The last youth riots in Greece (Dec. 2008)

The youth riots last month throughout Greece are fully justified and are an encouraging sign for the future of Greek Society.These demonstrations are justified first of all because the young people today feel abandoned by everyone-by the state,by their families,by their professors and by the “spiritual leaders” of their country. Second, the youths of today know very well that their choices for a creative future are quickly dwindling,while they don΄t possess the financial means to feel self-sufficient and independent.

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A letter to a good friend (Part B)

My dearest friend, If I am not mistaken,you and your husband come from simple working class families,who nevertheless did their utmost to bring up and educate their offspring; both families had plenty of children.Is it possible that you and your husband believed that because both your families were poor,that that meant they were also socially inferior?I personally do not believe this,but I think that both of you are of this opinion.Your whole course of life with your husband and your philosophies clearly demonstrate that both of you consider economic privation a serious social stigma for anyone.It is a great shame that you call yourselves Christians,believers in Christ΄s philosophy of life;a philosophy espousing the virtues of simplicity and modesty.Shame also for all your prayers,for all the religious ceremonies which both have participated in,and finally shame for the hundreds of candles you both have lit in churches pretending a spiritual closeness to the “divine”.

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Different greetings for the new year (2009)

Because we have had more than enough of the typical and simulated greetings each New Year΄s Day;greetings which very few people believe or take them seriously, I shall dare to replace these with certain pointers so that we won΄t forget who we really are where we are really going.

I would therefore like to put forward the following requests:

1st) Put down your forks,your spoons and your knives,and stop chewing everything at any time,just to forget that you exist.Now is the time to give a bit of thought as to where exactly you are going and what exactly you are doing with your lives and emotions.

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