, political, economic and social rights!!! Emperor Caligula very soon lost patience and put a stop to Philo’s rhetorical demands. He immediately dismissed the Delegation of Jews from Alexandria, warning them that if they were to act in a “conspiratorial” and “subversive” manner against the political, cultural and social Integrity of the Roman State, his policies towards them would became even more harsh and despotic!!! (p.4,

We have already mentioned that Philo was a representative of the Jewish Elite Class of Alexandria, that his education was purely Greek but also that his family and his Jewish ancestors had close social links and ties with the High Clergy of Judea, exactly like Saint Paul who was a Roman Citizen and a Roman Military Officer because of the economic, social and political status of his ancestors, belonging to the Pharisees, the Religious Aristocracy of the Jews in Palestine in Judea. Therefore, as with Saint Paul, the Pharisee, the goals of Philo, certainly under the orders and the guidance of the International Jewish Establishment of the time, was to “distort” and “undervalue” the Historical Cultural Status and Influence of Ancient Greek Civilization in the social and Political developments within the Mediterranean Geopolitical Region and even further!!!

I have put great emphasis in my historical, political and cultural analysis of the Jewish Nation and the Jewish Race for the last 2,500 years on the personality of Philo the Alexandrian (20 B.C. – 45 A.D.), because he is considered as one of the main founders of the religious philosophy or more exactly the Theology of Judaism, of Christianity and of Islam!!! Henry Chadwick, an important British Historian says the following in his biography of Philo (Philo and the Beginnings of Christian Thought, the Cambridge History of Later Greek and Early Medieval Philosophy, A.H. Armstrong, 1967, Cambridge University Press), translated from Greek into English “… the history of Christian Philosophy begins not with a Christian, but with a Jew, Philo from Alexandria, an elderly contemporary of Saint Paul…” He also informs us that “… Philo had very little knowledge or even no knowledge of the Jewish Language, since the Jewish Language and Jewish Culture had been gradually Hellenized and affluent Jewish Parents  (like the parents of Philo) ensured that their children would acquire a liberal education from Greek tutors…” (p.2,Φιλων-ο-Αλεξανδρεύς).

Philo is considered as an important historian, theologian, philosopher and political analyst, but contrary to his enormous intellectual knowledge through his Greek Education and Greek tutors, he chose under the pressures put upon him by the International Jewish Establishment of Judea and Alexandria to “disfigure” and “underappreciate” the philosophical, scientific, cultural and aesthetic components of Ancient Greek Civilization and its “universal contribution” to Human Social Development and Social Modernization, especially within the Mediterranean Geopolitical Region!!!

To better clarify the “artificial” philosophic, religious, cultural, historical and political analyses of Philo, demoting the “historical status” of Ancient Greek civilization while at the same time upgrading “superficially” Jewish Civilization, “fabricating” and “idealizing” its philosophic, cultural, religious and ideological components, I will refer to “extreme” conceptual and ideological commentaries made which compare Ancient Greek Scientific and Dialectic Human Thought with “revealed human truth” or the “revealed social criteria” which were taken from the “revealed social values” and the “revealed social teachings” of the Old Testament and of the Jewish Prophets!!!

Philo, as we have already noted was educated in Greek Schools (gymnasiums) and had his own personal Greek Tutors since he belonged to a “politically powerful” and “economically affluent” Jewish Family of Alexandria, disposing of the means to follow these Higher Greek Studies. The studies which Philo took up in these Greek Educational Institutions were arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, harmonics, grammar, rhetoric and logic!!! The basis of these Greek Studies which comprised the main study curriculum of Classical Greek Education, Philo ascribes them “to a large degree” to Moses and to his Imaginary Religious Teachings!!! (p. 1,

Can one really take seriously the “intellectual absurdities” of the historical empirical analyses made by Philo??? The First Theologian of Christianity who always promoted the “cultural propaganda” of the International Jewish Establishment??? Of course one cannot take all this “intellectual trash” seriously, even though our own Church Fathers, our own Greek Orthodox Church Fathers, considered him as an “exceptional” Jewish Theologian of the Christian Religion from 150 A.D., justifying their positions on the grounds that Philo represented an intellectual figure of Hidden Christianism!!! (p.1,Φιλων-ο-Αλεξανδρεύς). This religious institutional support of the Jewish Theolodian Philo from the Fathers of our own Christian Orthodox Church was it “historically coincidental”???, Or it simply reflected their own “absolute submission” to the International Jewish Establishment for the sake of their own personal economic, political and social advancement, as it is still happening today with many politicians, entrepreneurs, financiers, owners of means of mass communication, owners of editing houses and academics in the Western World!!!

A second clear case which demonstrates the Historical and cultural “unambiguities” concerning the Philosophical Theories of Philo who was trying “artificially” and “iconically” to amalgamate and harmonize Ancient Greek Thought with “whatever” Jewish Traditional Ideology is the fact that he assigns the intellectual concepts of Ancient Greek Philosophy to the Pentateuch, the “”first five books” of the Old Testament!!! (p.2,Φιλων-ο-Αλεξανδρεύς).

Philo’s philosophic acioms or his theoretical points of reference were based on the Holy Scriptures of the Old Testament, which he considered as “the source” and “the measuring stick” not only of Religious or Metaphysical Truth but also of Universal Truth in its entirety!!! For Philo, the various recounts in the Old Testament are “revealed accounts”, the “holy words”, the “divine words”, the “righteous words” which most of the times are directly expressed by God Himself, and sometimes by His intermediaries or his prophets, especially by Moses who Philo distinguished as “the most authentic messenger” or “the most authentic interpreter” of the word of God!!! (p.4,

In Ancient Greek Philosophy and in Ancient Greek Literature, the word “Logos” (the Word) symbolized a very “powerful”, “substantial” and “multidimensional” concept which was identified exclusively with the Human Being, differentiating it as a specie from all the species in Nature!!! Logos was the “exclusive attribute” of the Human Kind, because by utilizing it, a human being had the “natural ability” to express himself or herself verbally, registering their thoughts through speech!!! The Human Word (Logos) represented a “well elaborated intellectual expression” with the purpose of producing and exchanging goods, of promoting aesthetics and human quality in everyday life, of creating in general and of initiating social developments!!! (p. 1, http://www. Lang/ tools/Lexica/tr…).

For Philo as with the Greeks, the quality of the Word (Logos) meant “intellect”, “wisdom”, “logic”, “creativity” and “development” which he assigned exclusively to God, while also the Word (Logos) symbolized “the instrument of God” as mediator or a messenger of His Prescriptions or Commandments for Mankind and the Universe” either directly through the “revealed” Holy Scripture’s of the Old Testament, or indirectly through the “social interventions” of his Prophets like Moses!!!

By incorporating these “artificial” and “fictitious cultural and ideological positions, Philo, this famous and popular Jewish Historian, Philosopher and Theologian of his time, but later on throughout the Christian World, maintained and espoused that Ancient Greek Wisdom originated or had been greatly influenced by the legislations and the Ethical Narrations of Moses the Prophet!!! (p.4, It is no coincidence that under the “political”, “economic”, “cultural” and “social” influence of the International Jewish Establishment, Philo has been designated as the major founder of the religious philosophy or the theology of Judaism Christianity and Islam!!! (p. 2,Φιλων-ο-Αλεξανδρεύς).

My biographical narrative on Philo, a famous Jewish Thinker, Philosopher, Theologian and Historian, guided and supported by the International Jewish Establishment of that epoch, I dedicate it to Mrs Helene Glykatzi Ahrweiler (1926- ), the famous Greek byzantine historian, the first woman to be appointed Principal of the Department of History at the Sorbonne University in Paris in 1967 and the first woman to be given the position of Principal of the University of Sorbonne in 1976, becoming the first woman to hold this important academic position in the 700-year history of this major Western University!!! (p. 1,

In an interview given by Mrs Helene Glykatzi Ahrweiler to the Greek Newspaper “To Vima”, on the 3rd of April 2010, she notes the following, in English translation: “What is really a European??? As Paul Valery had explained, it is someone who has experienced the philosophic impact of ancient rational thought, who has lived through the Judeo-Christian spirituality and has undergone the influence of roman administration and roman institutions. Athens, Jerusalem and Rome. Without them there is no Europe. All of these three condensed, represents the Byzantium. Therefore, the Byzantium is Europe, because it is Greek-speaking as Athens, Christian as Jerusalem and has incorporated all of Roman administrative institutions”!!! (p.2, Here, Mrs Ahrweiler, the Academic and Historian, expresses what is to her benefit, “influenced by” and “coinciding with” the International Jewish Establishment and its International Masonic Lodges!!! Which mean, I will say what is preferable to you so that you will side with me “professionally” and support me “socially”.

Up to this moment, everything that I have described about the Jewish Race and the Jewish Nation, with their cultural capital Jerusalem and with their religious centre the Temple of Solomon which doesn’t exist anymore, only the remnants of the Wailing Wall, “historically” and “empirically”, does all this exposes some type of a Rich Jewish Universal Civilization which has influenced “creatively” and “progressively” the Quality and the Aesthetics of the everyday life of Modern Mankind??? With respect to this critical historical question, I will present some facts which are “easily recognizable” and “easily understood” by every Modern and Thinking Person!!!

First of all the cultural components which the Jewish Race and the Jewish Nation present as their own “historical creations”, are elements which they have “appropriated” from other societies, other peoples and other nations, whether from the Semitic Tribes of Canaan, Pharaonic Egypt, the Assyrians, the Babylonians, the Persians, the Greeks, the Romans, the Arabs, the Europeans, etc.!!!

Second, there haven’t been any archaeological findings until today, whether in Palestine or in the Middle East as a whole, which certify this Rich Jewish Civilization of Palestine, and Jerusalem as its cultural and political centre, which the “worldly renowned” Greek Academician and Historian, Mrs Ahrweiler, states as a real historical fact and as a major cultural source of Western Civilization!!! Even with the “monumental” and “powerful” kingdoms of David and Solomon, meaning the Kingdoms of Israel and Judea, which have been glorified in the “iconic” Jewish historical texts, no archaeological evidence of these two Jewish Kingdoms has been discovered; these two Kingdoms of Canaan, which historically represented then just two peripheral small state-kingdoms of the Middle East!!! (p.6-7,

Finally and more importantly for the present historical perception and diagnosis of the “average” Western Citizen are the archaeological exhibits of the large museums of the Western World, like the Archaeological Museum of Berlin, the Louvre Museum in Paris, the British Museum in London and the Metropolitan Museum in New York. Inside these Archaeological Museums of the Western World, the Jewish Cultural component is “almost non-existent”, while the Greek Cultural component beginning from the Greek Archaic Period up to the Hellenistic and Greco-Roman Period, covering 4,500 years of human history make up more that 50% of the archaeological exhibits of these most famous Archaeological Museums of the West!!!

Therefore, the historical and cultural “distortions” of Mrs Ahrweiler are directed towards her “uneducated” and “gullible” audience, who represent the majority of her followers, promoting the dissemination of a “fabricated history” which elevates the Jewish Peoples and the Jewish Nation, while at the same time, underestimating the Historical Preeminence of Ancient Greek Civilization in defining the Political Culture of the Western World!!!

In the beginning of our text, we mentioned that we will reveal for the last time, the “conspiratorial strategy of appropriation” of various cultures, communities and societies by the International Jewish Establishment, examining two historical paradigms which are historically 2,000 years apart, putting emphasis on the duration, the permanence and the dynamism of this “systematic”, “methodical” and “subversive” Jewish Policy in time and space!!!

The first historical paradigm which dealt with Philo the Jew (20 B.C. – 45 A.D.), or Philo the Alexandrian, we examined it in great detail!!! Now we shall analyze the second “historical paradigm” which refers to the “set up” historical circumstances which led to the creation of the State of Israel in 1948 by European Jews, meaning Ashkenazi Jews who are not racially Semitic, usurping by “military force”, “political fraud” and “international conspiracies” the homeland for thousands of years of the Arab Palestinians or the Ancient Philistines of Canaan, racially Semitic like the Jewish Peoples originating from the same geopolitical region of the Middle East!!!

We shall not address ourselves on the historical claims made by the Palestinians or the Jews in this geopolitical region which in ancient times was called Canaan and after its conquest by the Romans (1st century B.C.) was assigned the official name of Palestine, but on modern statistical evidence and on modern historical events which begin in late 19th century A.D.!!!

Here we will have to specify that Palestine was a Province of the Ottoman Empire until the First World War (1914-1919) and soon after, was administered as a British Protectorate until the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948!!! (p.1,

Examining the “οfficial” census of Palestine’s population, starting with this data taken by the Ottoman Empire and later on undertaken by the British Government when after WW1 (1914-1919), the Victorious Western Powers agreed between them that Palestine should be incorporated within the “political” sphere of influence of Great Britain and become a British Protectorate like Cyprus. At various years, statistical data were registered concerning the “racial composition” of Palestine’s population. These particular statistics derived from the various census initiatives activated in Palestine by the government authorities who ruled over this geopolitical region of the Middle East can be found in the following website, (page 12,


Year                Arabs              %        Jews                %        Total

1870                367,224           98        7,000               2          375,000

1893                469,000           98        10,000             2          497,000

1912                525,000           93        40,000             6          565,000

1920                542,000           90        61,000             10        603,000

1925                598,000           83        120,000           17        719,000

1930                763,000           82        165,000           18        928,000

1935                886,000           71        355,000           29        1,241,000

1940                1,014,000        69        463,000           31        1,478,000

1946                1,237,000        65        608,000           35        1,845,000


By analyzing this list of population census based on the statistical data related to the racial composition of Palestine’s population from 1870 until 1946, we confirm that within a time period of approximately 70 years, the Jewish inhabitants of Palestine numbered 7,000 and only 2% of the total population, meaning an insignificant number, and reaches 608,000, representing 35% of the total population. The Arab Palestinians made up 98% of the population of Palestine in 1870 and in 1946 it went down to 65%. What had really occurred???

The International Jewish Establishment during the end of the 19th century, had decided that many Jews of the Diaspora, should be repatriated to their native land, meaning Palestine, for three specific reasons. First of all they were aiming at creating a Jewish State which would represent them as an independent geopolitical entity within the international political arena.

Second, they considered that Palestine reflected the ideal geopolitical region not only because of the fact that the historical roots of the Jews were located there but also because the Arab inhabitants of Palestine were spread out thinly all over the region, existing as nomadic tribes with very little political formation, historical conscience and economic self-sufficiency. It was the ideal geographic territory for “appropriation”!!!

Finally, from the middle of the 19th century, Western Petroleum Companies had discovered rich oil reserves in the Middle East, a “strategic raw material” essential for all heavy industry and transportation. The International Jewish Establishment wanted to become an important player in the World Markets for the exploration and exploitation of the world’s oil reserves!!!

As a consequence, the International Jewish Establishment with the direct support of European Jewish Bankers and Financiers, founded the Zionist Jewish Political Movement in 1884, with its goal the repatriation of European Jews and the creation of “a purely” Jewish State in Palestine. After having examined the demographic statistics of Palestine from the various census data, we observe that the immigration of Jews into Palestine began to increase rapidly from the beginning of the 20th century and continued at the same pace after the Second World War, with the Holocaust of European Jews due to the Racist Policies of Nazi Germany during the duration of the Second World War (1938-1945) (p.1,

The mass migration of European Jews to Palestine at the expense of the population number status, the political independence, the economic self-reliance and the historical identity of the Arab Palestinians was facilitated due to three factors. The fist factor was that wealthy European Jewish Bankers and Entrepreneurs began in the beginning of the 20th century to buy up land from Arab Palestinian Bedouins at extremely low prices, first of all because these peoples did not possess the commercial know-how to negotiate effectively the price of their real estate for their own financial benefit. Second, at that time, with a World Financial Crisis, the economic situation of the Arab Palestinians was very precarious. With this strategy, the European Zionists until the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, had managed to buy at least 1/3 of the territory of Palestine!!!

The second factor was that European Jews were much much more educated at all levels and sectors of the economic and institutional infrastructure of a modern state, and this soon became evident in the agricultural sector of the country and the technological and technical ability of these Jewish European Migrants to wage a modern warfare with modern weapons!!!

The third important factor was the political, economic, diplomatic and military support the Jews of Palestine received from all Western Powers, providing these peoples with the means to undermine the political and territorial rights of the Arab Palestinians by suppressing them militarily, economically, politically and diplomatically!!! (p.2-3,

I believe that this indirect demographic statistic comparing the number of Jews in Israel with respect to its “indigenous population”, says everything about the political status of Arab Palestinians and of Arab Palestine as a whole!!!


(this text continues…)