Our child

For years now,I have been going to an indoor swimming pool because I love to swim and also because the feel of water makes me calm and alive.The hours that I swim are between 1p.m. and 3p.m.,since this is the time which I am free(due to the afternoon private lessons)and also because during those hours there are few swimmers coming to the pool.During this time there are also no young people,which means peace and quiet. Three years ago,I noticed a little boy who came to the swimming pool with a private swimming instructor.I took notice of him first of all because during these hours there are no children but also because this little boy looked puny,fragile,scared and not very willing to follow his coach΄s instructions. I calculated(wrongly) that the little boy must have been between 7 and 8 years old.One time,when I was swimming, I approached the little boy and spoke to him in a down-to-earth way,telling him that he shouldn΄t be afraid,and that he should feel comfortable with water because it was an ideal way to exercise. The child listened calmly to what I had to say while his woman instructor showed tension and even some hostility.It was then that I realised that the boy was under special supervision and control.

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The subconscious never lies. (Dedicated to my friends, Phedros and Christos)

thumbimg0001During the last 25 years that I have been giving lessons to young and old,from children with learning disabilities to young people wanting to undertake their higher studies in a foreign language,I have discovered a common factor among all of those young individuals.This factor for me represents a valuable tool to better understand the psyche and the personalities of all my students,both female and male.This common element can be described as follows:During the course of the lesson ,many young people have the tendency to make “doodles” or abstract drawings on pieces of paper,on pages of note-books,or even on my cigarette or cigar packages.These sketches are of great value to me because they are spontaneous creations describing or defining the real situation or disposition of the person. It is the subconscious expressing itself,meaning the truly creative and revealing aspect of the human persona, exactly like the dreams.

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A letter to a good friend (Part D)

My dear friend, last time when I took the decision to come to your countryhouse to spend 2 or 3 days with all of you, I took this decision specifically for the purpose of getting close to your younger son;without him knowing it of course. I wanted to help him disentangle himself from the dark web he was entrapped in for the last few years, affecting seriously his physical health, his mental capacities and his emotional stability. I had to use every means to make him abandon these nightmarish feelings of self-rejection and generally of rejecting life itself. I first communicated those intentions(to be with your younger son)to his brother by phone, 2 or 3 times, and he felt very happy about the whole idea. Your older son was the only person who knew that I would visit your countryhouse for this specific purpose, and we both agreed that he would also be there for support. Your older son felt contented and satisfied with my plans, and he encouraged me because he had known for a long time(before you) how tired and disturbed his brother was, since this situation had began when they were both studying abroad, and living in the same city.

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Today΄s Reality

thumbafricaThe text which follows was sent during Christmas to my site by the mother of an old student of mine. She and her son are regular readers of the site,something which I greatly appreciate.I believe that the text,whose author remains anonymous,projects values which have a lot in common with the general philosophy of the site.The original text was written in Greek.

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The psychological state of the young today

For almost 20 years,I have been going to a swimming pool because I have loved swimming since very young,and also because my contact with the water sooths me psychologically and physically.3 months ago,I noticed a young person in the swimming pool who must have become a member during that time.I took notice of him first because the time of day I swim(12-2p.m.),there are almost no young people there,and second, I saw a very talented swimmer,who was swimming with such extreme intensity and such spastic movements,that I felt it almost “unnatural”.

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A letter to a good friend (Part C)

My dear friend, things in your lives went very wrong for very simple reasons. And it΄s exactly those same reasons hampering people in our society, whether young or old, to feel at ease. At ease with their own life and with their fellow beings, and at ease to create a civilisation(adults are not the sole creators)which would honour the aesthetics, the mystery and the majesty of our existence in its totality, and not as a reflection of our self-centered view of life. Initially, I would have to say that in your family there is no real happiness, and you know exactly what I mean. I am talking about spontaneous happiness from individuals who feel free and are comfortable with themselves;not an organized type of “happiness”(leisure)based on routines, traditions and habits. The latter one representing programmed self-amusement where almost everything is under control so that there would be the expected results. It is therefore no wonder why so many people today go to such great lengths to dine out with “friends”, since the whole setup is given, while there is rarely now any opportunity for spontaneous human expressions(virtual reality).

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