Welcome to Meta-morphosis!

Welcome to our new web site!

The focus of the site is to acknowledge that there is creative greatness in human thought and feelings when these are expressed in a simple format but with a great love and respect towards the infinite dimensions of reality, visible and invisible, rational and irrational.

These thoughts and feelings can become today the essential creative instruments in protecting and defending the beauty and sanctity of all existence.


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Personal Verses Inspired by the initial dissolution of Greek Society in 2014 (Part E)

(Greek men and women, are you going to continue pretending that you aren’t able to understand what is really happening to you Right Now????)


You continue to persist on Nothingness!!! I am curious to see what this would lead to????

The Collective Human Subconscious controls almost everything in Human Societies, not the International Masonic Lodges!!!!

The next “real step” in your Life , is the most difficult one!!!!

Everyday lies excite Greek men and women of all ages!!! This is another vital Greek Social Tradition from our own past!!!!

I provoke Society and I listen to my Human Nature!!!!

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The reason why we started our own site wasn't only to inform and to express thoughts and ideas that we believe are critical to today's questions about a more creative human evolution but also to promote a more direct and personal communication between us. You may send us email to: dolphin_dyo@yahoo.gr

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About us

What is the term "metamorphosis" and why we are using it as our logo for the site “Metamorphosis” is a Greek word which means transforming something into something else. In my site “metamorphosis” is primarily identified with the universal evolutionary process where everything is changing, every single entity in the universe. Nevertheless, modern human beings pretend that they can effectively manipulate and guide this chaotic and unpredictable process through human rationality and human intelligence; aiming at protecting their artificial defenses, materialistic or otherwise, for fear of the unknown. Another aspect of “metamorphosis” that inspires me is the miracle of nature when the caterpillar is transformed into a butterfly. Human beings have passed the stage of the caterpillar, the opportunity to mature intellectually (civilization), meaning evolving in nature’s cocoon. This cocoon has broken and human beings have to fly as free creative entities in harmony with the whole of the universe. Those ones who want to maintain their artificial defenses intact (rationality, control and manipulation of nature) shall die off and perish.  

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