The Greek Parliamentary Elections of 2009; a mirror-image of the present “Political Culture” of the country (Part C)

I dedicate this part of the article to my friend Phedros(see previous article entitled “The psychological state of the young today”) and to my former female and male students who tend to focus so much on social “conventions” and “details”(see facebook and narcissism) because they are afraid to live freely, truthfully and really erotically(the instinct with deep inspiration), that is why they are a very unhappy people. Life does not forgive “pretensions”. Once, the Irish writer Oscar Wilde said that “…details are the vulgar aspect of life…”. I believe that he was right!!!

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Aristotle Onassis – an ideal type of a modern “Neanderthal” – Epilogue (d)

Alexander Onassis, the only son of Aristotle Onassis and Athina(Tina) Livanos, was born in New York on the 20th of April 1948 and died on the 23rd of January 1973 in Athens, at the age of 24, after an airplane “accident”; most probably as a result of an organized attempt against his life and as a consequence of his father’s unlimited ambitions to reign supreme in the international business world as well as within his own family. Later on, we shall attempt as much as can be possible, to determine what exactly happened during this tragic day at the Athens’s airport and what may have been the possible causes for Alexander’s early death.

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The reason why we started our own site wasn't only to inform and to express thoughts and ideas that we believe are critical to today's questions about a more creative human evolution but also to promote a more direct and personal communication between us. You may send us email to:

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Virtual Reality (Quote)

“Life is reality not "virtual" reality. "Virtual" reality is a lie, while life is pure magic” Alexander II

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What is the term "metamorphosis" and why we are using it as our logo for the site “Metamorphosis” is a Greek word which means transforming something into something else. In my site “metamorphosis” is primarily identified with the universal evolutionary process where everything is changing, every single entity in the universe. Nevertheless, modern human beings pretend that they can effectively manipulate and guide this chaotic and unpredictable process through human rationality and human intelligence; aiming at protecting their artificial defenses, materialistic or otherwise, for fear of the unknown. Another aspect of “metamorphosis” that inspires me is the miracle of nature when the caterpillar is transformed into a butterfly. Human beings have passed the stage of the caterpillar, the opportunity to mature intellectually (civilization), meaning evolving in nature’s cocoon. This cocoon has broken and human beings have to fly as free creative entities in harmony with the whole of the universe. Those ones who want to maintain their artificial defenses intact (rationality, control and manipulation of nature) shall die off and perish.  

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