A letter to a friend (Conclusion)

My dear friend, finally, your younger son after two nights of intense discussions and some revelations about how he really felt, he began to look upbeat. So I decided to stay on one more night, while we were going to leave together the following morning with the ferry boat. Your younger son had arranged some meetings with his friends and I had to visit my aging father. Throughout the day, that third day, everything brimmed with serenity, joy and creative communication, AS OLD TIMES!!!Those grey shadows that lingered, had disappeared from his eyes. It was only much later that I realised that this sincere and positive communication between your son and myself was stifling you, because you must have felt out of touch. I was then so very proud and contented with this positive turn of events, while unconsciously ignoring the vast amounts of egotism and insecurity you were carrying within your mind and your soul. I was really so mistaken!!!

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A letter to a good friend (Part D)

My dear friend, last time when I took the decision to come to your countryhouse to spend 2 or 3 days with all of you, I took this decision specifically for the purpose of getting close to your younger son;without him knowing it of course. I wanted to help him disentangle himself from the dark web he was entrapped in for the last few years, affecting seriously his physical health, his mental capacities and his emotional stability. I had to use every means to make him abandon these nightmarish feelings of self-rejection and generally of rejecting life itself. I first communicated those intentions(to be with your younger son)to his brother by phone, 2 or 3 times, and he felt very happy about the whole idea. Your older son was the only person who knew that I would visit your countryhouse for this specific purpose, and we both agreed that he would also be there for support. Your older son felt contented and satisfied with my plans, and he encouraged me because he had known for a long time(before you) how tired and disturbed his brother was, since this situation had began when they were both studying abroad, and living in the same city.

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A letter to a good friend (Part C)

My dear friend, things in your lives went very wrong for very simple reasons. And it΄s exactly those same reasons hampering people in our society, whether young or old, to feel at ease. At ease with their own life and with their fellow beings, and at ease to create a civilisation(adults are not the sole creators)which would honour the aesthetics, the mystery and the majesty of our existence in its totality, and not as a reflection of our self-centered view of life. Initially, I would have to say that in your family there is no real happiness, and you know exactly what I mean. I am talking about spontaneous happiness from individuals who feel free and are comfortable with themselves;not an organized type of “happiness”(leisure)based on routines, traditions and habits. The latter one representing programmed self-amusement where almost everything is under control so that there would be the expected results. It is therefore no wonder why so many people today go to such great lengths to dine out with “friends”, since the whole setup is given, while there is rarely now any opportunity for spontaneous human expressions(virtual reality).

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A letter to a good friend (Part B)

My dearest friend, If I am not mistaken,you and your husband come from simple working class families,who nevertheless did their utmost to bring up and educate their offspring; both families had plenty of children.Is it possible that you and your husband believed that because both your families were poor,that that meant they were also socially inferior?I personally do not believe this,but I think that both of you are of this opinion.Your whole course of life with your husband and your philosophies clearly demonstrate that both of you consider economic privation a serious social stigma for anyone.It is a great shame that you call yourselves Christians,believers in Christ΄s philosophy of life;a philosophy espousing the virtues of simplicity and modesty.Shame also for all your prayers,for all the religious ceremonies which both have participated in,and finally shame for the hundreds of candles you both have lit in churches pretending a spiritual closeness to the “divine”.

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A letter to a good friend (Part A)

My dearest friend, in the past, I have written letters to your husband and children to advise them how to behave towards you when you were having difficulties physically and mentally. Always taking a risk because I was both direct and precise. I have also written letters to your children to advise them how to handle themselves and how to treat life in general in order to feel more calm and strong when they confront society΄s lies and hypocricy; protecting their health and soul. Similarly, I have written to you and your husband, expressing various thoughts and concerns when your children were starting their studies abroad. These letters were meant to be warnings more than advice, being aware of the real dangers due to your children΄s attitudes and habits. Most of these warnings were ignored by all of you due to egotism and complacency, and of course every time the consequences were painful for all, and especially for your children. In the course of time the aftereffects will become even more evident and harsh. Nevertheless, after so much advice and so many dire experiences, it seems that you have learned very little or you pretend ignorance. You keep on defending vehemently a dislocated and an unnatural way of life, that of society΄s “virtual reality”.

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