A letter to a friend (Conclusion)

My dear friend, finally, your younger son after two nights of intense discussions and some revelations about how he really felt, he began to look upbeat. So I decided to stay on one more night, while we were going to leave together the following morning with the ferry boat. Your younger son had arranged some meetings with his friends and I had to visit my aging father. Throughout the day, that third day, everything brimmed with serenity, joy and creative communication, AS OLD TIMES!!!Those grey shadows that lingered, had disappeared from his eyes. It was only much later that I realised that this sincere and positive communication between your son and myself was stifling you, because you must have felt out of touch. I was then so very proud and contented with this positive turn of events, while unconsciously ignoring the vast amounts of egotism and insecurity you were carrying within your mind and your soul. I was really so mistaken!!!

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“Nanny 911” – finally, a worthwhile television programme!

One of the most popular syndicated T.V.shows around the world,is an English speaking “reality show” which has all the merits of a “social documentary” and none of the exaggerations of a “virtual” reality T.V. show that dehumanizes,exploits and distorts the individual. This syndicated T.V. show is called “Nanny 911″,and is shown in Greece under a different title and of course dubbed in Greek.”Nanny 911” is a production of Fox Entertainment Enterprises. What is so extraordinary about this particular “reality show”is that it is produced in a very “professional” way while it is also socially constructive and beneficial.It presents in a very objective yet sensitive way, the destructive effects of a highly materialistic and competitive Western life style on human nature and on human relations.

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Christ, a wise radical

thumbtree2Many scholars who have studied human civilization,have through their analyses supported the position that the true forerunner of Christ “ideologically” was not John the Baptist(as has been taught in schools and seminaries), but Socrates who lived 4 centuries before in Athens. One could briefly say, that these scholars ascertained that these two “enlightened”personalities had based their “beliefs” on primeval human values. These universal values not only reinforced the cohesion of human beings but also the natural potentialities of each person for free judgement,free self-expression and a free creative spirit.

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