The crisis of 2012 – a ploy by foreign financial and political interests, supported by the human predators of the Greek Establishment. (Epilogue b3)

(I want to dedicate these series of texts to those of my former Greek students, male and female, who in the end, chose “mediocrity” and “virtual reality” for the sake of their own society, their own families and their own “survival”)


Let us go back historically for one more time to the strategy of appropriation of culture from communities, societies and nations which was implemented by the “roaming” Jews in many parts of this earth during the last 2.500 years, usurping all of their “historical aptitudes” and their “racial talents”  (DNA), not only in order to survive but to also “dominate” the geopolitical territories where they resided!!!

We shall start with the Kingdom of the Khazars (650-1048), which we have examined analytically in the previous part of our narrative (Epilogue b2) because it was the “ideal historical example” of Appropriation by Jewish Immigrants of a Powerful Kingdom in the Caucasus which did not represent any common characteristic with them, socially, politically, culturally or racially!!! Nevertheless, from the 8th century A.D., when these Jewish Migrants established themselves in the Kingdom of the Khazars, expelled by the state authorities of the Byzantine Empire and the Arab Kingdoms due to religious conflicts, they were able in a very short time to proselytize the royal Family of the Khazars and the Ruling Class of the country, who very soon imposed on their subjects to accept the Jewish Religion, refuting their traditional religion of thousands of years which was part of Ancient Asian Paganism!!! The indigenous Khazars were forced not only to accept the Jewish Religion as their form of Worship, but also to adopt the cultural values of the Jewish Historical Tradition, as well as using the Jewish Language in commercial transactions as well within the civil services!!!

In the 13th century A.D., the Mongol Hordes arriving from Central Asia, conquered the Kingdom of the Khazars as well as many other regions of the Caucasus and the Black Sea, forcing many Khazar citizens to immigrate to the Ukraine and Russia (p. II, The great majority of the Khazars who escaped to the Slavic Regions of the European Continent were indigenous who had been “proselytized” into becoming Jewish, while there were very few “authentic” Jewish Khazars who were of a Semitic Racial Background!!! The Jewish Khazars who migrated to Eastern Europe, represented the “real core” of the Jewish Race of the Ashkenazi, who as we have clarified in the previous section of our narrative (Epilogue b2), do not represent “to a large degree” a Semitic Genealogical Background, but they are rather a “racial mix” (DNA) of Caucasians and Slavs!!! (p. 6-7,

During the Middle Ages, the large majority of Jews worldwide belonged to the Sephardic Jewish Tribe, Jews of Semitic racial Background, while the Ashkenazi Jewish Tribe, non-Semitic racially represented a “very small minority” of the Jews as a whole!!! Today, the Ashkenazi Jews around the world make up 80% of the Jewish Population, while only 20% are Sephardic Jews!!! (p.7-8, Historically and objectively, most of the Jews today are not of a Semitic Racial Background, but of a racial mix of Central Europeans and Caucasians!!! Therefore, when during the last 100 years, the International Jewish Establishment has succeeded through their own well controlled state politicians, their own well controlled international mass media, their own well controlled national academics and through their own pressure in the policies of non-Jewish Church Institutions, to convey to the wider public another Jewish Historical Myth!!! This Jewish Historical Forgery identifies “genealogically” and “racially” Semitism exclusively with Jews through the “racist” socio-political term of anti-Semitism, meaning showing personal “aversion” and “enmity” against all Jews worldwide. We shall question this historical position “fully” and “dialectically”, by referring to two simple “demographic sets of data”!!!

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Personal Verses Inspired by Today’s Greek Reality (Part O)

At this moment in your life you are bartering your own soul and your human identity!!! Think about it!!!

You are carrying many obsessions and guilt feelings, all for nothing!!!

Years now I have been trying to find a remedy for “everyday human folly”, and I don’t mean a remedy with “psychiatrists” and “anti-depressant pills”!!!

I laugh with Humankind when I observe “the antics” in the political and social happenings of the United States!!!

The Human Subconscious has turned everything “upside down” in the everyday lives of people!!!

I consider it an “existential blunder” and a “hypocritical stance” when most people routinely say that “they are fine” or that “they feel just great”!!!

You will have to live with your own Self!!! I think that in your case it is the best punishment!!!

You don’t want to love yourself, that is the reason why you have never loved others, you simply pretend!!! What a shame!!!

Everyone with his own conscience!!!

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