A — Maya Angelou- ‘’Letter to my daughter’’
Book published in 2009 by Penguin Random House
A message of national unity and hope from Maya Angelou(1928-2014) to all Americans
( Maya Angelou is a famous American poet, author and academic)

Chapter 21 — National Spirit

For the past four decades our national spirit and natural joy have ebbed. Our national expectations have diminished . Our hope for the future has waned to such a degree that we risk sneers and snorts of derision when we confess that we are hoping for bright tomorrows.

How have we come so late and lonely to this place? When did we relinquish our desire for a high moral ground to those who clutter our national landscape with vulgar accusations and gross speculations?

Are we not the same people who have fought a war in Europe to eradicate an Aryan threat to murder an entire race? Have we not worked , prayed, planned to create a better world? Are we not the citizens who struggled, marched, and went to jail to obliterate legalized racism from our country? Didn’t we dream of a country where freedom was in the national conscience and dignity was the goal?

We must insist that the men and women who expect to lead us recognize the true desires of those who are being led. We do not choose to be herded into a building burning with hate nor into a system rife with intolerance.

Politicians must set their aims for the high ground and according to our various leanings, Democratic, Republican, Independent, we will follow.
Politicians must be told if they continue to sink into the mud of obscenity, they will proceed alone.

If we tolerate vulgarity, our future will sway and fall under a burden of ignorance. It need not be so. We have the brains and the heart to face our future bravely. Taking responsibility for the time we take up and the space we occupy. To respect our ancestors and out of concern for our descendants, we must show ourselves as courteous and courageous well-meaning Americans.

B— Counter Culture

The social formula of the Globalist elites for the fragmentation of societies

Definitions of concepts –

Culture – the habits, traditions and beliefs of a country, society, or group of people

Counter Culture – a way of life and a set of ideas that are completely different from those accepted by most of society

Political Culture – a set of shared views and normative judgements held by a population regarding its political system

Objective political analysts understand that the long term agenda of the Globalist elites today is to impose a worldwide ‘’monolithic totalitarian’’ political system like in Communist China which would replace the political culture of the nation-state with its representative elected governments.

This ‘’nefarious’’ political agenda of the Globalist elites would allow them to control most of the world’s resources, both material and human resources, through their own economic monopolies of transnational corporations and transnational financial institutions, central banks, globalized international organizations like NATO, the United Nations, the World Health Organization, the IMF and the World Bank. As well, we have the countries which have ceded their national independence as nation-states to become part of a Globalized political system like the member states of the European Union.

In order for their plan of the New World Order to succeed , the Globalist elites had to create the necessary social, political and economic circumstances where a country or a nation could not function as an independent and self-sufficient administrative infrastructure integrated by its own political culture, its cultural institutions and its traditional social roles.

Therefore these Globalist elites would not only have to undermine and weaken a nation-state’s economic , political and social defenses, but they also had to distort its traditional cultural identity which protects its historical societal unity.

The most important weapon to dismantle the cultural identity of a country, a nation or a community is to promote a ‘’counter culture’’ , foreign to its historical identity. This strategy would create social chaos and societal disintegration which would facilitate their influence and control over them.

We shall provide historical examples of how ‘’counter culture’’ has been disseminated by the Globalist elites around the world for a very long time, always for their own economic benefit and political influence.

We have concrete examples that date back to the start of the 20th century , when American culture and social values were propagated around the world through the entertainment industry of Hollywood , where its movies seen almost everywhere on the planet not only in entertaining the public but also passing on to them social roles and everyday habits which were alien to most of these societies.

They not only put into question the traditional societal roles of men and women projecting Western social prototypes , but they also undermined the legitimacy and the functionality of the nuclear family, the patriotic political ideals of their peoples within a historical geopolitical heritage, the significance of the religious and spiritual institutions in maintaining their cultural identity, they even affected their patterns of everyday life by emphasizing the consumption and the accumulation of material goods as a status symbol of social success and happiness.

Suddenly and within a very short time, consumerism became the ‘’holy mantra’’ of modern life , which benefitted not only the producers of modern consumer goods which were manufactured in Western economies and transnational Western companies, but it also divided society on a permanent and personal level between those who could afford to purchase these modern Western consumer goods and those who couldn’t afford to buy them, the last ones representing the large majority of the people.

This trend of ‘’consumerism’’ was further reinforced throughout the 20th and 21st century, imposing great economic burden on countries and governments which were importing these overvalued Western manufactured goods, while selling their raw materials such as minerals, oil and agricultural products at undervalued prices.

Therefore , the first implementation of a society’s ‘’disintegration’’ by the Globalist elites began by introducing a social culture of ‘’consumerism’’ and an economic system of ‘’monopoly capitalism’’ which was not based on a free market system of demand and supply but on the dictates of Western economic monopolies supported by Western military threats and military incursions in countries which did not accept Western Economic Globalism.

Today the ‘’counter culture social movement’’ has become more sophisticated and complex, because people now are better informed through the Internet but also because they are more influenced by the propaganda being communicated by transnational information outlets as well as the High Tech social media like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter which have billions of customers around the world communicating with each other.

These social media companies have the means to control what is being communicated, whether it deals with falsehoods about the safety of vaccines for the Covid 19 or the rigged American Presidential Elections in 2020. The President of the United States Donald Trump, was cancelled by Facebook and Twitter so that he wouldn’t be able pass on his opinions to his Republican followers and his political allies. These transnational communication enterprises have become the ‘’Big Brother’’ of George Orwell’s prophetic book ‘’1984’’, supporting the agenda of the Globalist elites for a One World Government where the nation-states become insignificant in defining policy, whether economic, social, political or even cultural.

The main content of information and communication is based on ‘’virtual reality’’ like the Hollywood films and the television shows, revolving around the superficial social image of a person. Focusing on how to look ‘’beautiful’’ and ‘’successful’’ while at the same time promoting the simplistic needs of individuals to consume obsolete goods like soft drinks, brand name clothing apparel and painkiller opiate medication, as well as luxury products like the SUVs which are enormous status cars that are not only expensive to buy and pay for their upkeep , but are also big polluters .

Therefore, the strategy of the elites of Globalization for a society’s disintegration and its complete control has evolved from the social culture of ‘’consumerism’’ to ‘’virtual social models’’ which can be assimilated more easily in the minds of people with very little expense because now the ‘’victims’’ can be influenced and convinced to dismantle themselves by just living out a life of virtual reality and virtual social models.

The byproducts of virtual reality have very little connection with the historical and cultural evolution of human beings, their natural attributes as a thinking specie and their natural needs to live a harmonious and creative existence.

For example a young person feels an outcast in today’s highly homogenized and impersonal social environment, if he or she does not conform to an imposed pattern of behavior which dismisses critical thinking , honest interpersonal communication, empathy, creativity, spirituality and a passion for life.

All types of eccentric human conduct is accepted as normal, as long as it promotes the fragmentation of the personality of the individual as a unique and creative entity, as well as the fragmentation of society’s socio-cultural unity and integrity.

As we have already specified, the introduction of a ‘’counter culture’’ in a society is to destabilize and fragment it in almost every context of everyday life , the central focus being the mental and psychological responses of the individual.

One of the most basic societal components in maintaining a certain social stability and cohesion in any society of whatever historical epoch or culture has been a social consensus of the social roles prescribed for men and women through tradition and existential prerequisites for survival. These gender roles have varied to some degree through time and space, but generally have not crisscrossed , meaning that there were clear cut boundaries whether biological or cultural , between males and females.

Formal gender societal distinctions have been absolute and sacred, even though they were not always constant in different geopolitical regions.
What has been happening in the West during the last 50 years approximately, is that with the rise of the liberation social movements of the gay communities as well as the women’s liberation front for social equality , the gender social factor has become prevalent in political and social discourse for a more progressive and egalitarian society.

The only downturn in this societal development has been that a large part of the political attention was now centered on the social priorities of these fringe and radical groups and less on the practical needs of the majority of the people which involved personal economic development, social security and the protection of religious , educational and cultural institutions.

In the past, from the 1960s to the 1990s, there was a concerted effort made by socially activist groups and by governmental institutions to defend the civil rights of the homosexual population, whether male or female. Their legal rights in the work place and in educational institutions, their civil rights as tax paying citizens, their right to intermarry and their right to have their own family and adopt children.

In due time, these civil rights were met legally by the passage of laws through the various political and legislative bodies, to the degree that these minority societal groups who represent about 6 % of the total population became a powerful political , economic and cultural force in every sector of society because they were well organized and unified.

The gay communities because of their ideological cohesion as well as their dynamic political response towards a society that discriminated against them, evolved into an affluent sector of society , dominating the artistic world like Hollywood and television’s entertainment industry, as well as the academic world as authors, professors and teachers, especially in public schools where the teachers’ unions could even determine the curriculum taught to young students.

These minority societal communities became so powerful socially through the universities , the schools, the entertainment industry and the mass media, that they were able to define more of society’s cultural priorities and the social roles of people.

Their social base was further reinforced by the neo-liberal ‘’non-governmental’’ organizations or NGOs, like the Open Society Institutes of financier George Soros, a Globalist leader, who was aiming to induce social and cultural divisions within societies.

George Soros was helping the elites of Globalization to control more effectively a ‘’divided house’’ from within, by distorting the traditional societal institutions like the nuclear family, the historicity of a society, the patriotic feelings of its citizens and their feelings of belonging to a nation.

During the last few years, there has been a questioning of gender identity , which means that there would not only be just men and women, heterosexual and homosexual, but there could also exist a whole spectrum of genders, from transsexuals, to bisexuals, to asexual, to two women who would act as a couple and bring up their own children, as well as two men who would act as parents to their adopted children.

Today in the Western World, there is a greater tendency not to consider it ‘’politically correct’’ for someone to identify oneself as being male or female, a boy or a girl, a mother or father. A person is supposed to relate its gender identity according to their own social life and sexual behavior, not if their DNA is male or female.

Transsexual women whose DNA is male are now allowed to compete in women’s sports, eliminating any type of fair competition with normal women athletes , whose physical strength and stamina is inferior to those men due to their biological makeup.

This is an absolute distortion of conventional social and physiological reality which has been in place throughout human evolution. Once someone loses contact with their true biological and social identity, they become more impressionable to external social inputs, especially if the brainwashing starts from a very young age. Pediatricians and child psychologists emphasize that a child’s personality is largely formed during the first 5 to 6 years of its life.

Another strategy of the ‘’counter revolution’’ created by the elites of Globalization in order to undermine the social stability and the social unity of a society, is to neutralize the historical identity of its people. Its norms and traditions, making them easy targets to external social and political influences which are foreign to their particular historical and cultural evolution.

The elites of Globalization through ‘’counter culture’’ want to instill a vacuum in a society’s traditional value system and its traditional philosophy of life. They have succeeded in this strategy by using or dominating the educational institutions, the mass media, the editing houses, the entertainment industry and what is being communicated in the transnational High Tech social media companies like Facebook, Twitter and You tube.

The content and the narrative they are promoting is that the traditional political cultures are inherently elitist and racist, because they have been put into place by the powerful classes, whether political or economic.

The ideology they project seems democratic and pluralistic, but in essence it’s a ’’corporatist totalitarian’’ political system they support where the Globalist elites, their political allies, the transnational corporations and the globalized international institutions would control everyone under the New World Order.

Therefore the ‘’counter culture’’ as it relates to gender social roles, national history, political institutions such as constitutions or representative elections, symbols of an inherited historical value system like the nation’s flag, churches, national or religious holidays, the social hierarchy within the family as well as within the political sphere of a society, are projected as basically subversive and elitist, and not really representative of the human mosaic which makes up all of society.

On the surface the ideology may seem egalitarian and democratic, but its real purpose is social divisiveness because it emphasizes more on the diverse and contradictory social elements and forces within a society, instead on the social parameters which unite them under a historical and a cultural consensus through time and space, through a historical dialectic process.

We therefore witness in the United States, Great Britain and Western Europe a calculated effort being made by globalist politicians and academics, by neo-Marxist teachers and journalists , and by major editing houses and national television outlets, to demean whatever is related to the particular history and culture of a society, a nation or a country.

For the United States and Great Britain the main accusation put forward by the sponsors of Globalization in every sector of society is that these institutions , traditions and social values, are the products of ‘’white privilege’’ , even though most of the people who are promoting these principles are mostly economically privileged and mostly white.

We come to see professional athletes in the United States and Great Britain who most of them are sponsored by transnational companies which have indirect or direct economic ties with China, make official statements publicly of how racist their countries are, kneeling when their national anthem is being played at sports events or turning their backs to their national flag.

Meanwhile these same athletes and their teams representing their countries, are making millions of dollars from revenues they receive from tickets and local sponsors.

Similarly, there are great political initiatives being taken internationally to isolate and punish economically and politically any country which supports its own national interests and its own historical and cultural identity.

We have witnessed this international conspiracy by the elites of Globalization in the case of the former president of the United States Donald Trump, whose political priorities as president were to protect the political and national integrity of his country with his America First Policy. We also see exactly this same policy being implemented by a Globalized European Union when Great Britain was chastised and isolated for exiting the Union in 2019.

These same threats by the Globalist elites have been directed against the nationalist governments of Bolsenaro in Brazil, of Putin in Russia, of Orban in Hungary and of Modi in India.
Another conspiratorial initiative that the elites of Globalization have undertaken in order to dismantle a society has been the focus of their allies in government to demonstrate and accentuate the conflictual social realities which have existed among the various ethnic and religious groups residing in these societies throughout history.

With political organizations like Black Lives Matter and Antifa who the Globalists finance and control, during the last 10 to 15 years, these organizations have advertised themselves as militant groups who want to resolve the inequities related to the social status of Afro-Americans in the United States, Great Britain, Australia and even Western Europe.

These mostly Afro-American militant groups have the support of globalist politicians and businessmen , neo-Marxist teachers, sports organizations, university personnel and transnational mass and social media enterprises who all have direct or indirect economic links to China’s Communist government and its economic establishment.

There is also financing by NGO organizations like the Open Society Institutes of George Soros and by the CCP of China through grants provided to local universities for research and by way of the Confucius International Cultural Centers whose role is to promote China’s international image as a progressive and democratic political force in the world stage.

One could say that the political organizations like Black Lives Matter and Antifa, are the paratroopers of the Democratic Party, like the Brown Shirts in Nazi Germany, since during the Presidency of Donald Trump they created social havoc and riots in many American cities , especially cities with large Afro-American populations. In these violent events , a lot of property was destroyed which had belonged to Afro-Americans, while many of them were killed.

The two main goals of these black militant organizations were first to defame all conservative politicians and the Republican government of Donald Trump, and also to defund the police forces in the cities, so that the government of the Democrats could eventually install a federal police force which they could control and direct, instead of state government as prescribed by the American Constitution.

Black Lives Matter and Antifa act like well-coordinated urban terror groups who assault and even kill anyone who does not accept their anti-white neo-Marxist ideology. Their violent activities and unconstitutional policies are very rarely criticized by the main-stream media because they are fulfilling the political agenda of the Democratic Party, the Globalized transnational enterprises and the CCP who are the main beneficiaries both politically and economically from a divided society and the One World Order.

With the help and support of the public teachers’ unions , university professors and government policy makers on education, a neo-Marxist political ideology has been introduced at all levels of American educational institutions and academies. This ideology is based on the social injustices committed against people of color since the introduction of slavery in North America during the 17th century. It is a well formulated theory based on specific historical facts and political assumptions, and it is called Critical Race Theory.

This Critical Race Theory has become part of the teaching curriculum in schools and universities in the United States, focusing on social discrimination originating from ‘’white privilege’’ and ‘’white domination’’ at the expense of the welfare and social progress of Afro-Americans within American society.

In the teaching curriculum of this theory, American history is presented as a process of political oppression and economic exploitation by the white American colonialists towards the non-white residents of the country, going so far as introducing a new history textbook in schools titled the ‘’1694 American history’’. This textbook emphasizes the theory that the United States was founded as a distinct geopolitical entity once slavery was legally imported in the country in 1694.

According to this history text almost everything which is related to American history involves political repression and economic exploitation of the non-white residents of the country, especially the Afro-Americans and the indigenous peoples.

In Critical Race Theory, white Americans, especially the young ones, should consider themselves different from all other ethnicities making up American society because they are historically a privileged social group and an oppressor , and therefore they should accept an existential and historical guilt in order to cleanse themselves from the immoral activities of their ancestors.

This distinct theory , instead of emphasizing the social commonalities and the shared historical experiences of all the ethnicities which have contributed in eventually building an economically powerful nation where the civil rights of everyone are protected by law , they implant in their historical narrative a sense of contrast and conflictual contradictions between white and non-white Americans.

The resolution of this social anomaly is not based on a social consensus and political discourse but on a ‘’static political principle’’ which maintains that the American political culture is inherently racist based on ‘’white supremacy’’.

In this Critical Race Theory supported by Black Lives Matter and Antifa, nothing will change unless the whole political culture of America is dismantled in a subversive and even violent way from within. America’s political culture and America’s history has to be reinvented in order to accommodate a neo-Marxist political ideology , the same as the gender social categories where supposedly there are more than 50 social genders. They want to reinvent ‘’reality’’ according to their own ‘’virtual reality’’!!!


Rachel L . Levine
The transsexual Assistant Secretary of Health of the Biden government
** The theatre of the Absurd **