A teacher΄s role

The following quote is a brief excerpt from the book”The Death of the Family” written by the world famous psychiatrist,Dr.David G.Cooper(1931-1986),who was one of the founders of the anti-psychiatry movement in the West during the 60s and 70s.

“One of the main functions of the teacher,then,is to progressively break down the pervading illusion of impotence.Not only in academic institutions but in every institution in our society.People must be helped to realize how the power of the ruling elite and its bureaucracy is nothing,nothing but their refused and externalized power.Then it is a matter of recuperation of that power,and the recuperative strategy is quite simple:act against the “rules”and the act itself converts the illusory power in them into real power in us”

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Teenage Addiction to “chat sites” on the Internet

thumbaddicted_3Having taught children and young people for the last 35 years,especially children and young people with learning disabilities and behavioral problems,I want to touch on and discuss briefly a recent phenomenon,especially in developed societies,the question of teenage addiction to “chat sites”and “chat rooms” on the Internet.They spend incredible hours every day,chatting(written form) in front of a computer screen with strangers, distorting the basic social functions of interpersonal relationships,as well as the dialectic process in human evolution.This is once again,a perfect tool of “globalization”, promoting a “virtual reality” content in the minds and souls of young people.

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A Message of love and concern for Today΄s Young Generation

I know full well that the generation of the 60s,my generation,betrayed its dreams and goals,for financial security and social status,both selfserving reasons,and both an anathema to their original philosophies of life .This generation are your parents and your grandparents,and you should feel pity for them and not take what they preach so very seriously.They died a long time ago;from the moment they started lying to themselves.

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