Today΄s Reality

thumbafricaThe text which follows was sent during Christmas to my site by the mother of an old student of mine. She and her son are regular readers of the site,something which I greatly appreciate.I believe that the text,whose author remains anonymous,projects values which have a lot in common with the general philosophy of the site.The original text was written in Greek.

“We have wider streets,yet narrower perceptions. We spend much,yet it seems we have little. We buy a lot,but we enjoy less. We own bigger houses,while we have smaller families. We have more comforts,but less time. We have more university degrees,yet there are fewer rational people. There is more knowledge,but less critical thought. We have more experts,but more problems. We have increased our assets,but we have limited our values. We talk much,we rarely love,and we often hate. We have learned how to secure our livelihood,but we haven΄t learned how to live. We have added years to our lives,but not life to our years. We have reached the moon,but find it difficult to cross the street, and meet our neighbour. We conquered Space,but we lost our own planet. We split the atom,but we havent΄t broken down prejudice. We have higher revenues,but lower moral standards. We live in an age of high profits and of shallow human relations. There are more foodstuffs to eat,but of inferior quality. We build luxurious houses,while we break up the family. The showcase of our lives seems rich and full,yet the storeroom is empty and deserted.”