The Greek crisis of 2012 -a ploy by foreign financial and political interests, supported by the human predators of the Greek Establishment. (Part C)

(I want to dedicate this text to those of my former students who in the end, chose “mediocrity” and “virtual reality” for the sake of their own society, their own families and their own survival).


The state infrastructure which Andreas Papandreou created as Prime Minister of Greece, of course under the auspices and guidelines of his “foreign mentors”, represents to a large degree the “cliental state” which exists and is in full force today. The next Prime Ministers of Greece, whether they headed the “socialist” political party of PASOK or the ” neo-liberal conservative” New Democracy political party, just made minor alterations so that this “institutional monstrosity” which we all Greek Citizens are familiar with and consciously accept as the Greek State, could become even more fragile(corruptible), more anachronistic and distorted, doomed in the long term to stop functioning as an independent and self-reliant social institution, both politically and economically. We have already mentioned time and time again, that since the establishment of the modern Greek State in 1830, the expansionist strategies of the “foreign international financial centres” with respect to Greece were based on three critical pre-conditions in order to achieve absolute control and to better exploit this country. These strategic pre-conditions were a fragile(corruptible) state or state infrastructure, a fragile(corruptible) society, economically and politically, and the country’s cultural isolation from the developed nation-states of the West. The “cliental state” which was constructed by Andreas Papandreou as Prime Minister of Greece, crystallized, deepened and stabilized even further those components which produced the degradation of Greece, all for the sake of servicing his “foreign bosses”, but with one critical difference in retrospect with all previous Greek governments. The “novel” and “satanic” new input was that Andreas Papandreou had to put together those permanent and solid political, economic, social and cultural elements which would ensure in the near future the “absolute dissemination” of the country as an independent and self-reliant nation and state, and as a consequence to introduce the ideal conditions for these “parasitic” international financial organizations to “plunder” and to “snatch away” all valuable capital resources and services from Greece in a short time span and at a fraction of their real value.

It would be the first time in modern history that an “integral” and “independent” developed state would be “bought off” by international financial organizations and international banks. From what we are now witnessing, concerning Greece’s economic, political, social and cultural environment, we can surely say that the “covert plans”, the “political manoeuvres” and the “hocus pocus” intrigues of Andreas Papandreou as Prime Minister of Greece were very successful in the long term; what was needed was that the Greek Prime Ministers who followed him to just put the “last brush strokes” and naturally the “tomb stone” over the wretched corpse that we all recognize today as Greece. It is no wonder that George Papandreou, the “bi-polar” former Greek Prime Minister who imposed during his short term in office (2009-2011), “two traumatic years” for Greek Society, and of course as the son of Andreas Papandreou, the historic “hocus pocus” Greek political leader and former Greek Prime Minister, that in May 2012, declared in an interview he gave to the American magazine “Time”, that Greece had become “the laboratory animal” in the developed world!!! Truly an authentic Greek Political Leader!!!

Here, we will have to again emphasize the “cultural” and “sociological” fact which clearly explains how Greece’s Political and Economic Establishment was capable during the last 200 years of the country’s modern history, to “sell out” systematically to “foreign” economic and political centres. This took place because in the country’s “everyday existence”, these “predators” oversaw and commanded a “fragile” and “corruptible” populace, who in turn obstructed systematically the “modernization” of their own society and their own state; a modernization which had to be based on the civil values and the civil institutions of the modern Western nation-state and on the social ideals of Western Enlightenment which had been adopted by Western nations more than 2 centuries ago. The “average” Greek person even today, is not willing to accept the personal responsibility and the personal cost for a “social consensus”, for a “national consciousness” and for “social mobility” depended on human creativity and real professionalism, and not on interpersonal social relations, political mentors and pure bribery. The Greek peoples to a large extent remain a fragile and corruptible “mishmash” of societal cells and pockets, identifying themselves with extended families, villages of origin, local districts and geographical regions; sociological and cultural characteristics which neutralize any “pragmatic” and “functional” national consciousness and any “pragmatic” and “functional” social unity. What I am really trying to say is that the majority of the Greek peoples have consciously chosen to remain socially passive and submissive(ragias) in their everyday existence, which means functioning as “clients” and as “subordinates” towards any one person who has any social, political or economic clout, and not to evolve as independent, creative and responsible citizens, who respect their own society’s “common interests” and “welfare” , caring about the economic progress and development of their own country as a whole!!!

As we have already mentioned, Andreas Papandreou during his terms in office as Prime Minister of Greece(1981-1989), (1993-1996), with his “socialist” political party PASOK, designed almost the “totality” of this “catastrophic institutional infrastructure” which we still define today, as the Greek “cliental state”. We have also specified that the Prime Ministers who followed Andreas Papandreou, who also acted as “national conspirators” and as “middlemen” for foreign interest groups, had to just put their own “miserable little signatures” in order to legitimize and reinforce this “cliental state”, thus accommodating more effectively the expansionist plans and designs of their “foreign mentors” in relation to Greece. An international political and an economic “conspiracy” which if successful, would mean the “selling off” of Greece “for pittance”!!! A major historical development which is unfolding today in this country!!! Therefore, because compared to Andreas Papandreou , the next Greek Prime Ministers were almost “insignificant political actors”, providing few inputs in perfecting this “monstrosity” of a state entity, even though they were equally as “treacherous” and as “unpatriotic” as the great “hocus pocus” Political Master, Andreas Papandreou, we shall just focus on and describe one specific political initiative which these Greek Prime Ministers undertook during their term in office, thus demonstrating how “servile” and “corrupt” they really were; essentially and practically. Individuals who had “sold their souls to the Devil” and had betrayed their own Country, their own Society and their own Nation!!!

First of all, we shall record and define “the insignia” of political treachery within the context of Greece’s national integrity and economic autonomy as these have been assigned to the Greek Prime Ministers who followed astutely the political example of Andreas Papandreou in the country’s recent history. We will begin our historical journey first with Konstantinos Mitsotakis, who served as Prime Minister of Greece(1990-1993) with the “conservative liberal” New Democracy political party. Then, we shall touch on the premiership of Kostas Simitis(1996-2004) who became Prime Minister of Greece with the “socialist” political party of PASOK, and finally we are going to provide some information on Kostas Karamanlis, nephew of former Prime Minister of Greece, Konstantinos G. Karamanlis, who served as Prime Minister(1996-2004) with the renewed “neo-liberal conservative” New Democracy political party. I will not bother with George Papandreou, son of former Prime Minister Andreas Papandreou, who acted as Prime Minister of Greece for 2 “horrifying” years for Greek Society(2009-2011), because in our text we have provided enough information as to his “unpatriotic” political initiatives and “national” policies, while we are also not willing to touch upon the “doings” of our present Prime Minister, Antonis Samaras, who began his premiership in 2012, as president of the New Democracy political party, forming a coalition government with the “socialist” political party of PASOK, and the small “leftist” political party which has recently been formed, and surely not accidentally, which goes by the name of the Democratic Left Party. My personal political disdain and aversion towards the present coalition government in Greece can be fully justified, as one takes into account that their “prescribed political role” clearly defined by foreigners, is to “auction off” everything that is of any “financial” or “strategic” value in Greece, presently or in the near future, to “foreign investment trusts”, and not to govern and protect the vital interests of Greece and of Greek Society as a whole!!!

Konstantinos Mitsotakis, who was born in the city of Chania on the Greek island of Crete in 1918, and from what I know he is still alive, that is why in Greece today he is referred to by the nickname of “vampire” among other nicknames. He comes from a long-line of important Cretan political leaders and political activists, who played a vital role in Crete’s socio-political movements for the liberation of Crete from Ottoman Rule. Crete became independent and part of Greece only in 1913. The most important political relative Konstantinos Mitsotakis had was Eleftherios Venizelos(1864-1936), whose sister had married his grandfather on his father side, which meant that he was the grandson of the sister of Eleftherios Venizelos. Eleftherios Venizelos is acknowledged by modern Greek Historiography to represent the most important Greek political personality in the country’s modern history, meaning from Greece’s foundation in 1830. It was the political figure who in the first decades of the 20th century, not only expanded the national borders of Greece, almost doubling its territory, but he was also the Greek charismatic political leader who had the “guts” and the “vision” to modernize a “backward” society at all levels; a Greek Society which to a large degree did not really wish and was not really willing to initiate any type of pragmatic social development and modernization based on the social institutions and the political values of the modern Western nation-state. Eleftherios Venizelos served as Prime Minister of Greece for many years and through many premierships(1910-1915),(1917-1920),(1924-1924),(1928-1932), this due to the political antagonisms which existed then between the liberals who he represented ideologically and the royalists who represented the conservative political forces of Greece. I am providing this brief historical account concerning the political status of Eleftherios Venizelos, so that we could all judge more accurately, to what degree Konstantinos Mitsotakis was in substance “a democrat” and “a real patriot” compared to the brother of his paternal grandmother, since “in theory” he considered this famous Greek historic figure as the “prototype” in his political career and as the ” family relation” who he would identify himself with politically in order to slowly expand his electoral base in the country. Publicly, Konstantinos Mitsotakis always presented and projected himself as a Greek politician who espoused “liberal” ideological principles, having a deep sense of the “democratic social ideals” on which his country was founded. A champion for the sanctity of Greece’s “national identity” and “national independence”!!! Was all this historical reality or “virtual historical reality”????

In June 1973, the military leaders of the Greek Junta (1967-1974) suddenly declared the abolition of the country’s Constitutional Monarchy, while in July of the same year, they held a popular plebiscite which soon legitimized their political and constitutional verdict. Nevertheless, after the fall of the Greek Military Dictatorship in 1974, and the establishment of a Constitutional Republic in Greece, the then Prime Minister of Greece, Konstantinos G. Karamanlis, introduced one more time, the question of the legitimacy of the Greek Constitutional Monarchy by carrying out a popular referendum, since he considered that the popular plebiscite which was undertaken by the Greek Junta was invalid because Greece’s military dictatorship was undemocratic and unconstitutional. The referendum was carried out in December 1974, and with a vote participation of 76% of the Greek electorate, 69% voted against Greece’s Constitutional Monarchy and 31% for it. After these democratic results of a popular referendum, King Kontantinos B’ Gligsburg ceased to be King of Greece and constitutionally the Royal Greek Family was forbidden to participate in any of the political activities and developments of the Greek State. Practically and legally, the former Greek King was also classified by the government of Greece as “persona non grata”, which in international law means that he and all members of the Greek Royal Family would not be allowed to enter Greek Territory. This was the reason why the former Greek King, Konstaninos B’ Glisgsburg, finally decided to make his permanent residence in London, in Great Britain.

King Konstantinos B’ of Greece departed from “his homeland” in December 1967, after the military coup of the Greek colonels in April 1967, and the establishment of a military dictatorship in the country. The Greek King then, had left behind a large treasure of very valuable objects, most of them found in the Summer Royal Palace at Tatoyi, near the city of Athens. These royal treasures represented hundreds of paintings by world renowned artists, ancient Greek sculptures, very expensive carpets and tapestries, but more importantly there were valuable objects which “theoretically” belonged to the Royal Greek Dynasty, like jewellery, gold artefacts and silver ware, chinaware, very old crystal pieces, etc. The Greek Junta in 1973, had officially made a very detailed inventory of the Royal Treasures which were located in all the building premises which had been used by the Greek Royal Family, registering 149,000 objects, most of them found in the Royal Summer Palace. These Royal Treasures had an immense monetary and historical value. Here, I would like to focus on a specific historical fact concerning the Greek Royal Dynasty which had ruled the Greek State for more than 100 years, and this is that its members came from the royal houses of Denmark and Germany, and there never was any type of intermarriage with an indigenous person because Greeks were perceived by these foreign “aristocrats” as an “inferior human specie”!!!

On February 18, 1991, when Prime Minister of Greece was Konstantinos Mitsotakis, nine very large container trucks began their journey from the Royal Summer Palace at Tatoyi near Athens, going to the port of Piraeus, and then these containers were transported by ship to Amsterdam, in Holland. The total volume of this cargo load of containers was 600 cubic metres, which meant the most valuable and precious objects of the royal possessions. Naturally, removal of these royal valuables from Greek soil was undertaken after a “secret pact” which had been concluded between the then Prime Minister of Greece, Konstantinos Mitsotakis and the former King of Greece, Konstantinos B’ Gligsburg, as his Minister of Finance, Ioannis Paleokrassas, soon after, introduced a special legislation, government act 2086/1992, which legalized the former King’s actions to transfer abroad any “personal property” which was located in the king’s Summer Palace at Tatoyi. At the same time, official permission for the exportation of these valuable art objects and royal heirlooms was provided by high civil administrators from Greece’s Ministry of Culture and from Greece’s National Art Gallery, while we should also not forget that the port authorities in Piraeus had to give special permission in order for the many containers with the royal treasure to be loaded onto the cargo ship destined for Amsterdam; port officials which belonged to the Ministry for Shipping and Ports.

We all know, that in order to initiate and realize all these “supposedly” legal procedures on the part of the Greek Government, permitting and facilitating the exportation of the royal treasures abroad, there had to be a well thought and well planned “conspiracy plan” between the then Greek Prime Minister, Konstantinos Mitsotakis, and the former King of Greece, Konstantinos B’ Gligsburg. It is also very probable that the then Prime Minister of Greece, Konstantinos Mitsotakis, must have benefited financially as an “authentic” Greek middleman of the Ottoman tradition (ragias). I have no real proof that this “financial trade off” did take place, nevertheless, all of Greek Society has known for many, many years, that this Greek political figure and political leader, is one of the richest individuals in the Greek mainland, with financial interests in many Greek enterprises, as well as being one of Greece’s most important landowners. Konstantinos Mitsotakis, the former Prime Minister of Greece, adores wealth and the accumulation of vast amounts of “gold coins”, as one would say in simple everyday terms. During his political career, he “did almost everything” so as to acquire the enormous fortune which he possesses today, but unfortunately for him, he cannot take it with him in “afterlife” or in “Hell”!!! Yet, I shall not focus on these “despicable” personality characteristics of Konstantinos Mitsotakis, the former Prime Minister of Greece, so as to expose him as a “national traitor”, as an “unpatriotic Greek politician” and as a “treacherous individual” with respect to the “national identity”, the “political integrity” and the “economic interests” of the Greek peoples as a whole, instead I will examine the Constitutional Legality of his political actions in relation to the “pure robbery” of the royal treasures from their “rightful home base”, which is Greece.

First of all, Konstantinos Mitsotakis, as Prime Minister of Greece, was obliged as a “democratically elected” political leader to have respected the popular democratic verdict and choice by the great majority of his country’s citizens that they did not want a Constitutional Monarchy but a Constitutional Republic. This popular verdict was expressed clearly and democratically through a popular referendum in 1974, under a democratically elected Greek government and realized under democratic voting procedures. The former Greek King, Konstantinos B’ Gligsburg, was declared then, by the democratically elected Greek Government as “persona non grata”, which in simple street terms means ,”brother, we’ve had enough with you and your royal dynasty of foreigners, who have only caused us trouble and national misfortunes”!!! Ignoring this critical popular democratic verdict, which surely defines the Greek State as a Constitutional Republic, while also forbidding any visiting by members of the former Greek Royal Family to Greece, Konstantinos Mitsotakis, the then Prime Minister of Greece, chose “opportunistically” to reach a “secret” personal agreement with the former King of Greece, in order to facilitate the “illegal displacement” of the royal treasures abroad. A second factor which clearly demonstrates how “politically corrupt” and how “financially greedy” was the then Prime Minister of Greece, Konstantinos Mitsotakis, is the fact that all royal property in Greece, Constitutionally and Legally, does not belong to the Greek Royal Family but to the Greek State. To explain this more simply, all royal possessions found on Greek Soil are by the “law of the land” an incorporate part of the geopolitical territory they have ruled over. Therefore, with his political initiatives and in political collusion with the former King of Greece, Konstantinos B’ Gligsburg, Konstantinos Mitsotakis as Prime Minister of Greece, personally appropriated and transferred abroad this state property; property which Constitutionally and Legally belonged to the Greek Peoples who he was “supposed” to represent and defend their interests as their democratically elected leader!!!

For me personally, the most serious circumstantial evidence which exposes the “political betrayal” and the “treachery” of Konstantinos Mitsotakis as Prime Minister of the Greek Nation and of the Greek State, is the fact that in openly complying with and servicing the “material interests” of the former Greek King, directly or indirectly, because he surely did not act “out of compassion” or “loyalty” to the King, he as Prime Minister of Greece showed very little respect for the Greek Constitution, while he should have protected the property assets of his Greek Citizens and of the Greek State. Finally, he utilized in an “unconstitutional” and in an “undemocratic” manner, state institutions and state services, civil servants, general secretaries of ministries and ministers, so that he could accomplish successfully his “political” as well as his “economic” crime. As a natural consequence, he completely undermined the legality and the legitimacy of Greece’s Democratic Constitution and even his own constitutional role as defender of Greek Democracy and the Constitutional rights and interests of his own peoples. As we have just certified from our various historical descriptions and historical data, we can easily reach at the conclusion that Konstantinos Mitsotakis, like Andreas Papandreou, did not function as a democratically elected political leader, with a national consciousness and a national responsibility towards the people who had elected him, but as “feudal lords” of the Ottoman Empire, who treated their own citizens as simple tools to enrich themselves and to shield themselves politically and socially in their “feudal domain” which goes by the name of “the Greek State”. We should all be proud of them and we should also be proud of ourselves as “modern” and “democratic” Greek Citizens!!!!

“The divine is not really discovered through prayer, but within life itself!!!”
Dec. 2012


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