A’ — The Family, the source of Human Tragedy (the common secret)

I  want to dedicate this text  to my friend  Christina, who I  have known for more than 50 years, and to my sister  Martha, younger by 3  years. Christina has lived almost all of her life in Montreal , Canada, while my sister has spent her youth in Montreal, Canada, before moving to Athens in 1971, with her mother and our younger sister.

Christina and Martha are in their 60s , they are mothers and grandmothers , they are educated and dynamic, and in theory they are progressive with liberal values.

From a very young age, growing up in Egypt, and after in Montreal, Canada, disposing of great sensibilities and an astute mind, I tried to comprehend the reasons why the majority of the people I knew, were so alienated and distant from feelings of love, eroticism and their imagination.

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Omerta — Eyes wide shut (the epoch of the Cannibals)

Dear  Ms Laura  Ingraham     January 2022

This is the sixth letter that I am writing you, while the two previous ones ,  I have  already posted  on my website, meta-morphosis.gr , as I  shall with this one. These texts or letters to a famous journalist as yourself, provides me with the opportunity to go over some important current issues and information which I believe are noteworthy in the present social chaos that we are living in. Yet, most of the time, this information is  purposefully not given the proper exposure by the mainstream media like the organization you are working for,  which is Fox News.

In this letter,  I want to touch on specific subjects affecting negatively everyday American life, which pragmatically are destabilizing and dismantling all Western societies. Those individuals who are pretending that this is not happening are just  lying  to themselves, living out a ‘’virtual reality’’.

We are all experiencing a ‘’world conspiracy’’ by Globalist elite groups whose aim is to control, subjugate and dehumanize people all over the world through government policy and political propaganda disseminated by the mainstream media in the Western world. This mainstream media to a large extent is controlled by  international  Khazarian Jews, not the authentic Semitic Jews of the Middle East. These world players are the ‘’real enemies’’ of the people as President Trump has suggested in the past.

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