Personal Comments and Impressions!!! (A)

(The following are my commentaries on Social Issues, Current Events , Concepts, and also Personal Impressions of people and everyday life)


a – ‘ The socio-cultural commonalities between the Greeks and the Jews’

Today, around the world, the Greeks and the Jews seem very much alike in their everyday behaviour, their life ambitions and in their social culture.
I have lived in four different countries, in Egypt, in Canada, in Great Britain and in Greece, while I have traveled a lot during my lifetime. I have had close friends, schoolmates and associates of different ethnicities, races, religions, genders, ages and erotic preferences. I have always been a cosmopolitan, pragmatically, culturally and ideologically!!! During my 67 years of life experiences, I have come to the conclusion that the two most unfulfilled, unhappy and existentially inadequate races in the world are the Greeks and the Jews!!! Both of these Peoples are spread all over the world, half of them living within their own national borders, and the rest of them residing in a variety of countries,. Many of those living abroad, reside in the United States, while the total number of each of these two races is approximately 20 million!!! I believe that the causes which make these two races feel “existentially dysfunctional” and “socially insecure” are many, but the three most important ones are the following: First, they are racially and culturally “bastardised”, after thousands of years of history, through migrations and by foreign domination, politically, economically, culturally and socially!!! Second, their unstable and ever changing historical experiences, have promoted a social and a societal environment which have exposed these peoples to a variety of survival risks. This is the reason why both the Greeks and the Jews have always put great priority on the accumulation of wealth “by any means” and on ensuring the cohesion of the family unit, the clan and the race “at any cost “ to the individual. Therefore, both Peoples are conservative, materialistic and traditional!!!

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