Today’s Globalization- An International Conspiracy by the World’s Rich and Powerful

B)  Cultural  Globalization

In  the  second part on  Globalization, we  shall  refer  to  Cultural  Globalization. We  shall demonstrate  that the  United  States is the major  culprit of this “sinister” international scheme,  which we refer to as  Globalization. Today’s   Globalization began in full force after   World War II, with the intention of controlling   the  hearts, the minds and  the expectations of  human beings  around the world, of essentially  controlling  their lives. The  critical motive behind this global historical  intervention  by the  United  States and  American Transnational Economic Interests is simply the human drive for “enormous” power and  profit, leading to “absolute” and “total”  American World Hegemony by  its elite groups and by those world elites who benefit from this  World set up!!!

Before we specify and define the indicators, the dynamics and the  data  defining  this  International Conspiracy  by  the Rich and the Powerful, especially those originating from the  United States, but  also from other geopolitical power centers, we shall examine some of the formal definitions and semantics provided by various specialized texts, in order to better comprehend the basic components of  our  analysis.

There are many definitions of  “Globalization” in various narratives by  various scholars, reflecting their ideological inclinations, whether they be liberal, neo-liberal, socialist or cosmopolitan. Therefore, we shall use a combination of defining parameters as these have been formulated by  Wikipedia within its extended text related to Globalization, introducing  a more balanced and universal view of this particular term.

It  states  the following:”…Globalization is the process of  international integration arising from the interchange of world views, products, ideas, and other aspects  of culture. Advances in transportation and in telecommunications infrastructure have been major factors in  globalization, generating further interdependence of economic and cultural activities….Globalization are all those processes by which the people  of the world are incorporated into a single world  society…”.(

Next, we will  present the concept  of  “Cultural Globalization”, as formulated by  James  L. Watson, a social scientist, for the  Encyclopedia  Britannica.

He expresses that ,”…Cultural globalization is a phenomenon by  which the experience of  everyday life , as influenced by the diffusion of  commodities and ideas, reflects a  standardization of  cultural expressions around the world. Propelled by the efficiency or appeal of wireless communications, electronic commerce, popular culture, and international travel, globalization has been seen as a trend towards homogeneity that will  eventually make human experience everywhere essentially the same. This appears, however , to  be an overstatement of the phenomenon. Although homogenizing influences do indeed exist, they are far from creating anything akin to a single world culture…”.(

Following, I  would like to put forward a definition of  “culture” which  represents best my understanding of what “culture” signifies and  which  is provided by the  ECHOES  Bulletin of 1998(an occasional publication of the World Council of Churches), in an extended article written by Ms.  Fridah Muyale-Manenji.

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A written response to comments made by a good female friend on one of my texts

{A good Greek female friend who I know for more than 20 years, sent me an e-mail commenting on a small text that I had written for my website for the month of January 2018. This text represents one of four small texts which I had placed for that month. I am including this text in the beginning so that my readers could better understand the context of her remarks. I shall not mention my friend’s name.}

A) The text from my website

‘The socio-cultural commonalities between the Greeks and the Jews’

Today, around the world, the Greeks and the Jews seem very much alike in their everyday behavior, their life ambitions and in their social culture.

I have lived in four different countries, in Egypt, in Canada, in Britain and in Greece, and have also traveled extensively. I have had close friends, schoolmates and associates from different ethnicities, races, religions, genders and ages. I was always a cosmopolitan , pragmatically, culturally and ideologically.

During my 67 years of existence, I have come to the conclusion that the two most unfulfilled , unhappy and existentially inadequate races in the world are the Greeks and the Jews. Both of these peoples are spread all over the earth, and approximately half of them live within their own national borders, the rest ,reside in a variety of countries. Many who are abroad , live in the United States, while the total number of each of these two peoples is approximately 20 million.
I personally believe that the causes which make these two races feel “existentially dysfunctional” and “socially insecure” are many , but the three most critical ones are the following:

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