GLOBALIZATION – America for sale

GLOBALIZATION – America for sale

( a letter to Ms. Laura Ingraham, who is a major journalist at the American T.V. outlet Fox News, and who has her own very popular T.V. political program ‘’The Angle’’)

February 2021,

Ms. Laura Ingraham

This is the fourth time I am writing a letter to you in the last 8 months. My last letter I put it up on my website ( about 2 months ago.

This letter I shall also post on my website with the article I have written related to Donald Trump, Globalization and the ‘’whole sham’’ of the American Presidential Elections of 2020. I wrote this article to expose the fact that the downfall of the United States as a Republic and as an independent nation-state has been organized by the Globalist elites more than 50 years ago. This ‘’conspiracy’’ has been active and ongoing for more than 50 years, always with the full participation of the previous American administrations since the Presidency of Bill Clinton. All of them true American Patriots, like the present ‘’unconstitutional’’ American President Joe Biden.

I am sending you this latest article which is written both in English and in Greek, so that maybe you could pass it on to a Greek friend.

First, I would like to make some critical commentaries with respect to some of your political positions related to the Presidential elections of 2020.

I can clearly remember that about 2 weeks after the elections, in one of your programs in ‘’The Angle’’, you communicated the idea that although there were anomalies in the voting procedures, the American citizens should accept the results and ‘’move on’’. I personally find it ‘’inexcusable’’ after the amount of fraud that occurred revealed by the Republican Party, where Constitutional laws were violated by the Democratic Party, tearing to pieces the Constitution and the American Republic. They want a ‘’one-party’’ corporatist totalitarian government in America. We can clearly witness their plans even today, when more than 40 Presidential Executive Orders have been signed during the first week of the Democratic administration , reversing all of the beneficial social and economic policies introduced by President Trump.

Second, a few weeks ago when you had Ari Fleischer as guest , both of you were critical of negative comments being made concerning the political integrity of the then Attorney General William Barr, as well as the Supreme Justices. William Barr explained officially that he did not think there was such widespread election fraud which could have affected the final results. Similarly, the Supreme Court refused to look into the details of the legal complaints introduced by 6 states , headed by the State of Texas. This after all the information which came out from Republican official legal committees, examining voting irregularities in the Swing States and after hundreds of affidavits collected from witnesses present during the voting procedures.

I believe that both of you defended the ‘’political status quo’’, knowing full well that both in the past were involved politically under the administration of George W. Bush in different capacities. Fleischer was his press- secretary!

Similarly, how can both of you defend the institutional inaction of the Supreme Court with respect to the legal appeals made by Trump’s legal team of extensive voter fraud coming from all directions in the Swing States, implicating almost everyone, from the state courts and governors , to the ‘’average Joe’’, mostly Afro-Americans, who were responsible for overseeing the tabulation of ballots.

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Today’s Globalization – An International Conspiracy by the World’s Rich and Powerful

C –  Political   Globalization


Afro-Americans under American Imperialism

IV – Afro-Americans in American Combat Forces


We shall now examine the role and the official status of Afro-Americans as combatants in American military campaigns , both within and outside the United States of America.

We are writing a special article for this particular theme concerning the history of Afro-Americans, whether as slaves or as free American citizens, because it provides us with the opportunity to reflect upon and examine ‘’racism’’ as it manifested itself within the American military forces , as well as from government policy coming from Washington or from the military high command.

Afro-Americans have fought for the United States throughout its history, sacrificing their lives and their well-being in defending and supporting a country and a nation that has denied them ‘’equal basic rights’’ and ‘’social opportunities’’ , similar to those enjoyed by White American citizens. We shall examine every military campaign or conflict where Afro-Americans have directly participated as military combatants or as supportive military personnel, extracting facts and details of their officially prescribed role and status. The official treatment of Afro-Americans as ‘’second class citizens’’, who were officially considered as individuals with ‘’inferior’’ mental and moral capacities, able to fulfill the role of an effective and trustworthy military combatant.

We will begin with the American Revolutionary War( 1775-1783), where the settlers of the American colonies fought the British military forces to achieve political independence , up to America’s war in Iraq(2003-2011), which reinforced American geo-political dominance in the Middle East.

A very clear and objective indicator reflecting the ‘’enormous official discrepancy’’ between an Afro-American combatant and a White American combatant is the military institution of the ‘’Congressional Medal of Honor’’ , which represents the highest military award given for military duty and accomplishment.

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Today’s Globalization- An International Conspiracy by the World’s Rich and Powerful

C.- Political Globalization


b) The First Nations of North America and Afro-Americans under American Imperialism


Afro-Americans under American Imperialism


I — Introduction

As I was reading through the various statistics , documents and essays concerning the history of Afro-Americans since their arrival as African slaves in North America beginning in the 17th century , I could not but feel the same human disgust for European colonialist and later on American colonialist policy with respect to what Native Americans had experienced in their own history, as First Nations, within their own native territories of thousands of years.

As a Greek person, I personally feel uneasy and politically alienated for belonging to a European political culture with its ‘’supposedly’’ democratic political ideals and Christian humanistic values, and why not , I feel distraught for being part of ‘’modern human civilization’’, which for the last 6,000 years, has devoted most of its human energy and potential in accumulating and consuming irrationally the earth’s natural resources to the physical and spiritual detriment of his own specie and to the physical destruction and poisoning of his natural environment which keeps his specie alive. The ‘’modern’’ and ‘’evolved’’ human specie has shown itself to be dysfunctional and in disharmony with respect to all other living organisms; reinforcing a self-destructive and nihilistic human evolution which will naturally end with his own ‘’extinction’’ , as it had occurred in the past with the dinosaurs.

The history of the Afro-Americans during the last 400 years, is essentially the story of Black Slavery originating in the continent of Africa beginning in the 16th century, and which represented a major historical factor in Western Imperialism and Globalization, economic, political and cultural. Black Slavery controlled by Western European Powers, represented a critical economic component to Western Globalization, and especially American Globalization within the Western Hemisphere. Therefore, if we are to better understand American Globalization and the socio-political and economic status of   Afro-Americans today, we should begin our analysis with the socio-economic institution of Black Slavery as it evolved in North America from the 17th century.

In the first section of our article on Afro-Americans, we will first examine the various aspects of Black Slavery as it was introduced and applied in North America since the 17th century, throughout the American colonies and later on in the United States of America when it was founded as an independent nation-state in 1776. We will then examine official American government policy with respect to the civil status of Afro-Americans till the present day. Finally, in this section of our article, we shall look into at the involvement, the contribution and the civil status of African-Americans as fighting or military combatants within the defence apparatus of the American colonies and consequently , within the American Armed Forces. The civil status of Afro-Americans as regular soldiers or combatants, is a very accurate historical indicator to their socio-political status and their civil rights within this North American geopolitical entity and its political culture during the last 400 years.

We shall now note down definitions of political terms and concepts which I believe are relevant with respect to our article on the historical experience of Afro-Americans during the last 350 years.

They are the following:

Apartheid – a policy or system of segregation or discrimination on grounds of race (

Colonialist – a person who supports the practice of gaining political control over other countries and occupying them with settlers (

Authoritarian – favouring or enforcing strict obedience to authority at the expense of personal freedom (

Oligarchy – a small group of people having control of a country or organization (

Ethnocentric – evaluating other cultures according to perceptions originating in the standards and customs of one’s own culture (

White supremacist – one who believes that white people are racially superior to others and should therefore dominate society (

Racism – prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior (

Lynching – putting a person to death by mob action without due process of law (

Assimilation –assimilation, in anthropology or sociology is the process whereby individuals or groups of differing ethnic heritage are absorbed into the dominant culture of a society (

Segregation – the enforced separation of different racial groups in a country , community or establishment (

Social Integration – the combination of previously segregated social facilities into a non-segregated system (

Political Culture – Political Culture is defined by the International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences as ‘the set of attitudes , beliefs and sentiments that give order and meaning to a political process and which provide the underlying assumption and rules that govern behavior in the political system (

We shall now register personal observations by three Afro-American political leaders who greatly influenced the socio-political evolution of Afro-Americans during the 20th century. These political protagonists provided Afro-American society with the ideological and social guidelines to define its historical identity within American society, as well as the political tools to promote their own civil rights and socio-economic interests within the United States of America.

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A Eulogy – a few words concerning the tragic death of a young person, victim of an inhuman and dysfunctional society

The name of the young person is Orpheus( a pseudonym). He was 24 years old until a few weeks ago (April 2019), when his body was found on one of the beaches of Attica, near Athens. His relatives and the police were searching for him for 2 days. He had been going through another psychological crisis, the confusion of an inner desolation, the psychotic fear of personal persecution and the fragmentation of his identity as a living human being.
I know Orpheus since he was a baby, as well as his older brother. I became friends with their parents before the children were born, when I was living in London , doing my Ph.D. between 1983 and 1986.

For many years, I had predicted that Orpheus would eventually commit suicide, because he was a very sensitive and quiet person, with the physical appearance of a tall slim pale angel who from the start of his existence had been living with two ‘’immoral’’ and ‘’sinister’’ parents. They wanted him a broken and passive individual, a pretty toy to play with, who would shield them from their distorted phantasies, their sick fixation on wealth and their own childhood nightmares. They were eating the flesh of their children so that they wouldn’t consume their own, exactly like the primitive Neanderthals. This is a common social stigma in most Greek families, beginning with my own Greek family, the families of my Greek relatives, and those of my Greek friends and Greek acquaintances.

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Today’s Globalization- An International Conspiracy by the World’s Rich and Powerful

C- Political Globalization-b) The   First    Nations of   North  America  and  Afro-Americans,  under  American  Imperialism!!!

1)The   First  Nations of  North  America- the  Indian tribes

We  shall now examine in a general context, how the indigenous  Indians  and the  African  American slaves, who much later became ‘’ second class’’  American citizens, were treated by  American authorities, whether they represented the  Federal  Government or  State  Governments. We shall demonstrate that through official American policy, these two racial groups were treated  as  ‘’savages’’ and  as ‘’subhuman’’ social entities, since they were not  white, of  European ancestry  and  Christian. For  almost all  American settlers , ‘’divine destiny’’ dictated that these ‘’peoples’’  were assigned to service in a  servile  and subservient way , the long term  expectations  of the  American governments to create a  ‘’benevolent  empire’’, popularized by  Benjamin Franklin(1706-1790)  and  Thomas  Paine(1737-1809), major architects of  America’s political  culture , or an ‘’empire of liberty’’ as  President Thomas Jefferson (1801-1809) espoused as political axiom. Therefore we see, that  the  United  States was founded on a  political environment  of  ‘’virtual reality’’, both politically and ideologically!!!(

By  observing the  socio-economic circumstances  under which these two distinct but major social communities of the  United  States evolved  during the last 250 years approximately, we will be able to once again substantiate our position in classifying this Nation as authoritarian, racist and imperialistic, demonstrating very few ideological commonalities with the political concepts of liberalism and republicanism, as well as with the socio-cultural  tenets of  Jesus Christ as described in the Christian Gospel!!!

We shall begin by analysing the historical evolution of the native American Indians, before and after American  Independence.

Before we go into detail concerning the plight of the Indian Nations of North America under the ‘’colonialist governance’’ of the white European settlers, before and after  American Independence in 1776, I would like to present a statement from the introduction of a study, undertaken by the University of Vienna in 2006, addressing the ‘’genocide’’ of the Cherokee Indian Nation(whose territory covered most of the south-eastern United States) under official government policy at all levels(federal, state, local), utilizing  American military forces and the American Judicial System to weaken, to dismantle and to eventually displace its peoples from their ancestral land.

The   introduction of the article, entitled ‘’The  Trail of  Tears across the Mississippi Valley’’, emphasizes the fact that, ‘’…There were ten million Native Americans on the American continent when the first non-Indians  arrived. Over the next 300 years, 90% of all  Native American original population was either wiped out by disease, famine, or warfare, imported by the whites…’’.(

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Today’s Globalization- An International Conspiracy by the World’s Rich and Powerful

C)  Political  Globalization – a)  Theory  and  Practice

When we  talk  about  Political  Globalization  today, we  naturally  mean  American  Political  Globalization, since the  United  States  of  America  is  the sole  and undisputed  Political, Economic and  Military  Superpower  in the  world  presently; playing out this “hegemonic  historical  role” since the end of  World  War II.

The  U.S.S.R  during the 20th century , had  attempted to become a  Political, Economic  and  Military  Superpower  after  World  War  II, constructing its  own  Political  Globalization  as  the most  prominent  and  well  organized  geopolitical  center  of  International  Communism. It  affected directly the socio-political and the  socio-economic  makeup and evolution of many  Central and  Eastern  European countries,  such  as  Poland, Hungary  and  East  Germany, while also influencing  indirectly  the socio-political and the socio-economic foundations and development of  non-Western  countries  such as  China, Vietnam , North  Korea  and  Egypt. This Communist Globalization scheme initiated by  the  Soviet  Union after  the  Bolshevik  Revolution of  1919,eventually did not succeed because of the political rise of  Communist China after World War II as the Soviet Union’s  non-Western “alter ego” and also through the political and economic dismantling of the  U.S.S.R  after 1990.

Our text on the Political Globalization created and promoted  by  the  United  States of  America  after  World  War II, is made up of 3  sections.

The first section describes the political evolution of  that country from its foundation in 1776 . It  demonstrates  historically how the  United  States had functioned  as a Western Imperialistic  Power, not as a  Western Republic, since it did not conform practically and actively to the 3 main tenets of  liberal ideology, which is  Liberty, Equality and Fraternity, on an individual and on a societal level.

The  second section of our analysis on Political  Globalization  deals with the early stages of  American Imperialism in relation to  the  American government’s policy of  subjugation, domination and  exploitation of the First Indian Nations of  North America and the Afro-American slaves under its administration.

The  third  section of our text on  American Political  Globalization historically begins after  World  War II  until the present day, enumerating and defining the political tools, the policies and the strategies  of the  American government  which legitimized , maintained and reinforced  America’s  “international hegemonic status” as the only Global Superpower, politically, militarily, economically and culturally.

I  shall begin this section of  my  essay  in a somewhat unorthodox way, briefly recounting two historical narratives  whose  existential  essence is  directly related to  today’s  Globalization, whose  goal  is  for a  few number  of individuals to  secure absolute and total control  of all of the world’s resources, both human and material. It also  aims  at   manipulating  the minds and the hearts of  all human beings, installing a  Totalitarian World Order, similar to that described in George Orwell’s book “1984” or in Hollywood’s science-fiction movie “Matrix I”, produced by  the  Wachowski brothers in 1999.

Our first historical narrative is a well-known ancient Greek myth, which talks about King  Midas and  his “golden touch”. This ancient fable explains the “human madness” and the “human tragedy”  resulting   from “human greed”  and  “human avarice”. It is “human materialism”  that  undermines true human happiness and human contentment,  which should be  free and universal , “with no price tags”!!!

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Today’s Globalization- An International Conspiracy by the World’s Rich and Powerful

B)  Cultural  Globalization

In  the  second part on  Globalization, we  shall  refer  to  Cultural  Globalization. We  shall demonstrate  that the  United  States is the major  culprit of this “sinister” international scheme,  which we refer to as  Globalization. Today’s   Globalization began in full force after   World War II, with the intention of controlling   the  hearts, the minds and  the expectations of  human beings  around the world, of essentially  controlling  their lives. The  critical motive behind this global historical  intervention  by the  United  States and  American Transnational Economic Interests is simply the human drive for “enormous” power and  profit, leading to “absolute” and “total”  American World Hegemony by  its elite groups and by those world elites who benefit from this  World set up!!!

Before we specify and define the indicators, the dynamics and the  data  defining  this  International Conspiracy  by  the Rich and the Powerful, especially those originating from the  United States, but  also from other geopolitical power centers, we shall examine some of the formal definitions and semantics provided by various specialized texts, in order to better comprehend the basic components of  our  analysis.

There are many definitions of  “Globalization” in various narratives by  various scholars, reflecting their ideological inclinations, whether they be liberal, neo-liberal, socialist or cosmopolitan. Therefore, we shall use a combination of defining parameters as these have been formulated by  Wikipedia within its extended text related to Globalization, introducing  a more balanced and universal view of this particular term.

It  states  the following:”…Globalization is the process of  international integration arising from the interchange of world views, products, ideas, and other aspects  of culture. Advances in transportation and in telecommunications infrastructure have been major factors in  globalization, generating further interdependence of economic and cultural activities….Globalization are all those processes by which the people  of the world are incorporated into a single world  society…”.(

Next, we will  present the concept  of  “Cultural Globalization”, as formulated by  James  L. Watson, a social scientist, for the  Encyclopedia  Britannica.

He expresses that ,”…Cultural globalization is a phenomenon by  which the experience of  everyday life , as influenced by the diffusion of  commodities and ideas, reflects a  standardization of  cultural expressions around the world. Propelled by the efficiency or appeal of wireless communications, electronic commerce, popular culture, and international travel, globalization has been seen as a trend towards homogeneity that will  eventually make human experience everywhere essentially the same. This appears, however , to  be an overstatement of the phenomenon. Although homogenizing influences do indeed exist, they are far from creating anything akin to a single world culture…”.(

Following, I  would like to put forward a definition of  “culture” which  represents best my understanding of what “culture” signifies and  which  is provided by the  ECHOES  Bulletin of 1998(an occasional publication of the World Council of Churches), in an extended article written by Ms.  Fridah Muyale-Manenji.

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A written response to comments made by a good female friend on one of my texts

{A good Greek female friend who I know for more than 20 years, sent me an e-mail commenting on a small text that I had written for my website for the month of January 2018. This text represents one of four small texts which I had placed for that month. I am including this text in the beginning so that my readers could better understand the context of her remarks. I shall not mention my friend’s name.}

A) The text from my website

‘The socio-cultural commonalities between the Greeks and the Jews’

Today, around the world, the Greeks and the Jews seem very much alike in their everyday behavior, their life ambitions and in their social culture.

I have lived in four different countries, in Egypt, in Canada, in Britain and in Greece, and have also traveled extensively. I have had close friends, schoolmates and associates from different ethnicities, races, religions, genders and ages. I was always a cosmopolitan , pragmatically, culturally and ideologically.

During my 67 years of existence, I have come to the conclusion that the two most unfulfilled , unhappy and existentially inadequate races in the world are the Greeks and the Jews. Both of these peoples are spread all over the earth, and approximately half of them live within their own national borders, the rest ,reside in a variety of countries. Many who are abroad , live in the United States, while the total number of each of these two peoples is approximately 20 million.
I personally believe that the causes which make these two races feel “existentially dysfunctional” and “socially insecure” are many , but the three most critical ones are the following:

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Today’s Globalization – an International Conspiracy by the World’s Rich and Powerful

A) Introduction

Globalization is not a new historical phenomenon, it has been present   and active in various   forms through many parts of the world , at different epochs. Today’s Globalization, was established after World War II by the United   States and International American Corporate Interests, as America became the only World Super Power, politically, militarily, economically and culturally. The United States and American Economic Interests were now able to exercise political, economic and cultural dominance over all the countries attached to the international capitalist economic system or “the liberal” world market system. These countries were spread all over the world and in all continents, ranging from the developed industrialized nations like Great Britain, France, Japan and Germany, to the developing countries like India, Brazil, Argentina and the Arab countries of the Middle East and North Africa(due to their oil resources), and finally, to the underdeveloped nations, especially in Central Africa and in Central America, like Somalia, the Sudan, Nicaragua and the Honduras. All   these countries , are “the playing turf ” of American Globalization!!!

We shall now examine some historical examples of Globalization which reflect the spectrum of   the types of   Globalization which were preponderant and dynamic in the past.

We will start with the political, economic and cultural Globalization, established by   Alexander the Great and his key Macedonian military officers, during the end of the   4th century B.C.. They founded the Hellenistic Kingdoms which endured for more than three centuries, while   historians have named this historical epoch, “the Hellenistic Age”.(

After the death of Alexander the Great in 323B.C., his Universal Empire was divided up into the Hellenistic kingdoms, ruled by his most intimate and trusted military officers.

The most important Hellenistic kingdom was the Kingdom of   Egypt, established by Ptolemy in 305B.C., and it was the Ptolemaic dynasty which ruled Egypt until the death of   Cleopatra in 30B.C., the last Egyptian ruler of   this   Macedonian dynasty.

Second in historical and political importance was the Seleucid dynasty, founded by   Seleucus in 305B.C., in Syria and in Mesopotamia. The Seleucid Empire is considered by many historians as one of the greatest in human history, while at the peak of its hegemony, its territory included Asia Minor, Palestine, Syria, Mesopotamia, Persia, Turkmenistan and the Indus Valley. The Seleucid Empire was finally defeated by Rome in 60B.C., as it later had occurred with the Egyptian kingdom of the Ptolemies .

The next Hellenistic dynasty in historical importance was the Antigonid dynasty within Greece , initiated by Antigonus in 306B.C., ruling most of the Greek Mainland with its Greek islands in the Aegean and Ionian Seas. The Antigonid   dynasty was defeated by the Roman military forces in 146B.C., and became the Roman province of Macedonia.

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Personal Comments and Impressions!!! (A)

(The following are my commentaries on Social Issues, Current Events , Concepts, and also Personal Impressions of people and everyday life)


a – ‘ The socio-cultural commonalities between the Greeks and the Jews’

Today, around the world, the Greeks and the Jews seem very much alike in their everyday behaviour, their life ambitions and in their social culture.
I have lived in four different countries, in Egypt, in Canada, in Great Britain and in Greece, while I have traveled a lot during my lifetime. I have had close friends, schoolmates and associates of different ethnicities, races, religions, genders, ages and erotic preferences. I have always been a cosmopolitan, pragmatically, culturally and ideologically!!! During my 67 years of life experiences, I have come to the conclusion that the two most unfulfilled, unhappy and existentially inadequate races in the world are the Greeks and the Jews!!! Both of these Peoples are spread all over the world, half of them living within their own national borders, and the rest of them residing in a variety of countries,. Many of those living abroad, reside in the United States, while the total number of each of these two races is approximately 20 million!!! I believe that the causes which make these two races feel “existentially dysfunctional” and “socially insecure” are many, but the three most important ones are the following: First, they are racially and culturally “bastardised”, after thousands of years of history, through migrations and by foreign domination, politically, economically, culturally and socially!!! Second, their unstable and ever changing historical experiences, have promoted a social and a societal environment which have exposed these peoples to a variety of survival risks. This is the reason why both the Greeks and the Jews have always put great priority on the accumulation of wealth “by any means” and on ensuring the cohesion of the family unit, the clan and the race “at any cost “ to the individual. Therefore, both Peoples are conservative, materialistic and traditional!!!

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