Personal Comments and Impressions (D)

(The following are my commentaries on  Social Issues, Current Events, Concepts  and also Personal Impressions of people and everyday life)

No News is Good News

a) A  letter to the  Editors of the  British magazine  ‘’The New  Statesman’’


July  2021,

Dear  Editors,

This is the second letter that I am writing to your magazine, the first one I  sent in  August of 2020, which  I  am including part of the text so you will be reminded of the content.

The first letter dealt with the current event subject of  Meghan Merkle and  Prince  Harry, which  I  published it on my website(, knowing full well that you wouldn’t make any editorial reference to it in the section of your magazine where you allow commentaries from your readers to be partially printed.

The sad aspect concerning your  editorial integrity and its professionalism is that you didn’t even sent me a typical notice of  the reception of the letter, even though I had informed you that I have been keeping my own website for 15 years, writing articles both in English and Greek.

I will therefore print once again a section of the letter I  sent you  in  August 2020, which provides me with the opportunity for my readers not only to assess what  I have already commented on , but to also evaluate your  integrity as an important progressive magazine in the West.


Part of the letter  goes as follows:


August 2, 2020

Dear  Editors,

I   rarely  write  letters to newspapers, magazines or T.V. networks, but  I did exactly that a long time ago, during the illegal American war campaign in  Iraq in 2003, where more than half-a-million Iraqi citizens died and many thousands of Iraqi and  American soldiers.

I  am writing this letter to express my strong opinion concerning this whole ‘’dark affair’’ related to recent developments involving Meghan Markle and her husband Prince Harry. First of all  because it brings me back to the tragic and suspicious death of  Princess Dianna , as well as the fact that I feel  great disdain for all those elite groups who control our destinies and poison our lives for their own personal social, political and economic interests.

There is in place today, a wide range of power elite groups around the world, from the people who run the multinational corporations and multinational banks, to international organizations such as the United Nations, the I.M.F. and the Council for Foreign Relations, to your ‘’everyday’’ plutocratic masonic societal entities like the Catholic Church, the Jesuits, the Rothschild dynasty and the British Royal Family  of  Windsor. These are just some of the representative centers of power whose aims and ambitions are to control absolutely humankind in a uniform and globalized way.

Now coming to the British political affair concerning Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, deciding to distance themselves from the ‘’tight deadly grip’’ of  Queen Elizabeth and her ‘’royal court’’ of aristocrats , bankers and international merchants, I have the following to say:

Prince Harry has chosen to break most of his family ties with the British Royal Family and especially with Queen Elizabeth, because he knows perfectly well in his heart that they are the protagonists of his mother’s death, Princess Dianna, directly and indirectly.

Prince Harry is not an idiot or a clown like his brother   Prince William.  Prince Harry  knows perfectly well that his mother , Princess Dianna, was a wonderful human being and mother, who in the end chose her liberty to a slow death within the confines of the ‘’existential torture chambers’’ of the British Royal Family. He absolutely knows , who are the real culprits of his mother’s death, and I hope that he reveals the obvious truth in detail, before he is eliminated by this Powerful   Royal   Cabal.

All the members of the British Royal Family, especially  Harry’s father and Dianna’s husband, Prince Charles, proclaim that what happened to Princess Dianna was ‘’just an accident’’. Even Dianna’s elder son , Prince William, is more than willing to play this game, and to sacrifice the memory of his mother, for the sake of his own personal social status, wealth  and ‘’royal funfair’’, ignoring the grim and monstrous reality of a Royal Conspiracy against his own mother.

The whole world realizes the truth, even though it has not been given the proper coverage because the British  Royal Family as an international power center, is able to control and manipulate a large section of the international media and the narrative being disseminated worldwide , concerning  Princess Dianna’s ‘’accidental death’’.

…I will make the prediction that the British Royal Family will eventually neutralize  Prince  Harry and Meghan Marlke in one way  or another, the way they went about with Princess Dianna, even after divorcing Prince Charles.

My regards,

George Alexander Taliadoros


I knew that my first letter would not be mentioned in your ‘’tabloid magazine’’ because that is exactly what it has evolved into. My commentaries in the first  letter to your magazine were very scathing concerning your  ‘’magnificent’’ Royal Family and its morals, being financially subsidized to a ‘’large extent’’ by  an ignorant and an apolitical British public.

My notifications concerning the social status of the British Royal Family  should have  been welcomed and appreciated  by your readership, considering your traditional political ideology, which is  ‘’supposedly’’ not only leftist or socialist , but also radical and anti-establishment. That is how I remember it  during my university days in the 1970s and 1980s.

I  personally believe that through time and  opportunism , you have accommodated yourselves with the British  Establishment as many left leaning magazines and newspapers have done throughout  Western Europe and North America. Bernard Shaw, one of the founders of your magazine would be turning over in his grave witnessing your ideological concessions as well as those of  Britain’s Labor  Party. What an ‘’infamy’’ for the political struggles of the socialist movements in Great Britain during the last 150 years.

I  guess we are living in different times, ‘’dark times’’, where neo-liberal   corporation grants from NGOs and George Soros are more vital than the socialist ideals of truth, social justice and intellectual integrity.

The fact that I took time to write about the relations between the British Royal  Family  and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle  proved revealing, taking into account what has occurred since then.

They all proclaimed that Prince Harry would remain in Britain after  Prince Philip’s funeral but they were wrong, including most of the main-stream media and publications , putting great pressure on Harry. I think that the newspaper  Guardian was the worst publication , having evolved into a  pro-establishment and politically reactionary  newspaper   as you have become.

Prince Harry left 2 days after Philip’s funeral, and rightly so, because he wanted to escape the ‘’cabal’’ of the British Royal Family, the instigators of  his mother’s death, and a country which pretends to be liberal and democratic, yet it has become more conservative than even when Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister of Britain.

The Labor Party is a great indicator of where British politics are headed in the context of progressive and democratic ideals, such as not supporting Brexit while the majority of British citizens voted in the 2019 referendum for Britain to leave the European Union. Today, the Labor Party and the Leftist Establishment in Great Britain are supporting Globalism, Wokism and a corporatist totalitarian political system.

But let us go back to Prince Harry and  Meghan Markle, and the  evil and corruption which is  prevalent in most of the media, including newspapers, magazines and books. The  British Royal Family  were identified as the victims of  the ‘’insensitive’’  and  ‘’treacherous’’ behavior by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle , while they were exposed as personifications of ‘’mental instability’’ and  ‘’self-centeredness’’. Are we  serious ?   Look how  the British Royal  Family is  being presented to the public by most of the media, almost as ‘’omnipotent sacred symbols’’, while forgetting Price Andrew’s close relations with Epstein, an American sex trafficker of underage girls.

With Oprah Winfrey’s interview of the couple in the beginning of the year, a lot of distortions about their personalities and character came out through the media, especially in Europe and North America. Almost everyone was  critical of  their stance towards the British Royal Family without putting it context with real historical facts which directly involve Prince Harry, his mother Princess Dianna and his father Prince Charles.

Historical facts demonstrate clearly the ‘’inhumanity’’ of the British Royal Family towards Princess Dianna when she exposed the trials and tribulations  she was going through with her husband in the BBC program ‘’Panorama’’,  in an interview she gave to BBC  journalist Bashir in November 1995. Princess Dianna  was separated in 1992 and divorced in 1996.

In the interview,  Dianna revealed that Prince Charles was a sadistic human being, ignoring her completely while spending most of his free time with Camilla , his lifelong mistress who is much older than him.

The  British Royal Family never  supported Dianna  concerning her disastrous relationship with Prince Charles , even though she was going from depression to depression, even trying to commit  suicide , as she revealed in the BBC interview.

Many books and articles have been written ,most of them  speculating  that the main reason why  Princess Dianna was condemned to die in the car accident near the Ritz Hotel in Paris, August 31 , 1997, was not because she was planning to divorce  Charles and  had spoken openly and publically about her terrible treatment from the  British Royals, but because she was having a love affair with Dodi  al-Fayed , a  Moslem Egyptian, son of  billionaire Mohamed el-Fayed, owner of  Harrods in London and the Ritz Hotel  in Paris.

The ‘’racist’’ British Royal Family could not accept Princess Dianna having a serious relationship with Dodi al-Fayed, a Moslem Egyptian, going on long vacations with him and  her two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. There were also speculations that  Princess Dianna wanted to marry  Dodi el-Fayed , who was 42 years old when he died in the car accident with Dianna, and also that she was carrying his child.

This  meant that  Dianna’s sons , Prince William and Prince Harry, would have an  Egyptian Moslem sibling entering the British Royal ‘’Conclave’’ . This would be  ‘’anathema’’ and a ‘’sacrilege’’ , even though its whole history is filled with incestuous relations, interfamily assassinations, executions and plenty of illegitimate Royal children or Royal bastards.

Dodi al-Fayed was killed with Princess Dianna in a car accident near the Ritz Hotel in Paris owned by his father, because his personal driver’s last drinks had been drugged, while specific paparazzi drove in front of their car  while it was going through a dark car tunnel( it was nighttime), blinding the driver with their flashlights. Was that whole set up coincidental or conspiratorial? Take your pick!!!



  1. Fake  News   or    Propaganda


Before    writing the text  of this  article,   I  will note down the definitions  of four words  which I  think are relevant to the theme of my essay. These definitions are from


1— fake-   anything to appear otherwise than it actually is

2—totalitarian-   exercising control over the freedom, will or thought of others, autocratic.

3—fascist-   governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition  and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc.

4—propaganda-   information, ideas, or rumors deliberately spread widely to help or harm a person, group, movement, institution, nation ,etc.



I  am  71 years old and  I have followed the news since I was a teenager in the early 1960s  in  Canada.

I first became interested in the news with the assassination of  President John  F. Kennedy in  1963, and then with the 6 day Middle East War in 1967, between Israel and Egypt, Jordan and Syria. My interest for that  Middle East War was natural and spontaneous, since I was born in Egypt and spent most of my early childhood there.

Television news also became a very important part of my  everyday life as with most North Americans due to the Vietnam War which began in 1961 when American troops were sent to South Vietnam to protect  its  geopolitical integrity from the military incursions of North Vietnam. The Vietnam War lasted until 1975 , when a peace treaty was signed between the Americans and the North Vietnamese, the South Vietnamese and the  Vietcong.

This was a time of the anti-war and anti-colonialist social movements all over the world and the coming out of the ‘’flower generation’’ of young people, the hippie movement, the music of the Beatles, the use of psychedelic drugs on a massive scale by young adults , as well as the initiation of anti-establishment political movements throughout the Western World.

Therefore, in the 1960s and the 1970s there were a lot of socio-political  critical themes to refer to and the news outlets did their best to communicate in a professional way real information and not be outlets of political propaganda to a  large degree.

Western news outlets and journalists were very objective on the  whole , while  no single  political ideology predominated , the reason being that in society there were different ideological camps which were very popular and very influential , especially in the academic world. What I am trying to say is that during the 1960s and the 1970s, the different news outlets in the Western World reflected different political tendencies , which made it very difficult for the people in political power to dictate news or information  being disseminated.

Today, 40 years after the rise of  Globalization with the election of  Bill Clinton as President of the United States in 1992, the transnational corporations , the transnational organizations and the transnational financial institutions have slowly come to define what is being reported in the news channels, the newspapers, the magazines and even in books, so that a Globalized World Community would be established and maintained which would benefit the transnational hegemonic interests of the very few rich and powerful in the world.

These Globalized interest groups could promote wars to support politically  the military industrial complex like the wars in Iraq in 1983 and in 2004, the war in Yugoslavia in 1992 , and the war in Afghanistan starting in 2002 and lasting to the present day.

Propaganda is based on ‘’fake news’’ or on exaggerated information in order to have greater impact on the general public and gain their support after they have been brainwashed as the lie or the distorted information  has been repeated 1,000 times over through the main media in a short period of time.

One very good historical example is  the reason why the United States and most of its allies attacked Iraq  in 2004, which was that the regime of President Saddam Hussein had been manufacturing  ‘’weapons of mass destruction’’ with very little empirical or intelligence evidence, and also that  Saddam Hussein was supporting  financially and militarily Al  Qaida in the Middle East , an Islamic terrorist organization which ‘’theoretically’’ was responsible for the destruction of the Twin Towers in New York City in 2001, by colliding airplanes on these buildings.

After the war had been terminated within a few weeks with the destruction of the state of Iraq  and hundreds of thousands of its civilians and soldiers, including thousands of American soldiers, both of these political assumptions for attacking an independent state were proven false or ‘’fake’’, but the damage had been completed.

Nevertheless, billions of dollars in modern weaponry had been used which had to be replenished by the military industrial complex, as well as the oil assets of the country were seized by transnational oil companies which were allowed to manage and exploit them. Pure international piracy.

Eventually no proof was found ‘’on the ground’’ of any type of manufacturing of ‘’weapons of mass –destruction’’ by the regime of Saddam Hussein , while through intelligence documents it was discovered that not only Saddam Hussein was not supporting Al Qaida , but he was fighting it because he believed that their Radical Islamic Ideology would undermine his ‘’secular state’’ which was multicultural and multidenominational.

Important historical  evidence of the  power and influence of the mass-media in defining the political course and the political consequences critical to a country’s political status is the case of the election of Barrack Obama, as the first Afro-American President of the United States in 2008. He was groomed by the International Globalist Elites to become America’s ‘’black knight  in shining armor’’.

Barrack Obama has been judged by serious American historians as one of the worst Presidents of the United States in almost every aspect, whether it be within the context of the economy, political stability or foreign policy.

Nevertheless , the transnational media corporations have been projecting him as a successful international political leader and a cultural superstar around the world, writing 4 autobiographical books where he glorifies himself , while at the same time making millions of dollars from the book deals. This is one method that the Globalist elites reward their ‘’political lackeys’’ for work well done; work which enriches them.

Barrack Obama for a long time was an unknown American politician. He was Illinois state senator from 1997 to 2004, and United States senator from Illinois from 2005 to 2008. The state of Illinois has always been a political bastion of the Democratic Party for many years,  like  the state of California.

In theory Barrack Obama was a political activist for Afro-American rights since his days as an advisory counsellor for the city of  Chicago, representing a state, Illinois , and a city, Chicago, with large populations of Afro-Americans.

Obama’s mother was an American of European descent and his father was a  Kenyan national. Both his parents were academics and had studied and taught in Hawaii , while his father eventually became a  Kenyan senior governmental economist. His mother was Protestant and his father was Moslem, and that is the reason why the full name of  Obama, is Barrack Hussein Obama, both first names being of Arab-Islamic cultural origins.

Barrack Obama was born in Hawaii on August 4, 1961, while Wikipedia , a powerful Globalist propaganda outlet, does not mention in Obama’s biography his Islamic religious and cultural roots originating from his father’s side.

After graduating from Columbia University in 1983, he worked as a community organizer in Chicago, while after graduating from Harvard University in 1991, he became a civil rights attorney and an academic, teaching constitutional law at the University of Chicago Law School from 1992 to 2004. During this time, he was noted for his radical anti-racial activity , since he had very close ties with pastor Jeremiah Wright who he met in October 1967, and became a member of his church, Trinity United Church of Chicago in 1992.

Jeremiah Wright was a radical Afro-American religious activist , whose sermons were widely criticized even by Afro-Americans for their subversive anti-American content. During Obama’s first presidential campaign in May 2008, he resigned from Trinity Church after Wright’s anti-American rhetoric became public. Barrack Obama had been a member of this radical religious establishment for more than 15 years.

Barrack Obama received national attention only in 2004, with his Senate primary win for New Illinois  in March , while he was well received for  his July  keynote address at the Democratic Convention, followed by his landslide November election win to the Senate in 2005.

Here we have to note that Obama was chosen to give the keynote address at the Democratic National Convention on July 27, 2004 in Boston , for the democratic presidential political candidate John Kerry, who Obama had first met in  the spring of 2004, just a few weeks before the Democratic Convention. This means that the Globalist elites with their control of the Democratic Party and the main-stream media were pushing Barrack Obama to be the centerpiece of American politics.

Just 4 years later, in 2008, Barrack Obama was nominated by the Democratic Party to be their candidate for the Presidency, after a close primary campaign against Hillary Clinton, an establishment politician. A minor and almost unknown Afro-American politician was promoted within a few years to run for President of the United States and win, all with the support of the Globalist elites, their Democratic Political Machine and the main-stream mass media which for the last 50 years acts as a spokesperson for the policies of the Democratic Party.

Barrack Obama within a few years became a superhero and a political cult figure, not only within the United States but throughout the western world, something which even today continues even though Obama’s Presidency of 8 years, was a disaster for the American peoples in almost every sector, especially the one concerning the quality of life of most Afro-Americans.

To put the ‘’red cherry’’ on the Obama cake , the Globalist Mafia with the Globalist Nobel Peace Committee of Norway granted Obama the Nobel Peace Prize for 2009, six months after being elected President. This prize was given to him ‘’for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.’’ That is how powerful and radical the Globalist elites are, just to promote their  own  candidates and their own hegemonic agenda around the world.

There is very little historical evidence that Barrack Obama was a champion for Afro-Americans as a politician  in his state of  Illinois , yet just a year before running for the Presidency of the United States, the mass media in America suddenly decided that he should be exposed nationally and internationally as the ideal Afro-American politician who not only could service  the needs of  Afro-Americans , but also someone who could unite Afro-Americans and White Americans under the political banner of the Democratic Party.

After Obama had served the  8 years of his Presidency between 2009 and 2015, his political record involving the betterment of the living conditions and the social status of Afro-Americans was dismal.

The American newspaper ‘’The Atlantic’’ , an influential newspaper which has always supported the Democratic Party , in an article written on December 22, 2018, by William H. Darity Jr., an Afro-American economist , making a general evaluation of Obama’s Presidency related to the standard of life of Afro-Americans  noted that,’’…the country’s first black president never pursued policies bold enough to close the racial wealth gap…’’.

Obama  wanted Afro-Americans to remain the political hostages  of the Democratic Party!!!

For the elites of  Globalization , Barrack Obama was an ideal choice to become President of the United States because he had no real political identity or political history , he did not come from America’s political establishment and his political trajectory demonstrated that he could be politically flexible and opportunistic in attaching himself to any type of ideology, whether it be with the Afro-American Muslim community under the guidance of the Nation of Islam headed by Farrakhan, the Radical Afro-American Unitarian Church of Pastor Jeremiah Wright in Chicago or the Neo-Liberal political establishment of the Clinton Foundation.

Barrack Obama was neither an idealist nor an ideologue or a political activist, he was a ‘’rogue politician’’, a ‘’carpetbagger’’ and he would try to get as much wealth and political power as he could, working as a ‘’mignon’’, a ‘’middleman’’ or a ‘’political prostitute’’ for the Globalist Establishment of transnational corporations, transnational organizations and transnational financial institutions.

A very important payback by President Barrack Obama to the Globalist elites was during the financial collapse of the many American transnational corporations and financial institutions in 2009, transferring an estimated 3 trillion dollars from the Federal Bank to prevent their bankruptcies. Another indication of his willingness to service the financial demands of the Globalist elites and their Military Industrial Complex was the fact that he continued the wars  of the United States in Afghanistan , in Syria and in Iraq, while also attacking militarily Libya in 2011, getting rid of President Kaddafi and his regime, while taking over some of the country’s oil installations.

Yet I  believe that Obama’s greatest contribution to the Globalist elites  is the given historical fact that during his presidency, his national policies dismantled the United States economically, politically and militarily, an important goal of these elites for the last 50 years. This  was disrupted by the Presidency of Donald Trump, and which today is being implemented again at an accelerated speed by the ‘’fake’’ President Joe Biden, signing 40 executive orders during his first months in office.

From Obama’s presidency, a Globalist and a partner to the elites of  Globalization , political propaganda has increased in intensity as more and more of the information outlets are monopolized and controlled by a few transnational communication corporations like ATT, AOL, General Electric, Comcast and CNN.

Today, this monopoly in communicating information and ideas has become even more powerful worldwide with the new social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google , YouTube and Amazon. Transnational corporations which represent billions of customers around the world, controlling more than 90% of all communication between the citizens of the world.

To clarify the enormous power and influence in propagating political propaganda and ‘’fake news’’ by the transnational mass media and the transnational communication companies , we just have to look at what happened to Donald Trump when he became President of the United States in 2016.

These transnational communication corporations which support Globalization and the New World Order, whose goal is to establish a ‘’monolithic totalitarian’’ political system for the whole of humanity , eliminating the integral governance of the nation-state with its representative political system, had organized for Hillary Clinton, the Democratic political candidate and a Globalist like her husband, former President Bill Clinton, to win in the 2016 American presidential elections. This did not happen and they did not succeed.

Donald Trump , a  Republican and not a politician but a successful businessman for many years, won the Presidency of the United States in 2016. Donald Trump was a very successful businessman in the construction industry and never held a political office in his entire life.

From the start of  his presidency and even before, during his political campaign, he proclaimed and defined clearly his political agenda which was to protect and reinforce the political , economic and military status of  the United as the most powerful nation of the world. His national program reversed Obama’s  Globalist policies which had undermined the power base of the country, focusing on dismantling the American nation-state so that the New World Order could be implemented.

Donald Trump ‘’put into full gear’’ his anti-Globalist policies by investing on American industries, bringing back American companies which were stationed abroad, lowering taxes for everyone while also doing away with many of the many economic regulations which were hampering economic productivity and the creation of new jobs.

Donald Trump invested heavily in America’s oil industry , to make it self-sufficient in its energy consumption. He also increased military spending to modernize the country’s military hardware, renegotiated international trade agreements which were damaging to the American economy and took the United States out of the International Globalized Organizations such as the World Health Organization and the Paris Climate Agreement. Donald Trump’s every policy undermined the Globalists plans for the United States and the New World Order.

The Globalist elites with their allies in the Democratic Party, the mass-media , the social media platforms and the top bureaucrats in the Justice Department, the FBI and the CIA, were able to put forward and control absolutely the negative narrative concerning the political status and legitimacy of President Donald Trump.

Top officials in the Justice Department, the FBI and the CIA  from  the Obama administration were activated  to stop  Trump from implementing his policies by monitoring his activities, by persecuting his political aides and allies and by accusing him of cooperating politically with President Putin of  Russia to undermine Hillary Clinton’s chances of winning the Presidency in the elections of 2016.This  through cyber interference of the election procedures. Donald Trump was officially accused of being a ‘’political agent’’ of  Russia, who colluded with President Putin to take control of America.

The Justice Department , the CIA , the FBI and the Democratic Party which directs most of the mass-media in America, as well as the social platforms like Facebook and Twitter, were able to push for an ‘’impeachment trial’’ against President Donald Trump for political collusion with the Russians. They tried to demonize him through their propaganda and many people fell for it. In the main news outlets , on television and in newspapers, he was accused of being a fascist, a traitor, a white supremacist, a homophobic, a racist , a degenerate and a crook.

He was impeached twice, the first time in American history, but he was found innocent on both accounts  due to a lack of valid evidence.

All of these societal groups and political players working together for the Globalist elites were able to distort the personal image of Donald Trump and many Americans and people around the world  accepted it because the propaganda and the fake news from almost every news outlet in the Western world had been so all pervasive  and effective.

They demonized Donald Trump even though he had regenerated the American economy, built up and modernized its military infrastructure, did not initiate any wars abroad and raised the standard of living of all American citizens, especially that of the American minority groups like the Afro-Americans and the Latino-Americans.

Donald Trump made the United States self-sufficient in energy and reinforced the economic , political and military status of the country , undermining the long term agenda of the Globalist elites which entailed the slow dismantling of America because it was  too powerful an opponent and a player in their  geopolitical plans for a  New World Order.

The majority of Americans supported Donald Trump in the 2020  Presidential elections and if it wasn’t  for the illegal tampering of the electoral procedures by government bureaucrats , local politicians and Big Tech  companies , Donald Trump would have won by a landslide.

One  concrete evidence of interference in the 2020 elections was that  Joe Biden, a senile, corrupt and stupid politician, won the presidency by more than 80 million votes, more than any president in American history, and 16 million more votes that Obama received in his Presidential election in 2008, a politician who was popular , intelligent and charismatic.

To demonstrate even further how powerful Big Tech and social media companies are in defining and controlling the political image of the United States, we just have to emphasize the fact that  Donald Trump as President, was cancelled by Twitter and Facebook , so that he wouldn’t be able to communicate with his followers.

Today  what dominates in America is  fake news, political propaganda, totalitarian political control  and Fascism, the New World Order of the Globalist elites or the futuristic world as described by George Orwell in his prophetic book ‘’1984’’.

Joe Biden

A fake American President
like the fake American News