Today’s Globalization- An International Conspiracy by the World’s Rich and Powerful

C)  Political  Globalization – a)  Theory  and  Practice

When we  talk  about  Political  Globalization  today, we  naturally  mean  American  Political  Globalization, since the  United  States  of  America  is  the sole  and undisputed  Political, Economic and  Military  Superpower  in the  world  presently; playing out this “hegemonic  historical  role” since the end of  World  War II.

The  U.S.S.R  during the 20th century , had  attempted to become a  Political, Economic  and  Military  Superpower  after  World  War  II, constructing its  own  Political  Globalization  as  the most  prominent  and  well  organized  geopolitical  center  of  International  Communism. It  affected directly the socio-political and the  socio-economic  makeup and evolution of many  Central and  Eastern  European countries,  such  as  Poland, Hungary  and  East  Germany, while also influencing  indirectly  the socio-political and the socio-economic foundations and development of  non-Western  countries  such as  China, Vietnam , North  Korea  and  Egypt. This Communist Globalization scheme initiated by  the  Soviet  Union after  the  Bolshevik  Revolution of  1919,eventually did not succeed because of the political rise of  Communist China after World War II as the Soviet Union’s  non-Western “alter ego” and also through the political and economic dismantling of the  U.S.S.R  after 1990.

Our text on the Political Globalization created and promoted  by  the  United  States of  America  after  World  War II, is made up of 3  sections.

The first section describes the political evolution of  that country from its foundation in 1776 . It  demonstrates  historically how the  United  States had functioned  as a Western Imperialistic  Power, not as a  Western Republic, since it did not conform practically and actively to the 3 main tenets of  liberal ideology, which is  Liberty, Equality and Fraternity, on an individual and on a societal level.

The  second section of our analysis on Political  Globalization  deals with the early stages of  American Imperialism in relation to  the  American government’s policy of  subjugation, domination and  exploitation of the First Indian Nations of  North America and the Afro-American slaves under its administration.

The  third  section of our text on  American Political  Globalization historically begins after  World  War II  until the present day, enumerating and defining the political tools, the policies and the strategies  of the  American government  which legitimized , maintained and reinforced  America’s  “international hegemonic status” as the only Global Superpower, politically, militarily, economically and culturally.

I  shall begin this section of  my  essay  in a somewhat unorthodox way, briefly recounting two historical narratives  whose  existential  essence is  directly related to  today’s  Globalization, whose  goal  is  for a  few number  of individuals to  secure absolute and total control  of all of the world’s resources, both human and material. It also  aims  at   manipulating  the minds and the hearts of  all human beings, installing a  Totalitarian World Order, similar to that described in George Orwell’s book “1984” or in Hollywood’s science-fiction movie “Matrix I”, produced by  the  Wachowski brothers in 1999.

Our first historical narrative is a well-known ancient Greek myth, which talks about King  Midas and  his “golden touch”. This ancient fable explains the “human madness” and the “human tragedy”  resulting   from “human greed”  and  “human avarice”. It is “human materialism”  that  undermines true human happiness and human contentment,  which should be  free and universal , “with no price tags”!!!

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