A Message of love and concern for Today΄s Young Generation

I know full well that the generation of the 60s,my generation,betrayed its dreams and goals,for financial security and social status,both selfserving reasons,and both an anathema to their original philosophies of life .This generation are your parents and your grandparents,and you should feel pity for them and not take what they preach so very seriously.They died a long time ago;from the moment they started lying to themselves.

But you,who are the future,aren΄t you tired of accepting so passively and so easily what is being proposed to you? Aren΄t you tired of spending long hours on your mobile phones, talking to people you call friends, without looking them in the eyes? Aren΄t you tired of consuming so much thought and energy on how you personally feel and on how you personally look, and on how people see you? Aren΄t you tired of acting like old people who crave for personal security because you feel impotent? Aren΄t you tired of your everyday routines whose whole purpose is to consume things, while not sharing or creating? Aren΄t you tired of organizing your whole social behaviour, personalities and self-expressions with the aim to impress people?

Aren΄t you tired of being manipulated by your social environment,your family,your friends, your peers, television,etc.? Aren΄t you tired of not allowing youself enough time to discover who you really are and where you are going? Aren΄t you tired of not being able to express all those precious inner feelings that make you unique? Finally,aren΄t you tired of leaving the magic of life behind  just to protect your own skin and feel “safe”?