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SIGN OF THE TIMES- Three letters

The ‘’dark affair’’ of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry
(a letter sent to the ‘’New Statesman’’, a progressive British magazine)

August 2, 2020

Dear editors,

I rarely write letters to newspapers, magazines or T.V. networks, but I did exactly that a long time ago , during the illegal American war campaign in Iraq in 2003, where more than half-a-million Iraqi citizens died and many thousands of Iraqi and American soldiers.

I have my own personal non-profit website, which I have maintained for more than 15 years, writing articles both in English and in Greek. The articles mainly focus on subjects related to popular culture, history and politics. The letter that I am sending you, I shall post it on my website soon. The name of my website is and is anonymous.

I am writing this letter to express my strong opinion concerning this whole ‘’dark affair’’ related to recent developments involving Meghan Markle and her husband Prince Harry. First of all, because it brings me back to the tragic and suspicious death of Princess Dianna, as well as the fact that I feel great distain for all those elite groups who control our destinies and poison our lives for their own personal social, political and economic interests.

There is in place today, a wide range of power elite groups around the world, from the people who run the multinational corporations and multinational banks, to international organizations such as the United Nations, the I.M.F and the Council on Foreign Relations, to your ‘’everyday’’ plutocratic masonic societal entities like the Catholic Church, the Jesuits, the Rothschild dynasty and the British Royal Family of the Windsor House. These are just some of the representative centers of power whose aims and ambitions are to control absolutely humankind in a uniform and globalized way.

Now coming to the British political affair concerning Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, deciding to distance themselves from the ‘’tight deadly grip’’ of Queen Elizabeth and her ‘’royal court’’ of aristocrats, bankers and international merchants, I have the following to say:

Prince Harry has chosen to break most of his family ties with the British Royal Family and especially with Queen Elizabeth, because he knows perfectly well in his heart that they are the protagonists of his mother’s death, Princess Dianna, directly and indirectly.

Prince Harry is not an idiot or a clown like his brother Prince William. Prince Harry knows perfectly well that his mother, Princess Dianna, was a wonderful human being and mother, who in the end chose her liberty to a slow death within the confines of the ‘’existential torture chambers’’ of the British Royal Family . He absolutely knows who are the real culprits of his mother’s death, and I hope that he reveals the obvious truth in detail, before he is eliminated by this Powerful Royal Cabal.

All the members of the British Royal Family, especially Harry’s father and Dianna’s husband, Prince Charles, proclaim that what happened to Princess Dianna was just ‘’an accident’’. Even Dianna’s elder son , Prince William, is more than willing to play this game, and to sacrifice the memory of his mother, for the sake of his own personal social status, wealth and ‘’royal funfair’’ , ignoring the grim and monstrous reality of a Royal Conspiracy against his own mother.

The whole world realizes the truth, even though it has not been given the proper coverage because the British Royal Family as an international power center , and is able to control and manipulate a large section of the international media and the narrative being disseminated worldwide, concerning Princess Dianna’s ‘’accidental death’’.

In recent times, there have been many such sinister social occurrences of famous internal family feuds , where a member or members of a family are sacrificed and eliminated for the purpose of keeping their power center intact. We observe this in dynasties, whether royal , political or financial, in crime syndicates like the Italian Mafia, or just when it implicates the honor or social status of a powerful clan.
Two such examples are first of all the ‘’accidental death’’ of Alexander Onassis(1948-1973), the son of the Greek shipping magnate, Aristotle Onassis.

Alexander Onassis at a certain moment in his brief life, decided to make a break with his father’s financial empire and move to France with the woman he loved, Fiona Thyssen (1932- ), 16 years his senior and former spouse of German industrialist , Baron Hanz Thyssen.

Alexander Onassis died on January 23, 1973, at the age of 24, when the previous day, his personal Piaggio amphibious plane he was flying, crashed near the International Airport of Athens. Alexander Onassis had taken his first flying lesson in 1967, and had accrued 1,500 flying hours by the time of his ‘’accident’’, while his Australian copilot and flying instructor was completely unharmed in the ‘’accident’’.

The second recent example of internal family ‘’foul play’’ concerns John Kennedy Junior (1960-1999), the son of American President John F. Kennedy( 1961-1963), who was very critical of the internal affairs of the Kennedy clan, exposing his position publicly through his own popular magazine ‘’George’’, dedicated to President George Washington.

On July 16, 1999, Kennedy Junior, departed from Fairfield Airport in New Jersey, at the controls of his own Piper light aircraft. Kennedy Junior was an experienced pilot, flying from an early age. He was traveling with his wife Carolyn and her sister Lauren Bessette, in order to attend the wedding of his cousin Rory Kennedy at Hyannis Port, Massachusetts . The weather was perfect , yet the plane crashed in the Atlantic, near the coastline , close to Martha’s Vineyard Airport where he was supposed to land.

On July 19, 1999, the fragments of Kennedy’s plane were found by the American Coast Guard, while on July 21,1999, the divers found three bodies at the ocean floor. Carolyn and Lauren’s bodies were found near the twisted and broken fuselage of the plane, while Kennedy’s body was still strapped in the pilot’s seat.

Therefore taking into account many such historical facts of greed and power, I will make the prediction that the British Royal Family will eventually neutralize Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in one way or another, the way they went about with Princess Dianna, even after divorcing Prince Charles.

My regards,
George Alexander Taliadoros

Globalization, the Corona Virus and ‘’the protective mask’’.

A letter sent to the reporter Ms. Laura Ingraham of the American T.V. channel Fox News , on August, 2020.
Note: Ms. Laura Ingraham is a senior reporter of the American T.V. channel Fox News, one of the most influential channels in the United States. Ms. Ingraham has her own program by the name ‘’The Angle’’, which metaphorically means another aspect of a story. Ms. Ingraham emphasizes on themes which deal with the everyday life of American citizens, especially the political and cultural ones.

Ms. Laura Ingraham,

A few weeks ago, you mentioned the book by George Orwell, ‘’1984’’, which I have read many times in my younger years. I would also like to mention another very relevant book related to today’s globalization and human alienation, which is Aldous Huxley’s ‘’Brave New World’’.

During your presentation, you talked about how Orwell referred to the way ‘’the Left’’ uses a certain type of language repetitively , in order to brainwash the masses to be obedient and sacrifice their freedoms for the sake of the ‘’general good’’.

You are absolutely right and that is exactly what is happening today in the United States coming from ‘’the deep state’’, in conjunction with the Globalist power centers around the world, including China and the European Union. This is the end of a ‘’pluralistic human culture’’ and ‘’creative human thinking’’.

What I would like to emphasize here is that whole concept of ‘’the protective mask’’ and the spread of the Corona virus, which is a very powerful tool in the arsenal of the Globalists, and I shall explain this briefly.

First of all, here in the province of Quebec , Canada, the government, after 5 months of the virus , where the ‘’mask’’ was not compulsory, from July 17, 2020, it has made it a policy in ‘’public spaces’’, meaning all stores, shops and supermarkets, public transportation, hospitals and schools, as well as restaurants and taverns. When I communicated with a friend in Athens, Greece, he told me that from that same date, the Greek government is imposing the wearing of the mask in almost every place, except outside.

Is it by chance that for two geographical locations , separated by thousands of miles, we witness exactly the same type of restrictions at the same date, which were not in place before??? Now by the way, they are pressuring President Donald Trump to make this a national mandate, especially the Evil Doctor Fauci. So for these ‘’dark forces’’ to weaponize the mask is very critical for their future plans of a New World Order, knowing full well that medical research has demonstrated that wearing ‘’a mask’’ is not very effective, as you personally have explained in one of your previous programs.

I want therefore to present to you why ‘’this weapon’’ is so very critical to the strategy of the Globalists for controlling the lives and destinies of all of humanity.

The first priority of the Globalists is to create those societal circumstances where almost everyone would experience intensely the same drastic social phenomena whose impact would redefine how they view their everyday life presently and into the future. Their goal is to have almost everyone ‘’in the same basket’’, their basket!!!
Their second priority is to instill fear and insecurity in the minds and in the psyche of human beings, so that they could be controlled and manipulated more easily. They would become passive laboratory animals , exactly like monkeys being experimented on, to test the toxic effects of a variety of consumer products.

Their third priority is to alienate people from each other and even from themselves, by disrupting and distorting their conscious and subconscious equilibriums. This type of total human alienation, makes human beings vulnerable to mind control because they would lose their most powerful existential tool, ‘’socialization’’.

Their fourth priority, through imposed economic lockdowns and the wearing of the ‘’mask’’ almost everywhere , is to impose those socio-economic conditions where the choices for economic development, employment and work ethics, are prescribed by globalized institutions not the nation-state. Globalized institutions such as the World Health Organization, the International Monetary Fund and the World Trade Organization.

Their fifth and final priority is to project and promote through a well-controlled and a well-manipulated mass media, a uniform and passive human entity, a zombie. This human prototype would be strictly a consumer and not a creative human being, who would only consume a limited range of goods and services, without being critical or subjective. This well manipulated globalized mass media is represented by Facebook, Twitter, Google , YouTube, the major international news outlets such as CNN and ABC, as well as multinational entertainment corporations such as Disney, Netflix and Sonny.

My regards,
George Alexander Taliadoros

A letter to a good female friend from the past

(It is a letter to a good friend of mine of more than 45 years, who I met in Montreal, Canada, when we were both going to university)

Montreal, August 2020

My good friend,

It has been a long time since I have wanted to write you a complete letter concerning the terrifying social phenomena we are experiencing more and more intensely in our everyday life, and about the reasons for these phenomena. I usually like to write about subjects I consider critical, so in this way , I get some of the burden off of me, while I also have scripted proof of the things that are close to my heart.

Almost everyone has had a hand for this dire state of affairs, almost everyone, young and old, rich or poor, conservative or progressive. A giant ‘’melting pot’’ of human madness which will soon boil over.

First of all, I want to tell you that usually when you phone, I am either sleeping or I would be outside the house. As you very well know , I very rarely take with me my ‘’compact cell phone’’ because I want peace of mind and serenity, and that is one of the reasons I have no hypertension , even though I am more than 70 years old.

I know how much you and your husband care about me , and I am truly grateful . I cannot forget the day we three went out to a fantastic Chinese restaurant about 8 months ago. It felt very nice that day, and we should do it again very soon, but this time the tab is on me. I hope that you have read the book I gave you that day.

Now in relation to the dramatic circumstances we are experiencing here in Montreal, and around the world, I think we should have expected it. I was awaiting for something horrific to happen soon, not a pandemic, but an extraordinary event , exactly like the suicide of my young friend in Athens, who I knew since he was a baby, dedicating a brief narrative in my website as to the causes for this premature death of this young person.
Your first reaction when you read this brief commentary on the tragic loss of my young friend, was that my explanations were simply just ‘’personal impressions’’. What else could they have been, considering that I had a close relationship with the family for over 35 years. He was 24 years old ,starting in life. You made exactly the same critical commentary when I spoke harshly but firmly about the son of an old friend of ours , who was my student in Athens for 3 years. He was then 23 years old , and now he must be about 30. Your position is not valid on both cases, it ‘’doesn’t hold water’’, either dialectically or historically. As a famous ancient Greek saying explains, ‘’The sins of parents , torment their children’s lives’’.

Do you remember me saying to you that a year before the young person’s suicide, when I was still in Athens, I had given his mother a book as a present, Ibsen’s ‘’The Ghosts’’, with a small note where I said that ‘’while the world is going to pieces we are all jerking off’’. My words and the story theme of the book proved to be absolutely accurate to the detriment of only the young man.

His rich and neurotic parents, were abusing him mentally and psychologically, during his whole brief life, like in the Ancient Greek Tragedies!!!

In the end , what I am witnessing as time passes, and the situation gets worse, is that almost everyone ‘’is jerking off’’ through their routines and societal roles, pretending that they can’t comprehend what is happening to themselves and what is happening around them. They don’t want to admit how ‘’faulty’’ their life priorities are, which mainly focus on their social image, meaning their ‘’virtual image’’ , and not on a natural and well balanced quality of life, for themselves and their kinfolk.

A few years before Odysseus Elytis died, one of the great modern Greek poets and a Nobel laureate for literature, a reporter from Greek state television, asked him what his philosophy of life was. He simply said , ‘’ In everything I do , I try not to put any lubricant in the gears of society’’. I believe that this is exactly what I have been doing all my life, while you and your husband have done the complete opposite. This means, that ideologically we are different, you are conservative and I am an anarchist!!!

You should know that in the 19th century , the ‘’avant garde’’ of socialism were the anarchists. Through time, they ‘’bastardized’’ their ideology because they were seeking political power. A good example is that of the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in the beginning of the 20th century. The last authentic socialist ideologue was Gramsci from Italy, and that is exactly why they eliminated him in the end!!!

Wherever I turn my eyes, I see immense human chaos, where everyone is trying to impose themselves on others, through a ‘’virtual’’ psychological support and empathy, so they could feel dominant. Human arrogance at its fullest. The question remains that this distorted relationship of human dependency , where there are no real human feelings and deep love, has become prevalent through the many everyday lies and hypocrisy, even though there is a high price for it , involving the people’s health, their psyche and their human relations.

You for example, you have mentioned that for the last 20 years, you have been taking pills for hypertension, because your doctor initially told you that you are constantly tense and anxious. Now I ask you, have you ever made any effort to clarify what are the real causes and not your ‘’everyday virtual causes’’??? Or do you believe that by taking pills , this would bring a change to your real life circumstances??? This is exactly like when someone goes to a psychiatrist because they feel depressed , and the doctor prescribes anti-depressant pills for its cure. Do you believe that pills will change the living conditions of that person, if this individual does not decide to put some quality in their life and in their human relations??? This type of medical treatment as many other treatments, are an important component of everyday ‘’virtual reality’’, exactly like Facebook.

Our life and our society have evolved into an ugly circus, where there is no room or inspiration for true empathy, creative thought or spontaneous human behavior . Everything is standardized and static , with focus on human arrogance and egoism, where everything leads the personal accumulation of goods and material possessions , with no end in sight. The only thing that we are not still doing is to light candles every night underneath a family icon altar decorated with money bills and praying to the Golden Calf of Baal, the God of the Ancient Jewish peoples.
This human mania for acquiring wealth , does not only involve bankers, entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers and the high priesthood , but also ordinary workers, who have entered into this existential frenzy, trapped into society’s single pathway leading to a schizophrenic self-esteem , extreme alienation and absolute self-destruction.

You and I , for the past few years, have seen how many of our acquaintances and friends our age, are seriously ill, are psychotic or have died, due to causes which are directly or indirectly linked to everyday anxiety. How many of their families are dysfunctional and self-destructive, especially when this relates to children and young people??? You yourself, to a large extent pretend that ‘’nothing really is happening’’, but I, the ‘’nasty’’ and ‘’fickle’’ one, who says things ‘’wholesale’’ , exactly the way I see them, should be silent. I am the strange one, the temperamental one, while everyone else who is ‘’jerking off’’ discretely and ‘’plays dumb’’, is just fine and normal.

I absolutely believe that this is exactly the reason why my father , 3 days before he died, at 94, called me a ‘’scoundrel’’. It was a last blessing from a father who gave everything to society’s ‘’virtual reality’’, sacrificing his children and his family. I will explain to you this conclusion more analytically but in a simple way.

Since I was a young child, I never took society seriously, never!!! From a very young age, I considered the people around me as ignorant, young and old. Not because it was part of their nature, their human nature, but because they preferred to be on good terms with almost everyone, and of course to respond to the prescribed social roles they had to follow or imitate.

I have loved many people in my life and some I have despised, but with all of them, I was almost certain that most of the times, they ‘’played it safe’’, not willing to be spontaneous and authentic. All this societal theatre, at the expense of their own freedom, their own personality, their spiritual tranquility, but also their own potentialities and talents. Their choice was to be accepted by this whole artificial and unnatural social establishment. Starting from their own family, their extended family, their social and class niche, and naturally, their traditional institutions like the church , the political parties, the professional athletic organizations and the superficial cultural and educational infrastructure.

Early on, realizing the destructive social chaos surrounding me, meaning all the existential lies and the human hypocrisy which were all pervasive , I decided that in order to be at peace with my own person, since life belongs to me, and in order to be in harmony with the majesty of human nature, I would have to oppose the foundations of this rotten society , meaning all those societal aspects which are considered ‘’sacred’’ and ‘’permanent’’. All those of society’s priorities which transform someone into a non-sensual , passive, cowardly, irresolute individual , a perfect and obedient soldier, who will always be in conflict with others as well as with human nature.

I will provide a clear cut and simple biographical example of that which I support, and not a personal falsehood which occurs with the majority of the Greek peoples, because at lying ,we are almost on top of the list.
When I was 13 or 14 years old, here in Montreal, and we had first arrived in Canada with my family, my father gave me for my birthday, a simple Timex watch so I can better regulate my everyday life. Naturally, with emphasis on the prerequisites and demands of society, not my own priorities as a freethinking person, with my own personality. After about 3 months, I returned the watch to my father, announcing to him that in my life, I will not function with a watch. From then on, I have never worn a watch!!!

The interesting aspect concerning this whole story involving the watch, is that this particular watch, my father always carried it with his own watch, till the end of his life. When my father died in Athens, at 94 years old, my three sisters asked me what item from his personal possessions we could put in his coffin. I immediately told them that I will put this watch, the watch that my father had given me so as to evolve into a ‘’good citizen’’. I finally placed the watch on his chest with a red rose, whispering to him, ‘’so you didn’t succeed with me ‘’!!!

After a year , when they brought out the coffin from the grave, the gravediggers asked us if we wanted the watch they had found on his corpse. I told them that they could keep it , a present from my father!!!

Another choice I made early on in my life, was my abhorrence for the automobile, which I saw it as an ‘’ugly tin box’’, which made a lot of noise, filled the air with toxic smelly fumes, and took away the oxygen I was breathing. I considered it a ‘’faulty’’ human invention and very unaesthetic. I never wanted to drive a car or own one. I survived , even though almost everyone was passionately attached to their own car, it’s all theirs to keep. Here I have to mention that science has demonstrated that the car is a major contributor to air pollution and a major factor in the ‘’greenhouse effect’’. So I say once again, they can enjoy their car all they want, but with grave consequences to their health and the environment.

Everything I aspired to do in life, not following the one-dimensional and fascist directives of society, I did it. I lived in four different countries, I traveled a lot and I went to good universities.

My first degree in economics and political science, I completed at McGill University in Montreal. My Master’s degree in economics and political theory, I acquired at the French University of Montreal. The third degree, my Ph.D. on the political culture of the Arab World, focusing on Algeria, I almost completed at the University of London, the School of Oriental and African Studies. This school is one the best schools in the world for Third World Studies, equal in prestige to the London School of Economics, another school of the University of London.
I stayed 3 years in London, from 1983 to 1986. Unfortunately, the dean of my department, Prof. Panagiotis Vatikiotis, was a famous Orientalist of the Arab World, a Greek from Palestine. He was a close friend of Kissinger and former King Hussein of Jordan, as well as the brother in law of Boutros Galli, the former Secretary General of the United Nations, since he was married to the sister of his wife, two rich Jewish sisters from Egypt. This meant that Vatikiotis was a spokesperson or a mediator of Western interests , at the expense of the newly independent Arab nation-states. If you read his famous biography of Egyptian President Gamal Abdul Nasser, the first president of an independent Egypt, you will clearly understand his underhanded and partisan political and academic role.

My Ph.D. thesis discussed and analyzed the political culture of Algeria before France’s colonization there, which for Prof. Vatikiotis and Western Orientalism was ‘’political anathema’’ , since I was demonstrating that the Algerian peoples for a long time disposed of a historical and political consciousness , and had functioned as a unified and independent state. So for 3 years, Vatikiotis, the pro-western, conservative and pro-Zionist academic, did his utmost so that I wouldn’t complete successfully my thesis , offering after 3 years of research, to grant me an M. Phil. for the work I had already done. Naturally my response was negative, reminding him that I already had a Master’s degree from the University of Montreal.

My Arab classmates and friends, advised me to write what the professor was expecting of me, meaning to negate my political arguments in relation to the true history of Algeria, so as to receive my Ph.D. degree. For the school I was paying then, 3,000 pounds a year, for a total of 3 years. Half of my expenses were paid by the Canadian government and the other half by my father, may he repose in peace wherever he may be!!!

Finally, I acquired an official letter from the Dean of the University of London, which allowed me to present my thesis when completed, which for me was a very small victory. At the same time, I wanted to take revenge on my ‘’comprador’’ Greek professor and on his ‘’prestigious’’ school. With my Arab classmates and through their important contacts, the story of my unfair treatment by the school became a central news item three times , in the most widely Arab newspaper in the world, ‘’al shark al aousant’’ (The Middle East).

The particular newspaper is financed by the government of Saudi Arabia, which is also one of the main financial benefactors of the School of Oriental and African Studies. For the school, these articles in this Arab newspaper was a great calamity, as it was equally disastrous for my professor. During the end of my last year at the school, Mr. Vatikiotis or Professor Vatikiotis , had a heart attack as he was coming down a plane, while after 2 years he died, from what I learned from my Arab friends.

During that same period, I received a registered letter from Prince Turki, nephew of then King of Saudi Arabia, through Saudi Arabia’s embassy in London. In that letter, which I have naturally kept as memorabilia, the Prince personally proposed for me to complete my Ph.D. thesis at the University of Riyadh, in Saudi Arabia, at his own expense. I did not accept, because I knew how mysterious the Saudis are with their sexual preferences and how dark and reactionary is their government. A dictatorship of the Saudi Royal Family. By the way, much later on , I gave a photocopy of one of the articles of the Arab newspaper to one of my students, Sophocles, who later on went to Finland to do post graduate work. There, he asked an Arab schoolmate of his to translate the article, and finally he became convinced of what I had told him about this whole affair. You see we Greeks tell so many lies that we don’t believe anyone.

I never aimed at having a career through my studies, even though there were occasions when I had serious proposals from influential acquaintances. I simply wanted to receive knowledge and also to identify how corrupt the whole academic system is, especially at the higher levels of education. It was the ‘’mirror image’’ of its own rotten society.

In my life, I have done research and translated Greek books related to politics. My thesis at the University of Montreal on Algeria, the government of Algeria through its publishing house, printed 2,000 copies and distributed them worldwide, while they also paid me for this work through their embassy in Athens. I have helped two former female students complete their Master’s thesis on child education in English universities. Yet, what gave me the greatest satisfaction as my contribution to society is the transfer of knowledge and love to my students, young and old , especially the young people with learning disabilities. Some of them you got to know early on in our lives.
From my work as tutor to young people with disabilities, I learned a lot about human nature, not only the fact that each one of them had talents as all children do, but also the preponderance of negative attitudes by society towards them , especially those coming from their own families.

I have never loved money, material possessions, competition, social status, fame and power. Nevertheless, I have given everything to be free and make free those people who are repressed by society, especially the young ones who suffer daily. I believe that up to now at 70, I remain free but I have paid a very high price in my personal life and socially. Yet I believe that it was all worthwhile, while I am sure that this is the reason why many are hostile towards me starting from my own family. You see they recognize someone who is free and creative, who doesn’t belong anywhere. I can also surmise that this is exactly the reason why ancient Athenian society, forced Socrates to take poison and die, and also why this same ‘’democratic’’ society would stone in the streets of Athens Diogenes, one the greatest philosophers of all time.

What I have described to you my dear friend, is just a piece of my life, some other phases you know personally since we had a close relationship when we were young. Maybe someday, I will try to put all these pieces together and define my real life adventure, which was always in conflict with society’s ‘’virtual reality’’ and for the ‘’freedom of choice’’.


All my love from a friend of long ago.
P.S. I shall put this letter in my website and that is the reason why I have not used names of people we both know!!!