The Greek crisis of 2012- a ploy by Foreign Financial and Political Interests, supported by the Human Predators of the Greek Establishment. (Part G)


(I want to dedicate these series of texts to those of my former Greek students, male and female, who in the end, chose “mediocrity” and “virtual reality” for the sake of their own society, their own families and their own “survival”)

In the previous part(Part F) of our series of texts consecrated to the “Greek Crisis of 2012”, we briefly mentioned the state offices, the administrative financial positions and the international official distinctions bestowed upon Lucas Papademos(1947- ), Governor of the Central Bank of Greece(1994-2002), and Theodoros Karatzas(1930-2004), Governor of the National Bank of Greece(1996-2004), who served in these key state financial posts during the Greek Premiership of Kostas Simitis(1996-2004), with the “socialist” parliamentary political party of PASOK. These two “eminent” and “experienced” economists and technocrats received all these powerful administrative appointments and international official distinctions because of their “professional collusion”(compradors) with the “expansionist world interests” and the “strategic world objectives” of the International Economic and Political Establishment, especially the International American Economic and Political Establishment!!!!

At the same time, in this part of our series(Part F), we described in detail the governmental positions, the political offices and the international political duties as well as the academic professional roles which were entrusted upon George A. Papandreou(1952- ), our own Little George; this, through the “direct support” and the “direct influence” of the International Economic and Political Establishment, especially through the “direct support” and the “direct influence” of the International American Economic and Political Establishment. As an American “born and bred” Greek, all of his political and professional initiatives and activities simply reflected and still reflect the “direct guidelines” and the “strict instructions” coming from his Powerful Foreign Mentors, especially his Powerful American Mentors, always at the expense of his own “professed homeland”, our own Little Greece!!!

The important administrative posts and the official international recognitions which had been bestowed upon Lucas Papademos and Theodoros Karatzas during their “professional careers”, reflected practically and objectively their specialized scientific and administrative know-how, their professional abilities and their professional experience, even though these “personal talents” were utilized to better service(servile) the expansionist ambitions and strategies of Foreign International Interests. Yet , in the “historic case” of George A. Papandreou, this Foreign International Influence and Intervention which offered him vital governmental and political offices, as well as international political duties is really “mind boggling”, because our Little George has proven time and time again, that he embodies serious “mental dysfunctions” and an “unbalanced psyche”!!!

Another “startling historic example” within an International Context which clearly demonstrates the “scope” of World Influence exercised by the various International Economic and Political Centres , especially those belonging to the International American Economic and Political Establishment, is a “historical event” involving the present President of the United States, Barrack Obama(1961- ). This “apocalyptic historical event” which clearly demonstrates to what degree these Powerful International Centres of Decision Making have under their own “direct disposal” and under their own “direct control” the means and the people to define a “distorted” yet “accommodative” image of a person(virtual reality) of their “own preference”, who in due time would promote their “own hegemonic ambitions” around the World, is the Nobel Peace Prize which was awarded to Barrack Obama in October 2009, 9 months after he had been elected as the First Afro-American President of the United States!!!!

I am referring to this “historical event” related to Barrack Obama in order to demonstrate “clearly” and “objectively” the manner by which most economic and political developments are activated and realized in most countries around the world. They are produced by the “direct initiatives” and the “direct practices” of International Financial and Political Organizations, the Multinational Enterprises and the World’s most Influential Masonic Lodges. Barrack Obama is a perfect “recent historic example”, not only because he is considered as one of the most powerful political leaders in the world today, but also because his own political career exposes a “well orchestrated” and a “well manipulated” personal rise to Power; promoted and supported by International Economic and Political Centres, especially by the International Mass Media which “to a large degree” is controlled by these Hegemonic Organizations!!!!

I would like to now ponder over the “historic event” related to Barrack Obama’s “international achievement” of winning the Nobel Peace Prize in October 2009, nine months after his election as the first Afro-American President of the United States, examining specifically some “critical biographical details” which outline and reveal how “corrupt” is the International Economic and Political Establishment as well as the International Academic Establishment, “far and wide” around the Globe!!!

Focussing first on this historically famous Nobel Peace Prize which is awarded almost every year by a special Norwegian Committee responsible for choosing a winner, in 2009, there were 205 candidates from many countries of the world, many of whom represented “famous” international personalities with lifelong humanistic achievements related to social equality, social justice and social progress. Three of these internationally notable personalities were the Colombian Senator Piedad Cordoba, the Chinese political activist Hu Jia and the Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, Morgan Tsvangirai(2009-20013. In 2009, the Norwegian Committee for the Nobel Peace Prize chose Barrack Obama, the President of the United States, as the winner with an “official explanation” which stated that this particular American politician and President of one of the most powerful countries in the world ‘..had made great efforts in revitalizing international diplomacy and cooperation between nations and peoples, had taken important steps to gradually limit the nuclear arsenals of the Great Powers and had also tried to activate a “political rapprochement” by the United States with regard to the Islamic Nations of the World..’!!!!

The Norwegian Committee for the Nobel Peace Prize had rendered all of these “international political achievements” and “international cultural initiatives” to an American and to an “almost unknown” Politician(until 2008), who had just completed 9 months of his Presidency!!! Here, should we laugh or should we not laugh??? Of course we should not laugh, because We the “simple folk” of this World have to finally realize and truly comprehend how “impudent” and “dark” this International Economic and Political Establishment really is, as well as how these “degenerate world predators” perceive most human beings around the world – as “scared” and “docile” little animals and as “non-thinking” earth creatures ; as easily dispensable human entities!!!

Here we have to note that the 5 members of the Norwegian Committee which chooses the winner for the Nobel Peace Prize are elected by the Norwegian Parliament, representing the whole ideological and political scope of Norway’s Society. In 2009, the Norwegian Committee for the Nobel Peace Prize was made up of 2 political members from the country’s Labour Political Party, 1 member from the Conservative Political Party and 1 member from the Right Wing Political Party of Progress. The Chairman of this Norwegian Committee was Thorbjiorn Jagland, former Prime Minister of Norway(1996-1997) with Norway’s Labour Party and who is presently the General Secretary of the Council of Europe since September 2009. Therefore, these Norwegian political cadres, members of the Norwegian Committee for the Nobel Peace Prize, as well as its Norwegian Chairman, all represented the whole political and ideological spectrum of the Modern Norwegian Nation-State, one of the most “democratic” and “developed” countries in the world. Nevertheless, all of these “eminent” Norwegian Political Personalities , played along with this “well set up” International Farce, functioning as “communicating vessels” of the International Economic and Political Establishment and of the International Masonic Lodges, “following to the letter” their Masters’ expectations and guidelines!!!

When the Nobel Peace Price was “given up” to Barrack Obama by this Norwegian Nobel Peace Committee in October 2009, 9 months after he had been elected as the first “supposedly” Afro-American President( a biographic fact which is not valid, since his mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, was a “white American”, born in the American State of Kansas, coming from an Anglo-Saxon family ancestry), the International Mass Media, even this belonging to the International Economic and Political Establishment such as many “powerful” and “influential” American Newspapers, expressed “the least” a certain reserve up to being “fully critical” towards this monumental decision by the Norwegian Committee for the Nobel Peace Prize.

This whole International “virtual setup” and “charade” was an anathema even to many of the “well experienced” and “famous” American journalists and editorialists, who could not accept this International Historical Event “lightly”!!! From the most conservative American newspapers like the Wall Street Journal and the Los Angeles Times to the most ideologically “liberal” ones such as the New York Times, the Washington Post and the National Review(since in the United States there are no popular newspapers expressing a “leftist social political view” like in all Western Nations), considered the choice of Barrack Obama for the Nobel Peace Prize as a “premature decision” in relation to the time span he had served as President of the United States( just 9 months). They also put into question the International Status and the ” political criteria” of this Norwegian Nobel Prize Committee which in the end succumbed to the Universal Earthly Omnipotence of the United States and of course to all those International Economic and Political Centres which support America’s World Dominion!!!

Most American journalists and editorialists who stayed steadfast concerning their own “professional integrity”, stated and emphasized in the newspapers they worked for, “directly” but also “indirectly”, that there was a “distortion” of the Real Universal Social and Cultural Values which this Nobel Peace Prize symbolized for the whole of Humanity!!!! It is not coincidental that the day the Norwegian Nobel Committee officially announced that Barrack Obama had won the Nobel Peace Prize for 2009, the American President officially commented from the White House Garden to the reporters that ‘he was surprised and felt deeply humbled by this international award’ and that ‘he did not feel he deserved the award because he did not consider himself worthy of the company(candidates) the award placed him with’. “Sweet nothings” for Public Consumption, especially American Public Consumption!!!! But so as not to forget the real purpose of this whole International Masquerade , he then added that ‘he did not view it(the Nobel Peace Prize) as a recognition of his own personal accomplishments, but rather as an affirmation of American Leadership on behalf of the aspirations held by people in all nations’. Which in simple “international diplomatic language” or simple “international political propaganda” means , a Globalization directed and controlled by International American Economic and Political Interests!!!

This whole “International Theatrical Setting” in awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to Barrack Obama in 2009, was it “well programmed” and “well set up”???? Of course it was, because that is how “good business” is done World Wide!!! While Barrack Obama, the first “supposedly” Afro-American President of the United States began his first term in office(from 2009) as the “Angel Political Protector” of all human beings upon Earth, especially the “underprivileged” and the “suppressed” ones, the Nobel Peace Prize provided him in the long run, with an “International Certificate of Absolution” concerning any possible future expansionist moves by the United States around the Globe!!! Barrack Obama, in all of his political initiatives , whether nationally or internationally, would hold tightly to this “symbolic branch of Peace”(international virtual reality), exactly like the “plastic flower pot” of a “small olive sapling” which George A. Papandreou “planted” in Istanbul in October 2013, as President of the Socialist International. We, the “simple folk” of the World, we should all be very proud of these two Illustrious “political traitors” and “political charlatans” of Humanity!!!!

When we previously mentioned that Barrack Obama became “somewhat known”, even within his own country after 2008, this information is a “historic reality”!!! This is exactly the reason why I shall attempt to analyse some “historic details” relative to the political evolution of the present President of the United States, which clarify that his “rapid political rise” and his “rapid political elevation” to becoming a successful political candidate for the Presidency in the American Elections of 2008, did not reflect “inconsequential” or even “unpredictable” historic events!!! This whole historical political outcome had been chronologically very “well prepared” and very “well orchestrated” by the International American Economic and Political Establishment. Barrack Obama surely did not personify a “random” American political figure or a “random” Afro-American Presidential Candidate of the United States!!!!

Barrack Obama was born in August 1961, in the American State of Hawaii(once an American Colony in the Pacific), from an Anglo-American mother and an African father, originating from Kenya. His mother was Protestant and his father Muslim. Barrack’s parents met, fell in love and separated within one year, when as young students they were both studying at the University of Hawaii. Therefore, Barrack Obama is an American of “mixed blood” not an Afro-American, a “little white” and a “little black”, a “little Christian” and a “little Muslim”. A cultural and religious “mixture” or “cocktail” which Obama would use with “mastery” and “cunningly” within his own American Society, as a state political figure and as a Presidential Candidate, attracting the political support and the votes of America’s coloured minorities(Afro-Americans, Hispanic- Americans), and Internationally, as President of the United States, “reaching out” politically to the many and powerful Islamic countries around the World such as Egypt, Nigeria, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Turkey and the rich in oil Arab Emirates of the Persian Gulf. Which means, ” heads I win, tails you lose”!!! Always a sure bet when the “Game” is being played by the International Economic and Political Establishment!!!!

I want to therefore repeat one more time, that in the end, Barrack Obama was never a “chancy” quasi Afro-American charismatic politician or an “inconspicuous” liberal political activist in the United States as he was being promoted in the near past, and as he is still being projected by the “well controlled” and “well directed” International Mass Media!!!

The separated parents of Obama continued their higher studies and their scientific research work in important American Universities like Harvard University and the University of Washington. The academic specialization of his Anglo-American mother was Anthropology and of his African father Economics. The “natural parents” of Barrack Obama were legally divorced in 1964. His African father returned to Kenya that same year(1964),while in 1965, his mother married an Indonesian university mate who was studying at the University of Hawaii, completing his Ph.D. in Geography. Finally, this Indonesian academic would function as the real “family guardian” of Obama, as well as his maternal grandparents who were then residing in Hawaii.

Therefore, the first “existential characteristics” which we detect during the early years of Barrack Obama’ s life are that he personifies a “sexual by-product” of a “mixed marriage” which lasted for about 1 year; an absolutely “failed marriage” which provided Obama with very little “personal” and “emotional” contact with his “natural father” who very soon returned to live permanently in Africa. This was soon followed by “young” Obama living with an Indonesian step-father, meaning growing up once again with “mixed parents”, while his real family upbringing and every day care were “almost exclusively” assumed by the parents of his Anglo-American mother, his maternal grandparents, who were living permanently in Hawaii. His “professed parents”, socially ambitious scientists and researchers, were more interested in their own “Egos” and their own Social Standing, rather than the personal care and the emotional comfort of their own child, “young” Barrack Obama!!!!

From what we have already mentioned about the first years in the life of “young” Barrack Obama, we become conscious that he himself comes from a “broken mixed family” which evolves into a “dysfunctional mixed family”, since the main weight of his personal care and family upbringing rest to “a large degree” not on his “fictional parents”(everyday life reality not everyday virtual reality) but on his maternal grandparents. Similarly, the main focus of a “social perspective” or even an “existential perspective” of these two “socially disoriented families” which influenced and marked Barrack Obama’s personality and psyche during the early years of his life, was always the “personalized Academic recognition” and the “personal Academic elevation” of his own “fictitious parents” and not a “harmonious family human co-existence” and an “inter-connected family human development”, where ” empathy” would play the primary role, both socially and existentially for all!!!

As we have already mentioned, Barrack Obama is not an “ordinary human entity” or an “ordinary human victim” of his own racist American Society and of his own “unstable family environment”. He is an American of “mixed blood”, having lived in Hawaii, in Indonesia and in the United States. He comes from a middle-class family background( a socio-economic class classification which represents only a small fraction of Afro-Americans), but also growing up in “broken families” with “estranged parents”(the large majority of Afro-Americans), who never felt close enough to him in order to support him “emotionally” and “existentially”. Here, we should never forget the “historic fact” that Barrack Obama belongs to a “very harsh”, a “highly competitive” and an “extremely racist” American Society!!!

As a consequence of all of these “existential” and “social” factors which had defined and influenced the “early years” of Barrack Obama’s life, there was set into motion an “insecure male personality” which did not allow for a clearly defined “social”, “ethnic” or a “class” personal identity, while the everyday societal stimuli coming from his own “virtual parents” and his own “direct social environment” infused in his psyche the “existential priority” of social recognition through “high personal competitiveness”, through “personal academic know-how” and through “personal academic roles”!!!

We therefore witness Barrack Obama studying in “good private schools” in Hawaii and in the United States, while he later completed his university and higher studies at two of the “best” and “most prestigious” American Universities(ivy league universities), at Columbia University where he received his first degree(Bachelor of Arts) in 1983, studying the Political Sciences, and after that, at Harvard University where he received his degree in Law in 1991, specializing in the Tenets and Articles of the American Constitution. I would like here to take a pause and emphasize the fact that these two “powerful” and “highly influential” American Universities belonging to America’s Academic Establishment, meaning Columbia University and Harvard University, prepare the future “successful entrepreneurs” and “successful politicians” from around the world, functioning like “trans-national incubators” of talented “young vampires” who will at a “specified moment” in their professional careers, be obliged to utilize their know-how, their intellectual potentials but also “their own souls” to maintain and to reinforce this “rotten”, “inhuman” and “very dark” International Economic and Political Establishment, which expects that almost all of Humanity should act in a “subservient” and in a “passive” way towards all of its Schizophrenic Hegemonic Fantasies!!!

These two “internationally famous” American Universities which we referred to concerning the university studies of Barrack Obama and which represent part of the American Academic Establishment, are “indirectly” supervised and controlled by the Jewish Establishment of the United States and by the International Jewish Economic and Political Organizations who impose their own political and financial clout!!! Very few Afro-Americans or Hispanic-Americans “are able” or “are allowed” to study in these “prestigious” American Universities(America’s “mythical” traditional ethnic pluralism and social mobility), while at the same time, we should not forget that these two “serious” and “eminent” American Academic Institutions, Harvard University and Columbia University, “signed on” as “visiting professor” in 2012 and in 2013, George A. Papandreou, our own little George, to give lectures to their own university students with the main theme “the economic rescue and the economic reconstruction of the European Union”!!!! These are the “historic facts” so as to better fathom the International “set-up games” induced by the International American Economic and Political Establishment, especially by International Jewish Economic and Political Interests and Powerful Masonic Lodges, which are controlled “directly” or “indirectly” by Jews World Wide!!!

The time period Barrack Obama was undertaking his university studies, he also worked for 2 years for the local city government of Chicago(1985-1988) as city councillor, responsible for the legal rights of that city’s workers as well as “the housing problem” for the city’s poor inhabitants, especially the Afro-Americans and the Hispanic-Americans who make up the majority of its population. When in 1991, Obama received his degree in Law from Harvard University, he moved permanently to Chicago where he became Law Professor at the University of Chicago, remaining in this Academic Post for 12 years(1992-2004), specializing in Constitutional Law. During that same period of time, he worked as a professional lawyer hired by some of the most prestigious Law Firms of this City. In 1996, he was elected member of the Senate of the American State of Illinois(13th District), and was re elected to this state political office in 1998 and in 2002, due to his successful and effective collaboration with that State’s Republican Senators involving Housing Loans and the Working Rights of the Underprivileged American Citizens of the State of Illinois.

At this point, we have to emphasize the “demographic” and “political” fact that the Metropolis of Chicago, one of the most powerful industrial cities of the United States, especially in the “automotive industry”, is composed of an “ethnically mixed population” of 10 million residents, it belongs to the State of Illinois and is the “main political base” and “electoral source” of Barrack Obama until today. Historically, the city of Chicago has always represented a very powerful geographical and electoral stronghold of the Democratic Party of the United States, both “ideologically” and “demographically”, influencing to a large degree most of the political developments of many of America’s North-Eastern States, exactly like the city of New York. The fact that Barrack Obama at a “specific moment” in his life, chose the American city of Chicago as his “permanent residence” and as his “permanent workplace”, was it by Coincidence ???? I do not really believe so!!!! It was a ” personalized strategy” for his “future political ambitions”, always under the guidance and the support of the American Establishment, “directly” or “indirectly”!!!!

In the American National Elections of 2000, Barrack Obama was a candidate for the Democratic Party of the United States, running for the House of Representatives, representing the American State of Illinois, but he lost!!! Nevertheless, 4 years later, in the American National Elections of 2004, Barrack Obama was elected to the very powerful political position of Senator of the United States with the Democratic Party by the same electorate of the American State of Illinois. What really changed so much, so very quickly???

Here we will have to focus on and keep in mind the ” historical fact” that Barrack Obama in 2000, was not elected Representative in the Congress of the United States with the Democratic Party by the voters of the American State of Illinois, while these same voters of this American State elected him in the 2004 American National Elections to be their Senator in the American Congress. This “political evolution” or this “sudden political rise” of Barrack Obama at such “a short time” is “historically” and “dialectically” incomprehensible, if we take into account that the American Constitution assigns more legislative powers to a Senator of the Congress of the United States than to a Representative of the American Congress, while the Senator’s term of office(6 years) is longer than that of the Representative(4 years)!!!

The Congress of the United States is made up of 2 Legislative Bodies, the House of Representatives and the Senate. Under the American Constitution, the number of Representatives elected by each American State corresponds to the size of its population, while every American State elects 2 Senators, “irrespective” of the number of its registered voters, its economic clout or its historic geopolitical influence in defining America’s Central Government and the “political culture” of the American State and of American Society as a whole. The Senate in the American Congress retains Constitutionally “exclusive legislative powers” which the House of Representatives does not have!!!

The Senate of the United States exercises the “exclusive legislative powers” based on the American Constitution that it is the sole Elected Governmental Legislative Body which consents on the legality of all International Treaties initiated by the Government of the United States. The Senate also holds the “exclusive legislative right” to approve or not to approve governmental appointments of Ministers, Secretaries of Ministries, Federal Judges, High Federal Officials, High Military Officers, Ambassadors and other influential Federal Officials. The Senate is a Legislative Federal Body which is more “deliberative” and more “prestigious” than the House of Representatives in the American Congress, due to the “longer office term” of its members(6 years), the smaller number of its elected members(100 in total) and also due to the fact that under the Constitution of the United States, a Senator is elected by the totality of the electorate of the particular American State and not by the various Districts of this State as it is Constitutionally prescribed for the election of its Representatives for the American Congress; which means greater political popular access and a wider societal and demographic base!!!

I personally believe, that based on the critical biographical facts which we have examined related to Barrack Obama, such as his “mixed ethnic background”, his “unbalanced” emotionally and existentially family environment, the great “variability” geopolitically and culturally concerning the places of his residence, his “successful” but also “ambitious” academic, professional and political evolution, the personal human assets of a “multidimensional” and “socially pragmatic” Afro-American Male Personality(virility) who knows perfectly well how to manoeuvre himself effectively within an American Social Environment which to a large degree considers him a “second class citizen” due to his “dark skin complexion” and his “mixed cultural origins”(both an Anglo-Saxon Christian and an African Moslem), especially due to his “natural charisma”, the International American Economic and Political Establishment which controls and supervises “almost every social aspect” of all of Humanity(like Big Brother in the classic but prophetic novel of George Orwell, ‘1984’), singled him out and chose him(Barrack Obama) to become the “perfect human guinea-pig” who with the proper strategic guidance and support at all societal levels, could soon become the future President of the United States and the “perfect middleman” for their Hegemonic Fantasies around the World!!! Looking now at recent historic and political developments, I am almost sure that finally, these “American International Predators” succeeded in their goal!!!!

Barrack Obama in view of our “real biographical information” appears to be an “insecure” but “very intelligent” Male American of “mixed blood”, who would sacrifice almost anything, even “his own soul”(like Faust in Goethe’s classic novel), in order to feel at some point in time “socially acceptable” and later on, “socially an equal” within this exclusive club of individuals representing the American Economic and Political Establishment!!! This “primal existential need” by Barrack Obama for “personal social recognition” and for “personal social status”, today, as President of the United States translates into the “political leader” of the most Powerful Military, Political and Economic Nation in the World, which has to dominate internationally, utilizing every means at its disposal, so as to prove that America is Superior and Exclusive, and that it can control almost everything and everyone, and of course that “it is irreplaceable” !!!! It is exactly this particular human personality, this particular human psyche and these human intellectual abilities which the International American Economic and Political Establishment were looking for in a person; a person who would maintain, legitimize and expand their World Dominion. Barrack Obama, the “perfect guinea-pig” for the position of “political ruler” of the United States!!!

We would like here to mention, that during the time period between 2000, when Barrack Obama lost his chance at being elected Representative in the Congress of the United States with the Democratic Party, representing the American State of Illinois, and 2004, when he was elected Senator of that same American State(Illinois), he was promoted and advertised on a “large scale” by America’s Mass Media(which is largely controlled by the International American Economic and Political Establishment) as the new “liberal”, “democratic” and even “radical” Afro-American politician, who is fighting for the social and economic welfare of all underprivileged Americans, especially those of the Afro-Americans and the Hispanic-Americans, for the legal rights of America’s gay community, as well as for the political rights of America’s illegal immigrants who come mostly from Mexico and Central America. Finally, the All Powerful American Mass Media projected the “image” of a “rising” American Politician who publicly and officially expressed his “ideological political beliefs” against all American Military Interventions Globally, especially those military interventions against Islamic countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Somalia, Bahrain and the Yemen. For example, Barrack Obama in October 2002, was the key speaker in a very large anti-war demonstration in Chicago, condemning the “expansionist military actions” of the United States and the government of the Republican President George W. Bush in Iraq, as well as also acting as a major political organizer in a massive anti-war American rally in March 2003!!!

This “historically outlandish” yet not “pragmatically outlandish”(political propaganda) set up by the Mass Media of the United States in projecting a “superficial image” of Barrack Obama relative to his political beliefs and social ideology, led in March 2004, to his being elected Democratic Senator for the Congress of the United States, representing the American State of Illinois. Yet finally, when Barrack Obama was elected President of the United States in November 2008, slowly but surely, he started to expose his real “dark”, “domineering” and “hegemonic” character, exactly like the “hidden portrait” of the hero in the classic novel of Oscar Wilde, ‘The picture of Dorian Grey’!!!!

The hidden picture or portrait of Dorian Grey showed “metaphysically” the gradual “personalized disfigurement” of the hero through his “inhuman” and “immoral” social practices and activities at the expense of his fellow human beings, so that he himself could feel socially “powerful”, “attractive” and “always young”!!! Observe and take real notice to what degree the “facial contours” and the whole “bodily makeup” of Barrack Obama have been distorted since the time he first began his term in office, as President of the United States. Finally, Dorian Grey , “the hero” of the story, committed suicide when he truly realized his “absolute personality disfiguration” through this “metaphysical personal portrait” which kept him powerful and young. He saw a “very haggard” and a “very hideous” Human Monster; his Real Self!!!!

I would like here to ponder over two “historic factors” concerning the “supposed” cultural, political and ideological beliefs of Barrack Obama as these were widely “advertised” by America’s Mass Media before he took office as President of the United States in January 2009.

The first “historic given” involves Obama’s political and ideological stance against all “expansionist military activities” by the United States Globally, especially those against various Islamic States such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Bahrain and the Yemen. Paradoxically yet not so “Peculiarly”(International American Political Conspiracies), these are exactly the nations against which Barrack Obama as President of the United States directed America’s military might in order to realize his country’s “international hegemonic strategies”!!! He undertook “illegal”(International Law) American military interventions by activating the “illegal”(International Law) use of American Military Drones hundreds of times, during the last few years, with the “political excuse” that he was fighting against dictatorial Islamic States and International Islamic Political Organizations. As a consequence of those “illegal”(International Law) American Military Actions, thousands of innocent Moslem citizens lost their lives while very few “Islamic Political Terrorists” were neutralized!!!!

In relation once again to the “presumed” pro- Islamic political, cultural and ideological positions of Barrack Obama and his government in America’s international affairs, we have to focus upon the social, economic and political rights of all Palestinians who live within the borders of the “fascist state” of Israel, especially those Palestinians who reside in the Gaza region, close to the border with Egypt. Here, I emphasize the case concerning the Palestinian inhabitants of the Gaza Strip, who essentially are under the suppressive “military” and “economic” control of the “democratic” Government of Israel, since their democratically elected local government, the government of the Palestinian Islamic Political Party of Hamas is considered as “illegal” by the American Government of Obama, and is classified officially by the United States and its “political lackeys” in the European Union as a Palestinian Government of International Islamic Terrorists!!!! Naturally, the United States and the majority of the member-states of the European Union have accepted “passively” the catastrophic military interventions and the military blockades of Gaza by the “democratic state” of Israel, as well as all of the political, economic and social “extortions” initiated by this Fascist Israeli Political Establishment at the expense of all Palestinians living in this country because they know perfectly well that this “Land” has been their homeland for thousands of years. We can therefore conclude that Barrack Obama is an “authentic traitor” with respect to his Islamic Cultural Heritage, his Universal Political Ideology and finally, his Democratic Social Values!!!

The second “historic point” which I would like to mention here and which once again relates to the degree of “authenticity” of all of the political, social and ideological axioms which Barrack Obama had invested in before he was elected President of the United States in November 2008, has to do with the social, political and economic rights of all “illegal” immigrants who today live “illegally” in the United States, most of them coming from Mexico and Central America. “Theoretically” and “virtually”(effective political promotion), Barrack Obama as President of the United States has really “made great efforts” to pass through the American Congress(which is made up of the House of Representatives and the Senate) legislations which would protect these “illegal” American immigrants in their everyday “survival” and “security” in the Land of Promise, nevertheless, in “practice” or “practically” not “virtually”, during his Presidency until today(2009-2014), he has instituted laws for the forceful deportation of 2 million of these “wretched illegal immigrants” from “his country”!!! Barrack Obama a truly “idealistic”, “democratic” and “progressive” Afro-American American President!!! We can finally say, that Barrack Obama is not the “cool person” we were made to believe by the International Mass Media, especially by the International American Mass Media!!!

Similarly, in the context of the Foreign Policy of United States related to the various Islamic States around the world, we would have to pay special attention concerning the historic case of Afghanistan; meaning the Foreign Policy of the American Republican Government of President George W. Bush(2000-2008) and the American Democratic Government of Barrack Obama(2009-2014). Both these American Governments have spent hundreds of billions of dollars to “supposedly” bring political and economic stability to the country, to neutralize militarily the “anti-government insurgent activities” of the Afghan Moslem Fanatics(the Taliban) who for years now are aiming for a Theocratic Islamic State for Afghanistan, as well as eliminating the culture of the “illegal poppy” which provides 90% of the heroin and the opium consumed in the West, meaning Russia, Europe and North America!!! These hundreds of billions of dollars which have been spent for the “set-up” and “proxy” war in Afghanistan, have been paid by American Citizens and of course by all those nationals and foreign investors who hold American State Bonds. All these “passive” and “ignorant” investors who support the American Empire!!!!

Which is now the “everyday reality” or the “historic reality”???? The Americans and their European “lackeys” in NATO, contributed 100,000 military personnel utilizing the most “modern military equipment” in order to successfully execute their “humanitarian mission” abroad, even though under some specific articles of NATO’s Charter, its member states have no “legal right” to undertake any military activities beyond their geographic and geopolitical borders!!!! Nevertheless, when the American Empire decides on something, International Agreements, International Law and even International Organizations such as the United Nations, “practically” and “legally” are absolutely obsolete!!! This “historic reality” or this “international political reality” becomes even more evident when we examine the “historic events” related to the Second Military Invasion of Iraq by the United States in March 2003, the American Military Intervention in Libya in March 2011, as well as what is now in progress in the Ukraine, where under the auspices of the American Government of Obama and its International Intelligence and Military Services, Ultranationalists Ukrainian “stooges” have taken over the Ukrainian Government in Kiev by force. We all have to fathom that the American Empire “doesn’t give a damn” about International Conventions and International Law, because as President Obama clearly stated recently, the United States is “Exceptional”!!!!!

Therefore, the United States spent hundreds of billions of dollars, not to really defend the geopolitical integrity of the Islamic State of Afghanistan nor to secure the economic and social development of the Afghan Peoples, but to “pragmatically” support economically America’s Military-Industrial Complex!!!! What we really mean is that “on paper” and “theoretically”, the United States contributed hundred of billions of dollars to “upgrade” the economic and political infrastructure of Afghanistan and also to improve the quality of life of the average Afghan Citizen, yet in “reality” or “practically” this was just a well organized International Political Propaganda or a great “International Political Bubble”!!! At the same time, during the last few years, the government of the United States has offered 7 billion dollars to Afghan farmers so that they would stop planting and harvesting the “illegal poppy” for export abroad. During the last 5 years, meaning during the American Presidency of Barrack Obama, the production of this “particular poppy” has increased tenfold, while every year, the number of heroin and opium Afghan addicts has risen exponentially, since they can purchase these substances very cheaply in their own country!!! What do all these facts “historically” mean??? They all confirm that the International American Centers of Power make enormous profits “in every way”, leaving behind them millions of human beings and whole societies “in shambles”!!!!

Once they had fulfilled their “sacred goal”, correctly and efficiently in Afghanistan as was the case in Iraq, the Americans and the member- states of NATO are now “packing up their bags” and are “almost ready” to make “a quick exit”, but always with a smile on their faces!!! I am absolutely sure that these same type of “international political tricks” have been orchestrated against our own Little Greece for many years, but we Greeks as “Traditional Egomaniacs” don’t really mind, because we feel that we are always “very clever” and “very cunning”. Glory be to Us!!!!

In 2000, Barrack Obama lost the elections of his party, the Democratic Party, to be chosen as Representative in the American Congress for the American State of Illinois, while 4 years later, in 2004, he received “to a large degree”(there are Independent American Voters) the majority of votes from the party members of the Democratic Party of this American State, which resulted in him becoming Senator in the American Congress, representing the American State of Illinois; a very powerful position in relation to that of the Representative in the American Congress!!!

From what we know, every American State elects 2 Senators, usually one from the Democratic and one from the Republican Party, which “together” monopolize the Political Image of the United States and the large majority of the American Voters who are “officially registered” as members of these two Powerful American Political Parties. The “independent” elected American Politicians at all levels, whether they are Representatives in the American Congress, Senators in the American Congress, Representatives or Senators in the Legislative Houses of the various American States(American Federation), Governors of the different American States or even Mayors of the multitude of American cities throughout the country are “a rarity”, just because the entire “electoral mechanism” is controlled and supervised “directly” or “indirectly” by these two Omnipotent American Political Parties; the American Democratic Political Party and the Republican Political Party!!!!

These two “antiquated” and “monolithic” American Political Parties “in unison”(political symbiosis) have controlled and defined for a long time, all of the “political” and “economic” developments in the United States due to the fact that they enjoy the “steady support” of the country’s Economic Establishment. The Economic Establishment of the United States in “general terms” is represented by the International American Banks and Trusts such as J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs and Citybank, the Giant American Enterprises which make up the country’s “heavy industry”, manufacturing military hardware, airplanes, ships, submarines, cars, etc., such as Boeing, General Electric, General Motors and Westinghouse, the Multinational American Companies involved with oil, energy and the production of chemical goods, such as Exxon, Chevron, Dupont, Monsanto and Coca-Cola, and finally, the Powerful Multinational American Construction Companies such as Bechtel and Halliburton!!!

Here, we have to add and emphasize the “historic fact” that the most Influential American Economic Institution internationally which reflects “absolutely” the Economic Establishment of the country is the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States. It is a Private Financial Organization not a State Financial Organization which is not really controlled or monitored by each elected American Government, exactly like the Central Bank of Great Britain and the Central Bank of our own little Greece!!! The major shareholders in these “supposedly” Western Central Banks are the Established International Western Banking Dynasties such as the Rockfellers and the Rothchilds; all of these “crazy little gods” upon Earth!!!

In the last few years, the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States with the cooperation of the American Government of Barrack Obama has been printing 75 billion dollars every month, meaning “counterfeit dollars” since there is no collateral in gold reserves or in economic goods and services produced by the country!!! All this “fiat money” is “laundered off” through interest payments made on American State Bonds which are in the possession of many foreign states, foreign and national financial institutions and private individuals. Also, this is done through “strategic financial aid programs” provided to various countries around the world, serviced exclusively by “their own” International Financial Institutions such as the IMF and the World Bank, by subsidizing the enormous expenditures accrued by the United States Government in providing modern military equipment and in maintaining the “hundreds of military bases” the country possesses in every corner of the globe(the American Empire), as well as by financing the tremendous monetary cost incurred by the American State and its Citizens when there are American Military Interventions in many countries abroad such as in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Somalia, in Libya, but also in Yugoslavia not so long ago!!!

Here, I would like to “make a parenthesis” by clarifying that during the last 25 years, the Governors of the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States who “theoretically” are appointed by each American Elected Government, have been American Citizens of a Jewish Religious Creed!!! These were Alan Greenspan from 1987 to 2006, Ben Shalom Bernanke from 2006 to 2014, while 3 months ago, in February of 2014, Janet Yellen was appointed to this powerful financial post by the Democratic Government of Barrack Obama. All of these three Governors of the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States, who “define” and “impose” the economic priorities and the economic policies of almost every state around the World are American Jews!!!! Is it a coincidence???? I don’t believe so!!! This is all because all these Powerful International Masonic Lodges were left free by all of us Average People of the World to decide upon our own destinies and our own way of life!!! Unfortunately, this Illustrious Jewish Nation has not learned from its own History of 4,000 years!!! What a Great Shame!!!

We could mention other hundreds or even thousands of American Enterprises and American Financial Institutions which represent and support the Economic Establishment of the United States within the country, but especially internationally. What we therefore want to emphasize here is the “historic fact” that all of this American Plutocracy which “controls”, “manipulates” and “supervises” all of the political and economic developments of the United States and of the American Empire world wide, did not support practically the candidacy of Barrack Obama in becoming elected Representative in the American Congress in 2000, representing the American State of Illinois with the Democratic Party, while these same powerful American Groups gave their full support to Obama in being elected Senator for the same American State in 2004!!! I repeat one more time , that the political position of a Senator in the American Congress is very powerful and critical, because all of the legislative decisions made by the Central Government which involve vital matters affecting directly all American Citizens as a whole, would have to have the consent of the majority of the Senate in Congress. Major national issues such as International Commerce, the Military Complex, National Security, Federal Justice, Diplomatic Relations with other countries, the Declaration of War and a multitude of other political and economic factors which define the Institutional Political Unity of the American State and the “normal functioning” of its Federal Government!!!

In July 2004, after Barrack Obama had been elected in the American Congress, representing the American State of Illinois, it was “He” who gave the major political speech during the opening of the National Convention of the Democratic Party; a “political happening” which was watched by 9 million American Citizens. This whole “political show” was set up perfectly by the Economic and Political Establishment and its American Mass Media so that in the “near future” Barrack Obama would be the “favorite candidate” of the Democratic Party in the Presidential Elections of 2008, and “naturally” the winner of these Presidential Elections. Barrack Obama had “done well his job” under the auspices and guidelines of the American Economic and Political Establishment, and “naturally” after he was elected President of the United States in 2008, “he gave it all ” to this American Establishment , and “he is giving it all” to Them until today!!!!

As President of the United States, Barrack Obama soon lost his “virtual political shades” as the Good International Diplomat, the Pacifist and a Friend of the Islamic Countries around the world. He functioned in a very “aggressive way” almost with every country, especially with Islamic States such as Iran, Syria , Libya and the Palestine, even with Turkey, and let us not forget the recent strategic moves made by the Obama Administration in the Ukraine, in order to expand the military and political influence of NATO, meaning the military and political influence of the United States towards the Eastern Regions of Europe!!!! President Obama together with the Economic and Political Establishment are now threatening “directly” and “dynamically” the Geopolitical Integrity and the National Security of Russia, they are trying to “undermine” the Political and Economic Unity of the European Union, as well as initiating obstacles within the Economic and Political relations between Russia and the European Union. Barrack Obama is coercing and menacing everyone, militarily, politically and economically, while almost everyone knows that the United States is the country with the largest external debt; a debt of at least 16 trillion dollars, which all of us Simple and Stupid Folks of the World are “paying dearly” in one way or another!!!!

From the time he became Senator in the American Congress(2004-2008), Barrack Obama, this “well advertised” Afro-American politician for his liberal, democratic and progressive beliefs, defended politically and legislatively the work of the National Security Agency(NSA) of the United States in wiretapping the phones of American Citizens by voting in 2005 and in 2008, for Legislative Amendments which granted immunity from civil liability to telecommunications companies which cooperated with the NSA in activating warrant less wiretapping operations. When Barrack Obama was elected President of the United States in 2008, clandestine electronic surveillance in America and abroad was greatly modernized and was expanded to a staggering level. Every day, there are hundreds of millions of electronic interceptions made involving all electronic means of communication such as telephones, the internet , iPods , etc., recording and storing personal data concerning politicians, diplomats, business people, military installations, enterprises and private individuals around the world, but also within the United States. The NSA gathers all this information focusing on the National Security of the country, but also extracting strategic data involving the military projects of other nations, the political initiatives of different governments, the entrepreneurial activities of powerful foreign companies as well as the economic trade between various states!!!!

The enormity in “volume” and in “range” of electronic surveillance by the NSA within the United States but also worldwide, under the Political Leadership of Barrack Obama, has come to be understood by the Wide Public after 2010, when Julian Assange, the Australian reporter and Head of Wikileaks put on his electronic website thousands of secret American state documents related to the Electronic Surveillance activities of the NSA around the world. He was then followed by the American reporter and author Glenn Greenwald, and recently by the American Edward Snowden, a programmer and a technician for the computer systems of the NSA and the CIA, who is today living in exile in Russia!!!!

After the Financial Crisis in the United States in 2008, created by “mortgage debts” on properties owned by American Citizens and which were administered to “a large degree” by the Biggest Real Estate Agency of the country, Freddie Mac, causing an “enormous financial bubble” since these “mortgage debts” had been sold off again and again to banks and various financial institutions within the country but also abroad, especially in Great Britain. All this “economic mess” for “pure profit” based on “market speculation” which entailed no legal market sanctions nor the established rules concerning general commercial exchanges!!!! Through this “unchecked speculation” on “mortgage debts” of American property owners where many Powerful American Banks were implicated as well as Foreign Banks, very soon, especially in the American Market Place, there was ” a great shortage of money liquidity” as there was not the real money collateral which was the “original” and “legal” mortgage debt of the property; the rest was just “surplus value” on the debt of the property which was “fictitious” or “iconic”, meaning on paper belonging to many!!! The moment that all Financial Institutions and Enterprises of the United States are interdependent financially, starting from the economic premise that they all need money capital in order to function “normally” and “effectively”, the “financial bubble” of the mortgage debt by American property owners reversed the financial balances in the American Markets, producing a crisis in “money liquidity”, which in turn obstructed or made it difficult for American Financial Institutions and American Enterprises to properly finance their economic activities!!!

Under the American political leadership of Barrack Obama, 3 trillion dollars were spent, money of the Average American Citizen, in order to bail out Powerful American Banks such as the Bank of America, J.P. Morgan, Citigroup and Goldman Sachs, as well as the Swiss Bank Consortium of UBS and Barclays Bank of Great Britain. At the same time, the American Government of Barrack Obama provided vast amounts of “financial aid”, money of American Citizens, “to save” the almost bankrupt American Enterprises of the Automotive Industry like General Motors, Ford and Chrysler. Finally, we have to mention that the Government of Barrack Obama also came to the “financial rescue” of Major Multinational American Companies which were manufacturing the various military hardware used by the Military Forces of the United States in every corner of the world, such as Boeing, General Electric and Westinghouse!!!

The 3 trillion dollars of “financial support” by the American Government of Barrack Obama , did not go to the Average American Citizen who was “paying the bill” and who was really feeling in his everyday life “the economic crunch” of this American Financial Crisis, but to all those Financial and Entrepreneurial Organizations which represent the American Establishment; all of these Powerful American Economic Cartels which had ensured Barrack Obama the powerful political position of President of the United States in 2008 and in 2012!!!

Let us now return to the “historic event” when the Norwegian Committee of the Nobel Peace Prize awarded the Nobel Peace Prize to Barrack Obama in October 2009, nine months after he was elected the first Afro-American President of the United States. The official announcement of that Committee was that Barrack Obama represented an influential and popular political figure internationally who ‘ had made great efforts in revitalizing international diplomacy and cooperation between nations and peoples, in gradually limiting the nuclear arsenal of the Great Powers and in activating a “political rapprochement” by the United States towards the various Islamic Countries of the World’!!!! From what we have already “described” and “exposed” concerning the political acts and political initiatives of Barrack Obama as President of the United States until today, until 2014, do these have any relation with the personal political and ideological criteria on which he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009??? Certainly not!!! These “iconic” personal political and ideological attributes, Barrack Obama very soon “dumped them into history’s wastebasket” so that he could best service his Mentors, the American International Establishment!!!

Therefore I conclude by saying that, if this International American Establishment and those Powerful International Masonic Lodges which to “a large degree” are directly controlled by International Jewish Organizations, are able to control all of the political and economic developments of the United States, the World’s Superpower, just imagine what these International Hegemonic Centers have perpetuated in our Little Greece for at least the last 80 years!!! At this critical historic moment, we Greek Citizens know perfectly well, even though we don’t want to admit it , that “since cradle” we have been taught by everyone how to be “politically servile” and “socially passive”; that is exactly the reason why in the present Economic, Political and Social Crisis in our Country, “there is nothing really moving”!!!!

A “normal life” is the curse given by God to Adam and Eve when he was expelling them from Paradise!!!(April. 2014)

Barrack Obama- The Shadowy Middleman


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