Personal Verses Inspired by Today’s Greek Reality (Part Α)


There is “no real guarantee” through “the checks and balances” of Life. I promise you this!!!

You have “enough money”, yet you are a miserable person!!!

Your “dark feelings” are all yours for the taking!!!

Our everyday life is starting to look like a TV serial!!!

I am sick and tired of hearing “good will wishes” and “sweet nothings” from people who don’t really mean them!!!

You will soon buckle, there is no other way!!!

It is not “fat words” that bring salvation, but creative acts!!!

We cannot constantly give excuses, it is stupid!!!

I don’t want them to “love” me, but to “respect” me!!!

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Paris, January 11, 2015


(A Historical Parenthesis related to the “human tragedy” involving “Chalie Hebdo” in January 2015)

In this text, I shall refer to the social and political “circus” as well as to the “public virtual reality” as these were displayed on January 11, 2015, in Paris and in other major French cities. 3,5 million French demonstrators supposedly “spontaneously” and “consciously” came out into the streets to proclaim their support for the “democratic rights” and the “freedom of expression” of all French Citizens as well as of all those “progressive” and “liberal” citizens of Western Societies. These historic events in France took place a few days after the “terrorist actions” committed by two young French Muslim brothers, of Algerian National Descent, attacking the offices of the Satirical French Magazine “Charlie Hebdo”, which during the last few years, has taken upon itself to publish cartoons, “ridiculing” the Prophet Mohamed by portraying him as a bloodthirsty cannibal, as an effeminate transvestite, naked and as an active participant in sexual orgies!!!

Two years ago, these so called “Fanatic Islamists” had destroyed these same offices of this Satirical French Magazine with bomb explosions, nevertheless, the “now deceased” editor, as well as many of the main cartoonists and writers of “Charlie Hebdo” firmly and irrevocably continued the “deliberate” distortion and ridicule of the “religious” and “historical” identity of the Prophet Mohamed, the founder of the Islamic Religion, which today encompasses 1,5 billion followers worldwide, the most populous religion in the world!!!!

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