Paris, January 11, 2015


(A Historical Parenthesis related to the “human tragedy” involving “Chalie Hebdo” in January 2015)

In this text, I shall refer to the social and political “circus” as well as to the “public virtual reality” as these were displayed on January 11, 2015, in Paris and in other major French cities. 3,5 million French demonstrators supposedly “spontaneously” and “consciously” came out into the streets to proclaim their support for the “democratic rights” and the “freedom of expression” of all French Citizens as well as of all those “progressive” and “liberal” citizens of Western Societies. These historic events in France took place a few days after the “terrorist actions” committed by two young French Muslim brothers, of Algerian National Descent, attacking the offices of the Satirical French Magazine “Charlie Hebdo”, which during the last few years, has taken upon itself to publish cartoons, “ridiculing” the Prophet Mohamed by portraying him as a bloodthirsty cannibal, as an effeminate transvestite, naked and as an active participant in sexual orgies!!!

Two years ago, these so called “Fanatic Islamists” had destroyed these same offices of this Satirical French Magazine with bomb explosions, nevertheless, the “now deceased” editor, as well as many of the main cartoonists and writers of “Charlie Hebdo” firmly and irrevocably continued the “deliberate” distortion and ridicule of the “religious” and “historical” identity of the Prophet Mohamed, the founder of the Islamic Religion, which today encompasses 1,5 billion followers worldwide, the most populous religion in the world!!!!

The “terrorist attack” against the offices of the French Magazine “Charlie Hebdo”, just a few days before January 11, 2015, executed by two young brothers, of French Nationality and Algerian Ethic descent, resulted in the deaths of its editor, its main cartoonists and writers, totaling 10 persons, as well as the deaths of 2 French Policemen. Taking into consideration this “great human tragedy”, this same French Satirical Magazine with the “professional aid” of various French Newspapers and Magazines as well as the “economic support” of the French Ministries of Culture and Education, printed 3 million copies of the magazine in French and tens of thousands of copies in various other languages such as Arabic, Turkish, Persian, English, German ,etc. The “front page” of the magazine once again depicted a “comical caricature” of the Prophet Mohamed!!! All these “well organized” and “well set up” cultural creations and initiatives have a long term “conspiratorial goal” whose aim is to alienate the West from the Islamic World, especially the Arab World, while the “driving forces” behind these manipulations and machinations, always working “behind the scenes”, are the International Masonic Lodges which to a large degree are controlled by International Jewish Economic and Political Interests!!!

I am personally “completely opposed” in taking away the life of a person, only in cases when this involves one’s physical protection or the physical protection of one’s own community!!! Nonetheless, we should place the historical givens within a well balanced “cultural” and “social” dimension. All these 3,5 million French Citizens who demonstrated in the various major urban centers of France, on January 11, 2015, represent a state, a nation, a political culture and a “real history”, not the “one dimensional” and “ethnocentric” history which has been “decided upon” and “defined” by the French Ministry of Education and the French Ministry of Culture to be printed on educational texts for the “arbitrary mental consumption” by students in French Schools and Colleges!!!!

In this text, I will focus exclusively on France, because on January 11, 2015, massive popular demonstrations were “orchestrated” in that country with the official presence and participation of many of the political leaders of the “civilized” and “democratic” states of the world, especially the Western States, as well as with the “official participation” of the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, who was in the first row with the other “official foreign dignitaries”. Here do you puke or not??? It was the same “political leader” whose Israeli Government in 2014, had destroyed 40,000 Palestinian Homes in Gaza, killing 2,500 Palestinians, 1/3 of whom were children, women and old people!!! Where were then all these Democratic French Citizens to demonstrate against the “butchering” and the “economic destruction” which the Palestinians in Gaza had experienced under the military attacks by the Israeli Fascist State a year ago!!! A “real historical event” which has been repeated again and again, during the last 60 years of Israeli Occupation, “violating” on a permanent time basis the social, political, economic and cultural rights of all Palestinians who are living under the “political tutelage” of Israel until today!!!

The “fascist” and “racist” Zionist Political, Economic and Military Establishment of Israel, aspires in a “forceful” and “despotic” way so that this Ancient and Proud Arab Nation, meaning the Palestinians, not dispose of the chances and the opportunities to sustain itself economically, to freely express itself politically and culturally, but more critically, Israeli State Policy aims at constantly creating “vacuums” and “distortions” related to the natural historical evolution and social development of this “suppressed Arab Peoples”!!!!!

I didn’t hear during the last “political demonstrations” in Paris and in other French cities, these Democratic French Citizens shouting dynamically against the “fascist” and “racist” State Establishment of Israel, or for that matter , against the “Ethnocentric State Establishment” of their own country, knowing full well that during the last few years of “Democratic French Governments”, laws have been passed which prohibit(with heavy fines) French Muslim Women to freely wear their “traditional religious head scarves” in schools, in public spaces as well as in the work place!!! Is this not “political fascism” and “cultural racism” within the context of the “democratic political values” and the “cultural pluralism” which are imprinted in the French Constitution??? Therefore, concerning our Democratic European French Friends, their “iconic” and “theatrical” verbal exclamations should be focused more on the “mentally incapacitated” and “historically sterile” Western Societies , and not on all of us Non-Western “barbarians”!!!

At the same time, I would like to add that under the various “Democratic” and “Secular” French Governments of the 20th and 21st century until today, a “large majority” of French Arab Moslems whose ethnic backgrounds have their roots in the former French Colonies of North Africa, like Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco, are considered by “a great number” of White French Locals as “second class citizens”, even though these French Arab Moslems were born and grew up in France!!! The French Social, Political and Economic Establishment has obstructed “practically” their social and economic “mobility” through “well set up” social obstacles involving state education, the welfare state and work opportunities , especially in the Civil Services, the Local Governments and in Central Government, thus discrediting the social ideals of “equality” and “meritocracy” defended by the French Republic and the French Constitution!!!!

The largest number of French Arab Moslems whose cultural, religious and ethnic roots originate in the former French Colonies of North Africa, were born and have grown in France, they are French Citizens, speak fluently the French Language and respect the constitutional and legal principles of the French Republic!!! In spite of these historical realities, a large section of these “French Citizens” have been isolated demographically, residing in the “underdeveloped suburbs” or “ghettos” of the large urban centers of France, such as Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse, etc., exactly as has been organized for the Afro-Americans in the United States, confining them to the “poor” and “underprivileged” neighborhoods of New York, Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, Washington, etc. This “unofficial demographic state strategy” represents a “political formula” whereby its White Western Citizens can “control” and “dominate” economically, politically and culturally the rest of its population!!!!

If we go back in time, not very far back, in “real” Modern French History and in “real” Modern French Society, we will surely realize that the everyday “social” and “political” activities of this Nation , have very little to do with the democratic, liberal and progressive ideals of European Enlightenment which were first activated in France(during the 17th and 18th century), nor with the ideological axioms of the French Revolution in the end of the 18th century, making its societal ideals of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity, the political foundations of every “civilized” and “democratic” nation afterwards!!!!!

As we have already mentioned, France represents a state, a history, a civilization and a political culture which has been constantly evolving for approximately 1,300 years, since the historic epoch of its founding political leaders, Charles Martel(688-741) and Charlemagne(742-814)!!!

We shall now examine briefly some historical, political and cultural characteristics of Modern France, in order to better comprehend the political and social conscience of today’s French Citizen, as well as that citizen’s cultural identity. We could say “in general terms” that there exist two “antithetical dimensions” in the societal components which today formulate “modern” French Civilization. First , we have the “universal” and “humanistic” axioms of European Enlightenment , the Arts and the Sciences, when these flourished in France during the 17th century and afterwards, and in the “opposite direction” we have the French Empire, French Colonialism and the “accumulation of material wealth”(mercantilism, capitalism) through the oppression and the exploitation of “subjugated” foreign citizens, foreign societies and foreign countries!!!!

So let us begin with European Enlightenment which “objectively” and “historically” originated in the European State of France, starting in the middle of the 17th century. European Enlightenment represents a “vanguard” political, social but also economic movement which changed “radically” and “irreversibly” the political culture and the civilization of the Western World, introducing those everyday human values and ideologies in order to legitimize and establish the institutional components which would constitute the Modern Nation State, especially the Western Nation State!!!

This Revolutionary Social and Cultural Movement was to “a large degree” the creative work or the product of an “ascending educated middle-class”, which disposing greater economic power through its enterprising ventures and international commercial activities, strived for more direct influence on the historical developments of the French State and of French Society as a whole!!! The French State and French Society until then, had been under the “absolute” and “despotic” control of the French Royalty, the landed gentry of the French Aristocracy(a feudalistic economic and political system) and the Catholic Church, legitimizing their inherited economic , social and political privileges on “religious” and “metaphysical” criteria. The Catholic Church had always functioned as the “third institutionalized societal pole” maintaining and reinforcing the oppression , the exploitation and the denigration of the large majority of France’s inhabitants!!!

Therefore we observe in French Society, from the middle of the 17th century , French philosophers, French scientists, French historians and French educators questioning through their work and through their societal involvement, the Social, Political and Economic Establishment of the Country, which historically had legitimized and maintained its powers “under the cover” of enforced societal institutions such as “inheritance”, “tradition” and “divine protection”!!!!

The “vanguard” of European Enlightenment starting from France, pushed aside the “antiquated” and “sterile” social institutions and social guidelines of Western Societies, utilizing a dialectic thought process , rationality and those humanistic social values, which are Human Freedom, Human Equality and Human Brotherhood!!! These three Universal and Humanistic Societal Axioms, symbolize the basic ideological criteria of the French Revolution during the end of the 18th century, a Socio-Political Revolution which influenced “pragmatically” all Socio-Political Revolutions afterwards all over the world, while also implanting the essential philosophical directives for the permanent foundation of the Modern Nation State and Modern Society!!!!

Some of the historical French personalities who initiated the proliferation and the legitimization of European Enlightenment are Rene Descartes(1596-1650), Denis Diderot(1713-1784), d’Alembert(1717-1783), Montesquieu(1689-1755), Jean Jacques Rousseau(1712-1778), Voltaire(1694-1778), and many, many other Enlightened French Protagonists who lived and created during this Extraordinary Historical Period of Light!!!

Now, let us examine the “dark side” of the history, the political culture and the civilization of the French, which has very little in common with human freedom, human equality and human brotherhood, and it is exactly this historical and cultural side which the French “protagonists” of European Enlightenment revolted against, starting from the 17th century. These French precursors of European Enlightenment strived to permeate in Human Society, the Human Philosophical Axioms of a dialectic thought process and the questioning of the established social prototypes and norms, political freedom instead of the autocracy of the ruling classes, human equality instead of class privileges, and finally, religious freedom instead of religious dogmatism and fanaticism. In contrast, France’s State Expansionist Policy from the 9th century onwards , focused on an Ethnocentric Historical Glorification of the French and the creation and establishment of a French World Empire made up of colonies located in almost every geographical part of the world. This French State Superpower produced “subjugated foreign societies” and “subservient foreign countries”, which in turn could support and reinforce with their natural resources and their manpower the “enrichment” of the French Metropolis and of the Economic, Political and Social Establishment of the Country!!!

I believe that until the present day, in the everyday social, political and cultural behavior of a large majority of the “authentic” French Citizens(White European Christians) what dominates and supercedes is a cultural and an ethnic “chauvinism”, meaning an “extreme nationalism” and not the liberal, progressive, democratic and pluralistic human values which the Enlightened French Vanguard upheld since the 17th century. Philosophical ideals which introduced those social structures and social institutions which provided the framework and the basis of the Modern Western Nation State, such as institutionalizing Civil and Commercial Law, as well as the separation of State Powers, meaning the Executive and the Judiciary!!!!

In the beginning of the 20th century, France as a “modern nation state” represented the Second in size World Empire both in territory and in population , just after Great Britain, and just as Great Britain, France’s World Empire was comprised of colonies, protectorates and spheres of geopolitical influence which the French State “controlled directly” militarily, politically, economically and culturally. France until World War II, supervised and ruled over colonies and protectorates in Indochina, in the Pacific Region, in the Middle East and North Africa, in South America and the Caribbean, as well as large sections of Central and West Africa!!!

We will now take a brief historical look as to the ways the political ambitions of the French State to expand its national borders beyond the European Continent defined French History, French Civilization and the Political Conscience and Culture of all French Citizens. The expansionist national ambitions of the French State and of its Citizens had “in general terms” three goals. First of all, they were responding to the historical theme of France’s European and International Power Status, competing with the Colonial Empires of Great Britain, Spain, Portugal and the Netherlands. Second, there was the nationalistic necessity of Empowering French Civilization through the dissemination and the imposition of French Culture and Christianity(Catholicism) within the societies and the countries they would conquer and rule over in all the various regions of the world, starting in the 17th century. Third and most critically, the “practical” and “pragmatic” aim in establishing a World Empire with colonies, protectorates and geopolitical spheres of influence, was the “absolute” and “unrestrained” exploitation of the natural resources and the manpower of these territories for the economic benefit of the French Metropolis and France’s Social, Political, Economic and Military Establishment!!!!

The first French Colonies were established in North America starting in the 17th century, regions which were geographically located in the Eastern parts of present-day Canada and the eastern board of present-day United States right down to its Southern Section. The economies of these North American French Colonies were based on the trade of their natural resources such as valuable fur pelts and lumber, while the indigenous Indians functioned as cheap human labor(hunters ,carriers) and as middlemen with other Indian Tribes of the Interior. Using the same expansionist logic and strategy, the French established colonies on the islands of the Caribbean Region and in the Northern Coastal Areas of South America. Nevertheless, there was an important economic distinction, while the indigenous Indian hunters of North America supplied the French merchants with valuable animal furs and lumber, in the Caribbean Islands and in the northern Coast of South America, the economies of these French Colonies were based on agriculture and the export of crops such as sugar, coffee and tobacco, which required very large plantations and an enormous number of plantation workers. These great volumes of human labor which had been essential for the exploitation of these great plantations “came mainly” from Black Africa(West and Central Africa) and were “slaves”, while the “slave trade” from Africa represented one of the most lucrative State Enterprises until the end of the 19th century!!!!

In order to facilitate the expansion of the “slave trade” coming from Black Africa, which supplied with “very cheap human labor” the large plantations of the French Colonies on the Caribbean Islands and on the North Coast of South America, the French Government took the strategic decision to directly control the source locations of these Black African Slaves which were geographically located in Central and West Africa. With this Colonialist State logic, strategy and policy, the historical preconditions were put in place for the expansion of the French Colonial Empire also into Africa, meaning Central, Western and Northern Africa. To a large degree a very important sector of the manpower resources of these French Colonies in Africa were basically “slaves”, except in North Africa where the Indigenous Arab Moslems had a concrete historical, political and cultural Identity !!!!

As we have already mentioned, France had colonies and geopolitical spheres of influence in almost every part of the Globe, from East Asia and the Pacific Region, the Middle East and North Africa, Central and West Africa, to the Caribbean and South America!!!!

During the 1950s and the 1960s, there appeared many well organized liberation movements in all the various colonies belonging to Western Powers , and as the other Western Colonial Powers like Great Britain, Portugal, Belgium, Israel and indirectly the United States(Korea, Vietnam, South and Central America), the French State considered that it was politically imperative for its World Hegemony to utilize its Military Power and Military Superiority to “stifle” and “dismantle” these native political uprisings inside its Colonial Territories and Geopolitical Spheres of Influence!!!

As a “natural historical consequence” throughout the French Colonies in Indochina such as Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam, as well as within the French Colonies of North Africa, millions of nationalist fighters were killed by the French Armed Forces during this “historic period” of National Liberation Movements. The French Colony which experienced the most intense “human genocide” by the French Military Forces was Algeria, which lost 1 million of its liberation fighters during the 1950s until Algeria’s Political Independence in the beginning of the 1960s!!!!

Here, we are obliged to project and describe 2 distinct but also similar historical facts which reflect “objectively” and “substantially” the “inhumane” and “cold blooded” strategic political policy of French Colonialism and French Imperialism, introducing the historical events which specify that in the 1950s there were 17 Nuclear Test Explosions undertaken by the French Government in the Sahara Region of Algeria, while during the 1960s, the 1970s and the 1980s, France activated 193 Nuclear Test Explosions on the uninhabited islands of French Polynesia in the Pacific Region. In the “historical case” of Algeria, there were occasions when thousands of Algerian political detainees were used as “guinea pigs” so that French Scientists could analyze the physical aftereffects of “intense radioactive exposure” on human beings, while in French Polynesia the tens of thousands of the island inhabitants who were also exposed to “high radioactivity” for almost 30 years, were ignorant of the short term and long term effects of this “radiation” on their health and on their natural environment!!!

The French World Power has intervened militarily in Lebanon’s Civil War(sphere of French geopolitical influence) during the 1950s and the 1960s, there was a military alliance with Great Britain and Israel which waged war on Egypt in 1956, trying to topple its New Nationalist Government which had nationalized the Suez Canal, while in 1999 France participated with the NATO European member states in the bombardment of Yugoslavia as well as in the political dismantlement of this Independent European State. From 2000 to 2010, French Military Forces were active in the war in Afghanistan, supporting the political and military ambitions of a Western Alliance there, headed by the United States. Finally, France with Great Britain and the United States, initiated the air attacks on Libya in 2011, resulting in the “political dissemination” of this Independent Arab State after the killing of its President, Muamar Khaddafi!!!

In conclusion, we could make a “real historical judgment” by saying that during the last 400 years, the French State and its French Citizens have reflected and have articulated “to a large degree” the “pragmatic social philosophy” of Absolute State Political Power which justifies the means, whether “legitimate” or “illegitimate”, in promoting the political, economic, cultural and military Hegemonic Role of France in the International Arena!!!!



Human Freedom, Human Equality, Human Brotherhood

I am not “Charlie Hebdo”!!!! (January 2015)